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Divorced Women Rally for Katie

7/12/2007 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie CouricA divorced women's website wants to rally its readers behind Katie Couric -- to give the struggling widow/newswoman a ratings boost. Women of the world unite -- and watch TV!

Debbie Nigro, who holds the made-up-sounding title of Chief Executive Girlfriend of, urges all "the other women navigating life solo" to back her up. According to Nigro, it's just simple math: Only 6.1 million people watch Katie every night, but there are over 40 million divorced women. Put down the Snackwells and pick up a remote!

Among the many reasons Katie deserves success, Nigro says, is that she "manages to get dressed and be perky" every day. Preach on sister, preach on!


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Zenophobe Alien    

She made her choice. Who cares? Live with it.

2624 days ago


that "perky" look comes from her over zealous brow lift she had done a while ago. i was surprised when i noticed it at first because it changed her whole look to almost a cartoon character blazen eye look. look at old photos of her and you will see she doesn't really even look like the same person. the best "work" in cosmetic surgery is not noticeable, i.e. not overcorrected.

2624 days ago


She is "perky" everyday because she is using ben-wa balls during the broadcast

2624 days ago


Who cares about Katie Couric? YAWN!

2624 days ago


someone please remove this woman from the Nightly News. My only two hours of TV viewing is local and National News. Bad enough the crop of hairdo/fasion news readers on the local news, then you get Katie Couric (I have rabbit ears therefore not much choice re: channels so I'm stuck with Her Royal Perkiness). The only time I felt sorry for Bryant Gumbel was when he had to start working with HER. This is a former cheerleader who thinks that cheerleading works when you "grow up". It doesn't. It is not a gender issue. It is an issue of delivery and projecting that "I can do anything" persona. Well, no you can't. America doesn't like you (the 60+ folks like me who grew up with the evening news giants - Huntley & Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, etc. Now we have THIS chick. Please take her away.

2624 days ago

Ashley Olsen    

Whatever Katie! She just needs to deal with the consequences of her ambitious greed for solo fame and corporate money. Face the music solo, biatch! She compromised her own professional journalistic integrity (not that she had much to show for it). I'll cry some crocodile tears for you, lady!

2624 days ago


I would love to see Katie Couric and Amy Sedaris do a new nightime variety show for NBC together, or even for ABC Family Network, the home of "Greeks."

2624 days ago


Katie is an embarassment to all women, that's why we don't watch her. The way she sucked up to Lin Wood, and ran favorable piece after favorable piece on the Ramseys certainly wasn't hard hitting journalism. She's a lightweight, puff piece, telepromper reader, and women want hard news and the truth.

2624 days ago

No place now but UP    

I'm a woman and I cannot STAND Katie Couric. None of my women friends have ever liked her! Why would we support her now?? I think it's been funny as hell watching her crash and burn.

2624 days ago


I am a single women and have not watched CBS News since Katie started. I also miss Dan Rather, he knew how to deliver the NEWS. Katie does well when she shares a desk with others and can banter back and forth as well giggle and have fun. I think that the job she should consider now -is Rosie's replacement -on the View!

2624 days ago


I am not a fan of Katie Couric at all but I agree that we should show her some support. Even though Dan Rather was great we have to be more accepting of new people trying new things and not be so rigid because the world is changing and the format of the way the news is presented should be more flexible to reflect those changes and attract a wider range of viewers.

2624 days ago


I just hope I age as gracefully as Katie has. There is always a place for her here at Dualstar.

2624 days ago


Kimberly Stewart
Why is TMZ editing comments about this self absorbed nobody? Where did they go?..

2624 days ago


Oh, so THIS is where all the mean girls gather! Fun!

2624 days ago


I loved her on the morning show.....the show is not the same without her! I wish she would come back to the morning..soon.

2624 days ago
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