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"Laguna Beach" Star Goes Down on Hayden

7/10/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With her 18th birthday just 42 days away, Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend, former "Laguna Beach" star/"TRL" host Stephen Colletti, appeared to be practicing to pop the question! I now pronounce you man and jailbait!

While sunning her nubile young flesh on Venice Beach Monday, the bikini-clad "Heroes" star played handsies with her kneeling, shirtless, 21-year-old lovah. Hopefully they used protection, er, sunscreen!

Luckily, Hayden and Stephen kept their seaside shenanigans PG-13 -- for now!


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What is inappropriate about that bikini? It does not appear to even be a thong. Should she where and old-fashioned one with a skirt maybe?? Inappropriate touching?? I don't think so, he is holding her hand (unless there are some other pictures I am not seeing other than just the one).

She is 17. Do you really think she has not had the ass tapped yet. There is only a 4 yr age difference. Even assuming the stat age was 18 (I believe it is probably 15 or 16), most state make allowances for consensual sex when there is only a a small age difference. Too many cases of an 18yr old boy having consensual sex with his 16yr old girlfriend and getting caught and then having to register as a sex offender for life becasue daddy got upset.

Give them/her a break. She is hot and I bet she swallows like a monster and tastes like honey.

2571 days ago


Larry, I kinda figured that lol no biggie

2571 days ago


#61-Missmel-Your comments are well-said. TMZ-this girl is only 17 and you constantly have inappropriate headlines with her pictures.

We are going to have a generation of even more insecure women with so many insults aimed at women and their bodies. Hayden is pretty and certainly not fat.

2571 days ago


She has an adorable body.....irrelevant of what else she does,that is a fact! Please people let's not create anymore walking skeletons.

2571 days ago


You guys are a bunch of sick freaks. She is not fat and/or pudgy...she is adorable. And as far as her dressing for attention and this and that don't you guys remember how the girls dressed at 18 and for you ladies out there don't you remember how you dressed. Personally every pic I see of her I think she gets more and more adorable. The way I look at it is if you got it flaunt it!!! She is not dressing like a little skank or slut...she dresses cute!!! Every one of you that diss's her is just jealous!!!

2571 days ago


What is she digging out of her button hole?

2571 days ago


are yall crazy?

calling her fat? seriously, yoallve been staring at pictures of nicole richie too long.

& calling her slut? what has she done?

she is a normal 17 yr old girl with her boyfriend on the beach. lots of people go to the beach with her boyfriends/girlfriends, so i dont get how this is slutty. and how is that bathing suit skimpy? shes all covered, and its what any normal teenage girl would wear to a beach.

2569 days ago


i think hayden is beautiful. i am tired of see all these skinny people. ur not normal or healthly if u dont have alittle bit of meat on you. i think she is more beautiful then any of the other young stars.

2556 days ago


I can't believe you people are calling her fat and sure you just sit on your fatasses on ur computer all day looking at celebritys trying to find something wrong with them so you can feel better about yourselves. she has a rockin body and for once a celebrity isn't disgustingly thin.

as for her needing attention..i highly doubt her being with her bf on the beach is for attention. if she was out partying or out on the beach in her undies like britney that would be for attention.

just let her be!!!! pick on her when she goes psycho like britney or party-crazy like lohan.

2552 days ago
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