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Miss New Jersey Exposes Blackmail Pics

7/12/2007 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss New Jersey revealed some of those supposedly salacious blackmail photos this morning, and while they're a little embarrassing, one thing's for sure -- she's no Katie Rees!

Amy Polumbo showed the country some of the most "revealing" pics on the "Today" show, and while one shows her boyfriend chomping on her (clothed) breast and another finds her (fully clothed) legs spread wide in a limo, the rest of them (that were released) were decidedly PG. She decided to make the pics public in advance of a meeting today with New Jersey pageant officials, who will determine the fate of her crown.

Meanwhile, three snaps that the New York Daily News "turned up" of Polumbo partying at Disneyland turned out not to be Amy, she told Matt Lauer. They're actually of a "good friend," said the beauty queen.

Update: Pageant officials have just announced that Amy Polumbo will not be stripped of her crown.

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What would she possibly have to gain by faking this? These pageants are not a popularity contest, we don't vote, a panel does. As a matter of fact, although she keeps her crown, she will never win as Miss America because the prudes on the panel will hold this against her. She was just having normal HARMLESS fun with friends.I applaud all of you out there that never did anything crazy during your younger years, or something that would never come back to cause you embarresment. It must be nice living in that glass house.

2662 days ago


if this girl won fair and square based on her performance and qualifications then let it be. It's not like she's Vanessa Williams and posed for Playboy who I still think deserved her crowm

2662 days ago


I don't think there's anything wrong with these pictures - I wouldn't want my 6-yr-old to see them, but I wouldn't want her to see pictures of me when I was young and having fun either. The problem is that some people will do whatever they can to cause trouble. Miss New Jersey is probably a really great girl - especially if these are the worst pictures anyone could find!

2662 days ago


Media Zealot for no particular reason
She maximized her 15 minutes of fame over a non-issue of non-pictures.
She was seduced by the cameras, now is the time for her to reassess.

Young adults come in all varieties, some seek education and a career path, some side step and get blinded & tripped up by stupid stuff. Today FAME is more important than five years ago. For whatever reason, the taste of fame, desire to flaunt pictures, or ones self is a draw for some. The bright lights, beer, and attention can ebb away at one's better judgment. or moral upbringing.

Some Girls and young adults are not taking the precautions or judgment they once did.
Look at "Girls gone Wild." Teens and young adults say,"No big deal, just a picture and I got a free shirt." Well it is a big deal. Priorities are up and down on my college campus.

2662 days ago


ahaha dawn day..that was such a cute comment still has me laffin,,dayummm cant remember what i was going to say now,,oops

2662 days ago

stop the madness    

This is what where coming to?What trash.To act soo sluty

2661 days ago


She is so vulgar...
And she definitely made up this blackmail story herself - to get some attention.

2660 days ago


"I admire the
classy way you handeled your self. You're the kind of woman I'd want
to marry.

Posted at 10:29AM on Jul 13th 2007 by Rusty"

it's so easy to be classy for you! Just spread your legs - and then you want to marry! Wonderful.

2660 days ago
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