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Miss New Jersey Exposes Blackmail Pics

7/12/2007 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss New Jersey revealed some of those supposedly salacious blackmail photos this morning, and while they're a little embarrassing, one thing's for sure -- she's no Katie Rees!

Amy Polumbo showed the country some of the most "revealing" pics on the "Today" show, and while one shows her boyfriend chomping on her (clothed) breast and another finds her (fully clothed) legs spread wide in a limo, the rest of them (that were released) were decidedly PG. She decided to make the pics public in advance of a meeting today with New Jersey pageant officials, who will determine the fate of her crown.

Meanwhile, three snaps that the New York Daily News "turned up" of Polumbo partying at Disneyland turned out not to be Amy, she told Matt Lauer. They're actually of a "good friend," said the beauty queen.

Update: Pageant officials have just announced that Amy Polumbo will not be stripped of her crown.

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just me    

Hey, that pose might not necessarily be a sexual tease. Like college boys, college girls also like to show-off feats of specialized skill and odd athletic achievements. The pose could be a challenge to a peeing contest!

2623 days ago


HEY YOU, ya you. You know who you are and I know you are reading these comments. Thought you could blackmail this girl, think again. Now, this girl could be a total stuck-up bitch, or a total sweetheart; that's irrelevant. But I bet you know which one she is. I bet you are a female, approxamately the same age, who is very jealous of this girl for whatever reason. You thought you could "get one over" on her by trying to expose her with these stupid, meaningless, pretty innocent photos of this young girl goofing off. Come on! Show your face! Tell us why, exactly why, she is deserving of this! We, and especially her, want to know. Now is your chance! But you won't. Why? Because you are a coward. We are PROUD of you Amy Polumbo. Don't ever let anyone threaten you in anyway, shape or form. And YOU, come forward, admit your inner short coming, and we will forgive you. Then you can be a whole person, be cleansed, and move forward.

2623 days ago


Agreed w/ the poster who said she is not a robot, meaning her CHOICE not to take action was intentional and resulted in increased publicity over nothing but stupid pictures. My point was not to excuse her from her behavior to say she was accountable. Someone els dismissed her behavior by implying she was just being human.

I agree she made a choice to drag it on, not sure why but she did. She did 2 things.
1) allowed the pictures to be taken and then she herself posted them.
and then
2)Milked it for publicity when the pics were far from what she kept saying on several daily shows.. Oh, I am so scared, I may be canned for nonpornagraphic pictures. She went on and on when it could of been over in a day. That was my point.

2623 days ago


Amy Polumbo is awesome. Amy Polumbo is the HERO OF THE DAY! You showed them girl. Don't let anyone threaten you baby, don't let anyone try to blackmail you girl. Your pics were nothing. Just a young girl goofing off. Did this person honestly think they were going to extort you over these meaningless pics? YOU HAD THE LAST LAUGH, AMY! Go, go, go, go, go giiiiirl!!!

2623 days ago


You didn't nothin' wrong Amy. We are all behind you 100% You are a beautiful person inside and out. Move on and have a wonderful life, which I am sure you will!

2623 days ago


I'm confused, why is it O.K. to act like a whore in college????

2623 days ago


Here we go again another all American "Skank". Hope they rip that crown right off her bleached head.

2623 days ago



What a bunch of obnoxious jerk o**s here

Just remember your sisters and daughters are doing the very same thing. It's what they do today. Are they condidered whores in your eyes? How about we call them whores??

2623 days ago


she wishes someone would want a naked pic of her...

2623 days ago


New Jersey is full of sluts.....and New Jersey sucks.

2623 days ago


Trashy, filthy little bitch.... send her back to the trailer park.

2623 days ago

dumb asses    

who's the oidiot that thought they could blackmail her over those picture? they might be embrassing but not blackmail material.

2623 days ago


The runner up is much hotter and more together.

2623 days ago


I see nothing wrong with these pictures. What a joke.

2623 days ago


The only thing she should lose her crown over is poor taste in men. The dude she is dating looks like the fat slobby pledge at a frat party. The pictures are not at all in bad taste ... her boyfriend ... that's another story. Maybe he is the one who is blackmailing her with these pictures, why else would you stay with a pig like that?

2623 days ago
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