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The Tush Beefin' With Whitney Houston?!

7/10/2007 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't seem like Kim Kardashian has the greatest love of all for Whitney Houston -- and when The Tush comes to shove, move the hell ovah!

Miss Badonkadonk was interviewed on Los Angeles based hip-hop station 93.5 KDAY where she insisted that she has no beef with Whitney -- who was romantically linked to Kim's sex tape partner Ray J -- but used a line from one of the diva's hits to describe her feelings about the situation: "It's not right, but it's okay -- I'm going to make it anyway." Hmm -- no beef? Suuuure.

KardASSian went on to say that her relationship with footballin' hottie Reggie Bush will remain private -- because she has learned from her past mistakes. Sex tape, bad! Mouth shut, good!


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beware of big dark HERPE caves    


2627 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

nasty dirty stink hole. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2627 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

The only skank who is worse than Parass "HILT"in!

Nasty fugly too!

2627 days ago


why do sites like this insist on postings on nobodies! Famous for her daddy and sex tape WHOA! Big deal! ITS SO SAD YOU GIVE TALENTLESS HACKS THE TIME OF DAY!
BTW her T&A is All Plastic! Not real at all, so why keep calling attention to the airbags?

2627 days ago

I know    

Are you telling me theirs a FEUD between a CRACK HEAD and a WHORE

Comical----------Love Whitney though, at least she has talent.

2627 days ago

give the dog a bone    

I guess it's worth studying her ASSets but, beyond that she's just another "I found fame while on my back" ho.

2627 days ago

Sam "The Man" Ronson    

Who cares if her a$$ is real or not. It is NASTY and so is she. I am so sick and tired of all of these little rich kids (Paris, Nicole, etc.) who have contributed nothing to Hollywood, the music industry (nice album on your own label Paris) or society in general. These are skank whores who wouldn't get a second look from anybody in the real world. Just cause there Daddy's have money and they live in CA they get press. This Kardashian chick is so nasty. She looks like she has cooter fleas and her a$$ stinks...

2627 days ago


Hi Ho...Hi HO...

2627 days ago

Never inked up!    

This woman needs to get a real job already. I agree with all of you! Kim who?

Would you ever want to be famous for your ginormous back end I'm askin' ya. I hope Whitney throws down on her!

2627 days ago


Who the hell is she.
Coment to 14.Just like Paris and Nicole.
Why are we have to read about them
We don"t want to
We have to go through this garbage to get to real gossip.
I am so tired of PaNiLilobrit and now this Nobody..

2627 days ago


Do u know that his step-father is a preacher and that he grew up on the church.Now his dating a porn girl.I think reggie is much as a hoe that she is.I wonder what his father must think.Reggie get it together.

2627 days ago

the truth    

Who(re) Cares!!! She is a no fee trampola and has more miles on her a VW beetle!!! Anyone who is STILL LOOKING at her as something hot, needs to get a better life. Try going outside for instance instead of going straight to your closet with only her picture and your hand as a date.

2626 days ago

black dude    

tmz please keep showing more of kim k...that gurl is me some kimmy

2626 days ago


I feel really bad for her. Only thing she is known for is her fake booty and her endless relationships with black men.

Kim, words of advice: butt padding doesnt work, why dont you ask Reggie to pay for implants?

Reggie- you should know better kissing her, now you got Ray-J spit on your lips. yuck!

2626 days ago

buck naked    

Carib goddess - Can you show where you gained your high percentages of "white that like black men" and using Skankadashian as an example really is not the measuring stick of the white population (Armenian perhaps). I went to the beach the other day also and saw 14 fatherless black children swimming...seems the black man does not want to stay with the black woman, just impregnate them - isn't so easy to use your racist points in a post...see how i did that :) They are not my views just showing how asinine your posts always are. To the real matter, when Reggie Bush finds out that all this skank is famous for is getting pissed on by a horrible no talent rap star is it going to affect his rushing yards this season. I want to know where to pick him in my upcoming fantasy draft and if he has any hint of that whore on him he is going to have a terrible season!

2626 days ago
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