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"Laguna Beach" Star Goes Down on Hayden

7/10/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her 18th birthday just 42 days away, Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, former "Laguna Beach" star/"TRL" host Stephen Colletti, appeared to be practicing to pop the question! I now pronounce you man and jailbait!

While sunning her nubile young flesh on Venice Beach Monday, the bikini-clad "Heroes" star played handsies with her kneeling, shirtless, 21-year-old lovah. Hopefully they used protection, er, sunscreen!

Luckily, Hayden and Stephen kept their seaside shenanigans PG-13 -- for now!


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I'am laughin. I'am laughin.

2659 days ago

duh...totally !    


What is that 'girl' thinking....I thought Stephen was GAY ???!!!!

2659 days ago


Hey ny girl (or should i say HAYDEN) paperazzi hang out at venice beach, everyone knows that. Gee, see a bunch of guys NOT in trunks, hoisting big cameras around, think that might be a photo-op? Well, just in case, think I'll do a little posing, let a guy grope me so I look all hot and OLDER...... Hayden has been acting slutty for years, wearing sexy clothes that will get her attention from guys, and just look at that picture, she is allowing a guy to grope her on a beach and she KNOWS cameras are around? And she isn't even 18? She is looking to take Lindsay's crown, that's a for sure.

2659 days ago

Perez Hilton    

Shes a few pounds overwieght but I would still spread her & eat het honey!

2659 days ago


You people are CRAZY!! In no way is ANY part of her can actully see her how much skinner would you like! Yall say Nicole Richie is gross skinny and Hayden is FAT....what are yall looking for exactly. She look great,and looks like any other person in love having a day at the beach. I dont see how either of them are doing anything wrong...and they said as a joke it looked like he was proposing but they did not say he did!!! I think they look like a sweet couple having fun..who cares how old they are 18 & 21...thats not bad at ALL!! Why must yall bash EVERY celeb and every celeb couple and say and think the worst of them?? This is the 1st time ive read anything about her on she must be doing something right to stay out of the leave her ALONE!!!

2659 days ago

Geno's World    

41 days and counting..........

2659 days ago

Joe Nutter    

Wow. It's a known fact surfer boys got great butts. Turn around, Stephen. Dude, you're hot!

2659 days ago


agreed, she's not fat, but she is still 17. why are you setting her up like this and giving perverts more to obsess over

2659 days ago


look at the picture and look where he's pointing while on his knees.

"Oh please can i have that when your birthday comes around? " he might be asking..

2659 days ago


#39, blame Hayden if you don't like pervs obsessing about her, Hayden is the one in the way too skimpy for 17 bikini, and she has been dressing slutty for years, pictures all over the internet of Hayden in clothes that do not belong on a young girl. Naturally pervs are going to go for her, that is what Hayden WANTS. Why is it setting her up when she is the one in the flimsy yellow dress with no bra walking around shopping, it is Hayden dressing in sexy outfits too old for her, it's Hayden allowing herself to get felt up on a beach, who's setting her up, this is how the girl lives. If it dresses like a slut and acts like a slut, pervs just may think she IS a slut. I guess if she didn't want to be thought of that way, she wouldn't act and dress the part, HUH?

2659 days ago


Hayden is SO aware of the cameras on that beach, she is looking right at them in some of the photos. She goes out LOOKING for cameras, she was looking right at them in that trashy red dress. She is always "on" for them and people are already tired of Hayden before she's even 18. I'm at the point where I would rather see Paris and that's pretty bad cause I can't stand Paris!

2659 days ago


chloe, you my dear are a moron. likes his s*uts young? oh my god, let's see they are 15 years apart? hmm, no. 5? no. more like 3 or 4 dummy! that is such a difference chloe;gee call the police! i like older guys, and hell don't blame us young chicks if we can offer them what you grannies can't.

2659 days ago


i love hayden!!!! she actually has a stable job in hollyweird!
noooo she is not even close to being "fat" and there is no crime in her being a shortie like me! i loove it :)

2659 days ago


This obsession with her is gross! She looks like she is 13! Come on now...

2659 days ago

The real story!    

17 year old girl is with a 21 year old MAN! And we are saying they are cute together! New World Order! Times have changed! Should he be in jail? or is it jus me.

2659 days ago
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