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Black Sheep? Paris' Cousin Popped for DUI

7/12/2007 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The alcohol-impaired apple doesn't fall far from the Hilton family tree.

TMZ has learned that Brooke Ashley Brinson, a cousin of Paris Hilton, was popped late last year for DUI and -- like cousin, like cousin -- also had issues with her driver's license. Unlike Paris, however, whose blood alcohol level was just at the .08 that constitutes a DUI in California, Brinson blew at least a 0.15 -- which led to another charge of DUI. What's more, she was just 20 years old.

Paris will probably want to avoid using Brooke as a wheelwoman anytime soon -- Brookie was driving a Benz registered to Paris that allegedly caused a four-car collision on the freeway.

mugshots -- click to launchAnd talk about a trainwreckalicious booking photo -- that's hot!

Brooke will be back in court on August 3.


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Van Zant Rocks    

Why didn't TMZ refer and call Paris's cousin "Heiress Brooke Brinson?" TMZ sucks up and kiss's Paris's butt. You would think that Paris the hoe hired Harvey Levin as her publicist. "Paris is not a Heiress..." She is proof that having a little money certainly doesn't give one class..."She gave the heiress name to herself." TMZ, Showbiz Tonight etc. have all bought it. Not one of her cousins refer to themselves as Heir or Heiress. This is no different than Michael Jackson annointing himself as "The King Of Pop." The starstruck media can't look beyond what a publicist feeds them. TMZ use to be a great investigative publicity firm. This untalented wench Paris came along & has the media all manipulated to her every move...I wish Paris and company would do the world a favor & disappear...

2659 days ago


Well, it appears that the scuzz doesn't fall too far from the skank.

2659 days ago

Satish Bhardwaj    

I could help both Paris Hilton and her cousin. They both need me. They are both misguided souls. They need help. My kind of no non sense help that will put them on the right path. My services come cheap. They both can afford them. Buy one get one free. Only one of them needs to pay. Te other can get ny services free.

2659 days ago


The entire country needs to crack down on drinking and driving, especially when it's being done by people under the legal age to consume alcohol. As far as the Hilton family, they are so rich, they should probably build their own prison and rehab for their family members and friends. This way the strip search/cavity search can be avoided altogether.

2659 days ago


these girls are the new rat pack, brat pack, CRACKPACK

2659 days ago


The Hiltons have plenty of money but morals....not so much. They need to spend more time teaching their children proper values and morals and less time on their investments and vacation mansions. It is really pathetic. You know at the end of it all you can't take that money with you and all you really have is your reputation and your legacy. These girls need to think about what theirs will be??

2659 days ago

leslie c    


2659 days ago


if i say i am paris hilton or nicole ritchies cousin or relative can i have my 15 minutes of fame?

2659 days ago


who cares what the cousin does as they say im not my brothers keeper why is that news its old an has nothing to do with the spoil paris except let donate a wing in there honer for partys when one is locked away

2659 days ago


why keep tellling stuff about these people...none mean anything to us. just another young punk that's on their way to being the town drunk. introduce them to AA and keep them out of driving an automobile for the next 90 years. my grandfather was killed by a drunk driver. i think they should have their hands and feet cut off...and i'm being nice here.

2659 days ago


Who Cares, I am sick and tired of all of these people going around thinking they can get away with anything they want because they have money or in the movies. We should stop reporting about what they do and maybe the law will work the way it is suppose to and they will get the pushment like the rest of us would for these thing.
NO more of them in the news.

2659 days ago


Call a cab instead DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2658 days ago

chillout music girl    

All you people can't stop commenting on the girl..
Maybe, if TMZ stopped reporting on her.. You wouldn't have to be here complaining about her. You could complain about your own family members...
She deserves a right to some privacy... The cameras are following her all the time..
It almost seems like stalking... The american public is part of the problem..
Maybe she is a genius at self promotion, but even the promoter needs time to themselves without a camera shoved in their face.
It seems like TMZ is get more readers at paris's expense.
No one cares about Hillary Clinton's Family and their Anti Semitic views..
Or Mel Gibson or who knows how many other countless stars that do worse things than paris. If TMZ wanted to do fair journalism, they would OUT all the people in hollywood, instead of targeting on one person...

2658 days ago


I realize this page has run its course, but if there is anybody out there that is interested you can find:

People magazine 1/15/2001 Where Are They Now?
Since Escaping Witch Mountain child star Kim Richards has become the mother of four

Escape to Privacy

Pic of a young Brooke, and yes, she looks very much like Paris. Says her sister Kathy was an one time aspiring actress, and now she's a New York socialite, and Kyle is an actress who has played a nurse on ER.

2657 days ago


all i have to say is they should get the real story before posting something so stupid... this is lame... people need to get their facts straight...

2655 days ago
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