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Richie to Prosecutor

Your Drug Test on Me Stinks!

7/10/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document that holds the key to Nicole Richie's DUI defense -- she will claim the drug tests cops performed on her were bogus. Life isn't simple!

The declaration, filed today by Shawn Chapman Holley, Nicole's lawyer, states, "Dr. Terence McGee as a defense expert ... will challenge the prosecutor's scientific evidence and the conclusions reached by the drug recognition expert."

The pregnant Richie's trial was set to begin tomorrow morning. Chapman Holley appeared before the Commissioner today and asked for a continuance until August 5, because Dr. McGee is not available until then. The commissioner ordered them back to court tomorrow to decide whether he will grant the request for a continuance.


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The "First Bitches" freak wasn't even first. She's number two, literally. Lmao.

2661 days ago

tired of cry baby    

i wish i were on the jury, sober people do not drive the wrong way on the freeway,what do you Nicole lovers say to defend that?if she gets off, it is because on money. why would the "crooked cops" want to frame Nicole? you knuckleheads watch too much of the boob tube!!! everyone just think for a minute.what could come of putting nicole in jail? why is it a cop will frame a famous person for something sooooo stupid,?

2661 days ago


Uhmm, was "At the time of her arrest, Richie admitted she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot" true? An admission of guilt, at the time of the arrest, together with the scene (wrong way on a highway) should make the drug test virtually a don't-care.

2661 days ago


bla bla bla...................I dont hate on clebs, but i do bash on trash, nicole and paris get what they deserve for their behaviors, i can think of several beautiful hollywood hotties who dont behave in bad taste and have class..........DWI or DUI they should get what they legally deserve just like the rest of society..........period!

2661 days ago


It appears Janice is a moron! LOL!!

2661 days ago


.....I was in the drug testing business for over 10 years.....these tests are quite reliable and nearly always hold up in court........good thing she's got money to flush down the drain because all the big bucks in the world probably won't do her any good.....she just needs to show up, act respectfully and take her lumps.........something tells me celebrities are not going to get quite as much of a free ride as they did in the regular Joes are tired of the rich and famous getting preferrencial's time to hold them up to a higher standard because of the many young people who look up to them and insist they are held accountable like the rest of us....

2661 days ago


Vicodin is for pain, it doesn't make you drive the wrong way down a highway. Obviously she did not take it, if they are fighting the tests.

2661 days ago

London Girl    

I hope her lawyer is better at oral argument than she is at written - referring to Nicole as "Jayceon Terrell Taylor" on page 2 of the submission is probably not the best plan if you want to please the judge - or Nicole for that matter.

2661 days ago


No more delays and special treatment! FIVE delays is more than any other citizen would get!

Call Commissioner Lubell and let him know what you think: (818) 500-3525.

2661 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Now we see how Nicole will try to weasel out of her DUI - The OJ WAY! That's right; instead of simply being honest & taking her lumps like a normal person, instead she's planning on wasting the courts time (and our tax money) by arguing that the blood test she took for drugs was "incorrect". Oh please...

Here's the problem with her loser lawyer's strategy: she confessed to the officer that arrested her (as she was DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FREEWAY) that she had smoked dope & taken drugs that evening. She CONFESSED to being under the influence. Also, remember that this is NOT a jury trial; the judge will determine what will happen here. Judges are not like OJ juries; they tend to see the truth a lot more, and are less swayed by legal beagling. Bottom line - she's screwed, regardless of all the legal manuevering & manipulation. What a waste of our dollars, to have to put up with this emptyheaded pampered poodle's manuvering...

2661 days ago


Hey, I accidently went down the wrong way and I was not stoned!

2661 days ago


It appears that Janice has never taken Vicodin since she doesn't know that pain killers make you drowsy and disoriented. Pop a valium there, Janice

2661 days ago

The King of the World    

Not to worry, She half black isn't she? That right there means She Won't go to jail. She will get special treatment...dah...If she was white, she'd aleady be jail right now. What they wanted to do is get another 30-day extention ( after they already got 1 extention) so the HO could crawl into court pregers "showing" to get even more sympathy. Unlike Paris this Ho did break the law, and she's dangerous. Come on..driving the wrong way on a major LA freeway..jacked up on drugs, after a previous DUI conviction...She should be locked-up right now!!

2661 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

shes one dumb bitch, she confessed to drugs when she was arrested now shes going to contradict her own testimony,she going to jail just like her buddy,paris

2661 days ago


yes, I have taken it, and no, it does not effect all people that way. You don't know that is why she went the wrong way. She may have been lost.

2661 days ago
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