Navarro's Living Room a Living Nightmare?

7/11/2007 12:16 PM PDT
Dave Navarro's living room is adorned with guys hanging from hooks -- at least according to him.

TMZ cameras hit up the insanely grotesque party for the new horror/torture-porn flick "Captivity" last night, where the scene was straight out of some freaky Marilyn Manson video. Topless girls were bound together, demonic looking guys had chains running down their backs -- just another "rad" night for a rock star.

Photogs caught Navarro at the Roosevelt after the party, which he hosted, where he told our camera "that s**t was off the hook ... they had Suicide Girls, guy hanging on hooks on his back, f**ked up ... actually felt like I was in my living room." Damn, might not want to go to Dave's to watch a ballgame! Then again ...