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"Laguna Beach" Star Goes Down on Hayden

7/10/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her 18th birthday just 42 days away, Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, former "Laguna Beach" star/"TRL" host Stephen Colletti, appeared to be practicing to pop the question! I now pronounce you man and jailbait!

While sunning her nubile young flesh on Venice Beach Monday, the bikini-clad "Heroes" star played handsies with her kneeling, shirtless, 21-year-old lovah. Hopefully they used protection, er, sunscreen!

Luckily, Hayden and Stephen kept their seaside shenanigans PG-13 -- for now!


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Jesus H. Christ she is HOT!!!!!!!!!!

And anyone who thinks she's fat has serious mental problems and needs to go drool all over the Nicole Richie posts that are flooding TMZ.

2629 days ago


Where is Heada when you need her?

2629 days ago

Ha Ha    

I was wondering if anyone else was thinking the same as I, and I was right when I read through the posts, because I too think she has short arms and legs. She's not fat, just stubby.

2629 days ago


...yee-uck. I don't like the word "nubile" to describe Panateirre. It's weird. She looks incred, though.

2629 days ago


I'm so sick of this pudgy kid acting like a sl#t.. Put your clothes on, Hayden, and grow up.

2629 days ago

Fred Flintstoned    

Why do people keep saying she is fat....I don't see it. Ya'll must find rib cages and other bones sexy....Hate to see what your girlfriends look like...Skeletor

2629 days ago


Hayden is so starved for attention, it's getting old. Not even 18 and out there trying to get as much attention and action as she can. Who are these jerks that don't know she is jail bait? Even 18 is too fricken young, EVEN if they are as hot to trot as this chick has been.

2629 days ago


Its bad enough that Tmz is counting down the days until shes 18,but to use the words "While sunning her nubile young flesh" is disgusting.Who is writing this stuff?,a bunch of peds?

2629 days ago


#25 that's stupid "starved for attention" I mean don't you go to the beach? does that mean your "starved for attention"

2629 days ago


Here we go, blaming TMZ again for the way Hayden acts. Hayden is on a public beach playing touchy-feely with a dimwit who obviously likes his sluts way too young, and TMZ gets blamed for reporting on the obvious. If "nubile" is offensive to you when describing Hayden, then why not get all uppity about a young girl who has been acting like a slut for too many years? Geez, put the blame where it belongs, with Hayden's crappy parents who let a young girl grow up way too fast.

2629 days ago


Come on, 25, Hayden dresses for attention, poses for attention, she is trolling for action AND attention every time she steps out of her house. And Venice beach? LMAO, it's a crap beach, but the paps hang out there. like DUH!

2629 days ago


I hope she stays the same way..she's cute. And, they are cute together - he doesn't seem like he wants his face in the papers all the time like some celeb men. She doesn't need to lose any weight, she looks good this way = )
at least she's an 'actress' unlike lohan.

2629 days ago


hey tar-tars!!! ( e.g Pete and Kookie) #1 she's not starved for attention she's at the beach with her boyfriend where normal people who don't get hounded by paps 24/7 are allowed to sunbathe in peace! and #2 how exactly has she been acting like a slut kookie? stumbling out of cars drunk, flashing her goods, or entering rehab??????? please don't confuse this girl with your idols Linds and Paris! give the girl a chance!! and poor chloe apparently your children have to wear mumus to the beach if you think that her wearing a 2-piece bathing suit suggests that she is growing up too fast. get over yourselves people she is a teenager at the beach!!!

2629 days ago


For a 17 year old she is heavy... especially for her height.
She should stay away from the crafts services table.
I don't know what the big hoopla is surrounding this girl
She must have a great publicist.

2629 days ago


She's a pudge, but that's just baby-fat because she is just a KID! Totally disgusting how this CHILD acts and dresses, even more disgusting that she has been this way too long. My sister is her age, and even though she is prettier than Hayden, my sister is so much classier. The way Hayden is going, she will be a used up has been by the time she is 21. Sound familiar?

2629 days ago
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