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Is All Grown Up

7/12/2007 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frankie Muniz is hardcore! Let's count the ways ...

Ironic hipster t-shirt? Check. Hideously tatted-up arms? Check. Shaved head and funky facial hair? Check.

Walking cliché former child star? Check.


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TMZ's karma is going to be a bitch when it comes back (hopefully soon) to bite you in the ass. Frankie isn't a "former" anything...he's got more dough in residuals than any of Harvey's winged monkeys are earning writing this crapola.

I think he looks smokin' hot!

2625 days ago


THE KID is obviously psychic...He tattoo ZERO on his arm

he even knows his own OUTCOME.

2625 days ago


whatever, he's the man. GFYS, he was 21 when the show went off the air, its only been a year, he's got some things in the works, its not like his career ended at 15, he's in transition.

2625 days ago


Just wondering: Well then it's a good thing you don't have a tattoo...some people have different opinions. I myself consider them a way of expressing yourself. I don't care if people think it'll look stupid in 20 years.
I look at it as art, and if you don't like tattoos - that's fine! But don't call others trashy because they like tattoos.

2625 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

This is the problem, when kids are the primary bread-earner in a family. Since they're bringing home the bacon, they don't get disciplined - they get indulged. They're not raised with the values families typically give their kids. No, instead they're offered Carte Blanche with little restriction. So, when a kid gets off their series or movie, they can do anything they want, and often do. We've seen this many times; best examples are 1)Britney. Gets fat, gets tattoos, screws anything with a schlong, marries 2 losers in a row, has 2 quick kids, cuts off all her hair, drinks like a fish, wars with her parents, etc. And, 2)lindsay. Becomes a media whore, parties all night, becomes a full blown alcoholic, plays at being a lesbian, does drugs like it's going out of style, crashes 3 cars in a year, steals other girls boyfriends, gets DUI's & arrested, etc. It all comes down to them making really bad choices, because they were indulged as kids & grew up with weak supervision at best.

Now we see Frankie Muniz starting to go down that road. I don't know what kind of supervision, or values his family gave him; I hope it was good. However, he's gotten 2 very visible tattoos, which will be detrimental to his obtaining any more acting roles. Probably, he's already decided that he's done with acting (except in roles that allow for major tats), he's retired and he's begun to indulge himself. How soon do you think we'll see him turn into a David Faustino type of has-been child actor? How soon will we see him in the tabloids, drunk or stoned off his ass? How many car crashes will he be in, in the future?

The bottom line here is, unless you have a very normal family environment, with parents that are both loving & supervisory (ie - the exact opposite of Lindsay Lohans enabling attention-whore mother or Britney's pushy stage mom), Hollywood is a TERRIBLE place to raise kids. They end up arrogant, stuck up, self centered, delusional, thinking they're entitled to everything, and a general pain in the ass as adults. I hope Frankie Muniz doesn't end up that way...

2625 days ago


I hope Frankie is okay. He looks sad.

2625 days ago

Ted C.    

I'd hit it.

2625 days ago


Whoever wrote this must be a pedophile. What, now that he doesn't look like a little boy anymore, you disapprove?? He looks great, get a life!

2624 days ago

Candy Barr    

I don't even know why this is noteworthy . . . Who cares what he does? He was an over-rated child actor, who got very lucky. He has tons of cash, and desperately needs to find something else to do because it won't be acting. Waaay too short in addition to being boring.

2624 days ago

Paparazzi bias!    

If TMZ bothered to do any research before posting, like simply looking on his website (duh!) they would realize that he publicly announced he was retiring from acting when Malcolm ended (at least for a few years) and is not trying to get Hollywood roles. He gave an interview saying the ZERO is for zero tolerance for drugs.

The idea of a "walking cliche former child star" doesnt fit with that whatsoever.

and the picture is not even described correctly his hair is not "shaved"

2624 days ago

Never inked up!    

To Sassy.

Sassy is trashy if you are a woman with at tattoo. Or I'm thinking since your so upset, Tattoos. They are so NOT art. Art is in a gallary. Not on your arm or god forbid on your chest.

And sorry, yes, it will look awful on you in 20 years. I don't make the rules. It is a fact. Look at people in their 40's amd 50's who have had a tat for a long time, it looks like a big blob on their skin.

Don't hate because you made a very bad decision.

2624 days ago


Ive heard his uppper right arm has a swaztika tat and a confederate flag above it.

2624 days ago


To the gang at TMZ, you didn't have to delete my post. I was trying to clear up any misconception that you or the original poster had.

2624 days ago


What can I say? They have just about everything wrong, Frankie is the complete opposite the a ‘cliche former child star’

T-shirt is just a t-shirt! 2 small tattoos on the inside of his arm, hideous? His head isn’t shaved its just cut a little short and little facial hair - so what?

As for the comments on the TMZ post - the ZERO tattoo stands for his zero tolerance’s on drugs and alcohol and he isn’t trying to be a movie/TV star he’s excelling in pro racing!

TMZ are idiots? Check.

2624 days ago


Whomever wrote that he couldn't get an acting job because of the tattoos never heard of makeup artists I guess. They can cover that stuff up no problem. Look what they do for Angeline Jolie for example.

2624 days ago
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