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Runs for the Border,

Joel Fluffs

7/10/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a court date tomorrow stemming from her DUI last December, Nicole "The Pillow" Richie did what any pregnant, emaciated, spoiled starlet would do -- flee the country! Oh, Canada!

Taking a cue from the Michael Jackson Children's School of Disguise, Nicole arrived in Calgary hiding behind a pillow with baby daddy-to-be, Good Charlotte's Joel Madden. Lifestyles of the rich and the famous! The unwed couple are up north because Joel's band has a show tonight at the Calgary Stampede -- an A-list rodeo! Apparently, times are not-so-good, Charlotte.

Nicole will be able to enjoy her time at the rodeo, because Wednesday's court date is a motions hearing -- for which she does not need to be present. So while Wrong Way Richie won't personally be attempting to get out of her DUI tomorrow, she'll still be knee-deep in bullsh**t!


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Errrr....why do so many morons access the comment sections of gossip blogs anyway? How did they retain the basic instructions inside their itty bitty little almond sized brains?

I mean if you're going to insult a nation, try to at least come up with stuff that doesn't make you look like a complete inbred. tank....aren't you a clever one! No one ever came up with that joke before. Ooooo...Canada isn't a 'real' country. Well, please to be defining what constitutes a 'real country'. Go for it, I need the laugh anyway.

2639 days ago


The Calgary Stampede is the perfect place for Nicole, as the Canadians have said, parties and beer guzzling, along with your stereotypical Brokeback Mtn type activities. The perfect enviroment for an Adderall popping spoiled brat. Please keep her skinny ass up there in the tundra, amybe we can sent up some more headline stealing trash like Britney, Paris and a host of others.

2639 days ago


wow, that is difficult, since most of your Talented comedians are CANADIAN!!!

2639 days ago

Mr. Hater    

And FYI America: We don't hate you. We look down on you because you're like some maladjusted moron that walks around pulling down his pants randomly because he doesn't understand how inappropriate and obnoxious that is. Your lack of understanding of the world and the people around you is embarassing to us as your distant cousins.

However, you ARE entertaining, and we enjoy sitting around in our parkas in our igloos watching your TV shows and surfing the internet which you have so gloriously transformed into a revenue-generating source (as such is your nature).

And if you invade Canada - start by bombing Toronto and Montreal, they're just like you except they pay more taxes. But I wouldn't lay my money on you understanding geography enough to accomplish anything.

2639 days ago


Dear Lucky
Do not insult the Canadian Military. 6 more troops died in Afghanistan on the weekend bringing to 66 the number of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel killed in Afghanistan—a fatality total second only to that of the US among the 37 states that have participated in the US-led, NATO-backed occupation of Afghanistan.
They are trying to help clean up the mess over there and don't deserve your uninformed,
feeble attempt at humor.

2639 days ago


We can only be so lucky to have a country like Canada on our border. Beautiful country with good people. To you A-holes and small minds who diss it, you've probably never been there.

To you Canadians who want to get into a pissing war with these small minds, don't lower yourselves.

2639 days ago


#70 yawn... suck it.

2639 days ago


her as a mom? you've got to be kidding! @$%*&#! some chicks really really don't need to reproduce..and she is one of the many. and joel, what the hell are you still doing with her? you already did her (disgustingly enough looking at a skeleton)

2639 days ago


he Calgary Stampede is party central!

2639 days ago


we will bet Paris gave her that advoce///lolololol

2639 days ago


Both Canada and the US are amazing places to live! What's with the trash talk?

2639 days ago


When I speak of small minds....I'm referring to LUCKY(#71)

2639 days ago


touche dingdongdan. i just heard Harper, and I so wish before 2009

2639 days ago


At last check, George Bush was not the Prime Minister of Canada, therefore he didn't order your troops to blame your elected officials. We all feel for the losses in these wars, but don't put it on was your countries decision. If the Canadian style of government is so great with its health care ect.. why is it that only our cowards go there to live?

2639 days ago


Why do Canadians come on here just to say crap about Americans? Why do people come on here just to correct others spelling? Cuz they are pathetic with nothin better to do in their sorry little lives.

2639 days ago
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