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Nicole Richie

in Deep S...

7/10/2007 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_nicole_ritchie_bn_01-1The Commissioner in the Nicole Richie DUI case did not grant the continuance Nicole Richie wanted. Period.

As TMZ first reported, Richie's lawyer asked for a continuance until August 5th, because her expert witness, Dr. Terence McGee, was not available to testify then. Commissioner Steven Lubell was visibly upset and ordered both Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and the prosecutor into chambers. When the Commissioner came out, he said he would not rule on the continuance and ordered all parties into court tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM -- that's when the trial is scheduled to begin.

Nicole Richie -- click to launchSeems like Nicole is in a pickle. She flew to Calgary last night with baby daddy Joel Madden, who is performing a gig in the Great White North. Will Nicole bail on the concert and come back to face the Commish?

We'll let you know!


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oh really    

coco, get the f*&k off this board. what a stupid thing to post - if you are that interested and curious in getting your pack together, then research it....

2600 days ago

Devoted Harvey-ite    

I hate to defend Nicole Richie, but her lawyer probably told her that the case was going to be continued, so go ahead and take your trip. Motions for continuance require 2 days advance notice but lawyers blow that off all the time. And a lot of judges let them get away with it. Here's hoping Lubell doesn't let this lawyer grant her own motion by sending her client out of the country.

2600 days ago


To #58-Shelly-
I was just asking a question.

Again, is Nicole black or white? Anybody knows?

2600 days ago


Hey, Nicole!

I wanted to send you a gift certificate to Mickey D's or In and Out, but I am afraid that you will fall flat on your face just from lifting that heavy hamburger!

Take those prenatal vitamins, get plenty of rest, and don't forget to elevate those tootsies!
I hope your baby comes out healthy, and beautiful. And I hope that you recognize the baby as a miracle, because it is!
Lastly, the baby's daddy should marry you. because it is the right thing to do, and the baby would be a happier, well adjusted child were he to have both parents living together and sharing the parental duties.

God Bless you, Nicole and Baby!

2600 days ago


she doesn't deserve all this if it was just someone random then there wudn't such a big fuss, if she's pregnant then she's gonna be a great mom.......

2600 days ago


BYE BYE Nichole.......Are you that stupid to think you were going to get a continuance? DId you think by getting preggers you would not go to jail if sentanced too? You need to grow up Nichole, it really isn't that hard too. Try going to college to actually LEARN something, besides drinking games. You did the crime maybe you need to do the time. Tough titty if your preggers. You will not be the first women to go to jail preggers or the last. Grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2600 days ago

Ryan H    

when will it dawn on all of these lazy, have-it-all celebrities, famous only for thier name, that they seriously have to stop doing this b.s. and start doing something with their life.

2600 days ago


Please I live here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The weather is great, hot and sunny, the Stampede is on ( which is a huge rodeo and party for a week) and now I have to put up with her in this city...great....

2599 days ago


Damn straight...

2599 days ago


she needs go to jail like paris hulton !

2599 days ago


I think Nicole should have to go to jail just like anyone else however she doesn't deserve to be called's uncalled for, we don't truly know her and therefore don't really have the right to make judgments. Once you have sat with her for an hour or so...then feel free to say what you wish...until then just bug off. There are more important matters than the whole Nicole & Paris jail business...maybe we should worry about that! You know (the war, world hunger, poverty) Last time I check they were all a much bigger deal! It's time to get off celebs backs and focus on what's really important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2599 days ago
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