Divorced Women Rally for Katie

7/12/2007 12:59 PM PDT
Katie CouricA divorced women's website wants to rally its readers behind Katie Couric -- to give the struggling widow/newswoman a ratings boost. Women of the world unite -- and watch TV!

Debbie Nigro, who holds the made-up-sounding title of Chief Executive Girlfriend of Firstwivesworld.com, urges all "the other women navigating life solo" to back her up. According to Nigro, it's just simple math: Only 6.1 million people watch Katie every night, but there are over 40 million divorced women. Put down the Snackwells and pick up a remote!

Among the many reasons Katie deserves success, Nigro says, is that she "manages to get dressed and be perky" every day. Preach on sister, preach on!