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Kelly Clarkson

Opens for Paris?!

7/12/2007 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is a paparazzi magnet ... Kelly Clarkson, not so much.

TMZ spotted Hilton and Clarkson at Koi last night, and while ex-con Paris worked the crowd of paps into a wild frenzy, Kelly walked out to noticeably less photog fanfare.

Moments after Miss Independent left the WeHo eatery, getting a small group of about 10 paps excited, Paris came out and set off a photog snapstorm, engulfing both the heiress and her sister Nicky's SUV outside of the Japanese restaurant. Sure, Clarkson may sell a helluva lot more records, but there's just no beating Paris when it comes to paparazzi attention.


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A lot of people here really don't have their facts straight.

Kelly canceled her tour because of venue issues whereas it was overbooked. So yes, ticket sales didn't cover the amount of seating they had, which is not to say ticket sales were poor - just didn't fulfill the huge amount of seats booked. Her manager did this against Kelly's desire, and I'm sure that among other reasons is why he was fired. Not because she couldn't fire Clive.

Also, Kelly Clarkson has no interest in being a celebrity. Paris loves it. I don't really see what's wrong with either. And honestly I do think those who bash Paris with "what a skinny girl capable of making a sex tape!" styled insults and things like that are jealous. That's fine too. It's easy to feel jealous when a person is born into that position of celebrity and really did nothing to earn it. I have no problems with Paris. It was AMAZING that she could come off as incredibly boring WHILE talking about serving jail time, which should be interesting but no, on Larry King but that's okay. You lie about drugs and things do get dull.

2658 days ago

chillout music girl    

I understand some of you may be fans of Ms. Clarkson..
Sorry to burst your bubbles; The woman isn't the most talented singer or recording artist..
I never heard of her going triple platinum... Or am I missing something....

Cristina Aguillera can run circles around kelly singing anyday.
She is only a pop star.. There are more notable singers in the world than kelly clarkson..

2658 days ago


Kelly is an actual real girl who happens to be one of Americas' most talented and beautiful
young Artists. Kelly chooses to reside in Burleson,Tx. Kelly is only in LA presently to work
with her personal Idol Reba McEntire. Kelly had an article recently in "Cosmo Girl" on her
regimen for keeping in shape(July 7th) with glamor shots by the way. Kelly was recently
quoted " I actually feel sorry for many of the stars in Hollywood as they had no high school
prom or other normal activities of other girls as they are growing up".My advice to TMZ and
their hired insult artists is simply "Walkaway". Leave this girl to make your Music for you.

2657 days ago


LOL!! I read ya'll's comments and believe me, I was cracking up the whole time! Some people are for or against both Kelly and Paris, and then fighting about stupid stuff like grammar! Good God!! And then ya'll are like this to each other: 'you must be a drunk, druggie, fat, lifeless, hater because of your lame comments'. Then you bring up other people that have almost nothing to do with the original subject. Wow....

Anyway, here are my 2 cents on the Kelly/Paris spotting at Koi's: I think Kelly Clarkson is a good artist and person you know, she seemed to be nice to the paps but then again, she doesn't care or maybe even want all that attention. Paris, after her jail time and interviews, I can't determine to myself if she's changed or not. She seemed to like the paps attention, yet then again, i could be wrong. I read somewhere that after her jail time, she was gonna work on projects, i dont know.

2657 days ago


Oh, and I just want to say that some of the informational 'statements' most of ya'll are posting about Kelly Clarkson and Paris are totally incorrect. Some of ya'll need to do some research before writing something up in your comments that is not true. Don't rely on your memory or what you think is true/a fact; that's why Google was invented.

2657 days ago


But then again, I should be positive myself. Some of ya'll are right about your facts. It's good that some people do research.

2657 days ago


I agree with you, Nichol0999.

2657 days ago


Nicely said, Holly. I agree with ya.

2657 days ago


Reba's husband is also kelly's new manager so its good that she ditched the old one. She has someone she can trust. Im sure Reba will be a good influence on Kelly.

2656 days ago

music man    

I don't hate kelly clarkson, but what I do hate is all the hype she has gotten; she has no originality and no soul or emotional feel to her music and all this talk about Kelly Clarkson being the greatest singer in the world or in all of human history is absolute bull. There are tens of millions of people around the world who can sing like Kelly Clarkson and many are better. Kelly Clarkson is just another manufactured pop star created by the music industry for sake of making more money and gaining more power.What I do find obscene about this is that no one needs talent any more to become an artist.true artist have not only originality but emotional feel and above all lasting stay, What I find most obscene is that American Idol is all about fame fortune and celebrity and nothing more, so why else would Kelly Clarkson go AI? for the 3 reasons stated above thats why.Kelly CLarkson fans can say what they want but they know damn well why everybody goes on the show, it's all for the fame and KC is no different

2650 days ago
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