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K-Fed's Playboy Tour

7/11/2007 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite having four children with two different women and mooching off Britney Spears for two years, Kevin Federline is still trying to earn his Playboy merit badge! Does the Playboy tour have daycare?!
Kevin Federline
The dancer/sperminator partied at the Playboy mansion on Monday dressed in his usual oversized XXXL white t-shirt uniform, but added a Pier 1 Imports wicker fedora to finish off his limp pimp look. Popozao!


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He's reallly starting to make me like him. Kinda. Compared to Britney. Yeah, he's ok. But Shar is hilarious! On that Ex Wives Club, she looks like someone you'd want to hang out with...No wonder Britney was always jealous.

2598 days ago


Ignorance is Bliss.

2598 days ago


You have to give kevin credit, (lol he give a lesson to spears and didn't spoiled the bratt.

2598 days ago


Actually, he was there last Saturday night. I know because I was there too. He had this big black bodyguard with him and wasn't letting anyone take his photo. He was sorta an a-hole and not at all cute in person (not that I expected he would be).

2598 days ago


No-talent loser ! All he knows how to do is impregnate and mooch.

2598 days ago


Just because he is at a party doesn't make him a bad person. He is allowed to go out.

2598 days ago



He's fo sho better off w/o the Britster...

2598 days ago


OMG when are you people going to stop it with the mooching already. If dumb trailer trash, no morals Brit was fool enough to marry him while with another preggie woman, then why should he be called the mooch. Brit knew this, also knew he didn't have any money, and knew too, he was a struggling celebrity. She flashed her money, her fame and he was taken in. Sorry, I don't see the mooch connection. What I do see is that he must deal with a lunitic the rest of his life, because she chose to get pregnant with his babies. PAY BRIT, YOU STUPID HAS BEEN!

2598 days ago

Gogo dancer    

This article isn't entirely true because this picture is from the night of June 30th (Saturday) at the Playboy mansion. I was there myself and have a picture with his bodyguard in the bright yellow shirt. It was the "Party for a Purpose" charity event in which I was a gogo dancer. No one really cares for K-Fed but, at least get your facts straight and show that he's got some decentcy and went to charity event regardless of it being at the mansion for under privilaged kids in which you paided for and the money went to the childen's charity.

I've always liked TMZ but, come on you don't need to lie. It still would have been a good story.

2598 days ago


Four kids and no job. Wow! He is a catch. He is such a loser. I just don't understand why any woman would want to be seen with him or go near him. Why is he still famous?

2598 days ago

Oh Please    

got some decentcy and went to charity event regardless of it being at the mansion for under privilaged kids in which you paided for and the money went to the childen's charity.

Gogo Dancer - Girlfriend, I was wondering why anyone would want to be a Gogo dancer, then I read this sentence of yours and it all became clear. Maybe you could go back to skool and git some moor edgeecashun!!

2598 days ago

BOEING 787    

I'm not surprised that no one has kept to the topic of the thread; K-Fed goes to the Playboy Mansion.

Who would of thought, shouldn't he have dressed up better than a XXXL t-shirt.

2598 days ago


This man has no class or talent. Mooching off a millionaire and popping babies. I never though I knew a man could do this. Well, people can stop blaming black men as always breeding because your boy Kevin is doing a great job keeping everything diverse

2598 days ago


he should be ordered mandatory sterilization. he should invest in a case of rubbers. britney should also for sure be ordered mandatory sterilization too. neither should be allowed to procreate..

2598 days ago


This guy worked at least 2 days this year and earned more than any of these bloggers would in a life time for his 2 days of work. WWE john Cena fighgt JAn 1st he recieved 250k and superbowls nationwide paid him 500k for the commercial. Why does every neg. poster assume he needs to go work in a factory day in day out. The already made 750K by February of this year on his own. IN addition.. he works 4 days a week raising his babies becasue britney is too busy working on a bogus comeback but its soooo obvious she has no intentions on getting her full custody back and seems to enjoy raising her kids only 3 days a week and running around town sending ppl hate mail on her 4 days off from kids.

2598 days ago
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