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Photog Brutally Attacked Outside ESPY Afterparty

7/12/2007 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Panic and violence erupted on the streets of Hollywood last night after a brutal late night attack left a celeb photographer unconscious and convulsing outside of an ESPY Awards after party.

The fight began after two random jerks decided to act as Rumer Willis' bodyguards as she made her way out of Skybar and then allegedly got violent with paparazzi. According to witnesses on scene, one of the men allegedly tripped a photographer who was attempting to take pix of the star. As the stunned shutterbug got up and tried to identify the culprit, we're told another friend of the wannabe-bodyguards grabbed the photog by the head and slammed him to the ground head first, knocking him out and causing convulsions.

TMZ cameras caught sound of the attack and the immediate aftermath. You see another photog got nuts on the evildoers with his fists. Cops arrived shortly after and the man who allegedly slammed the photog to the ground were arrested.

The snapper was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for three cracked ribs, a possibly dislocated shoulder and a concussion.


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Just A Mom    

Wait a minute!!!! Hold on now!!!! She is a star??????????? of WHAT??????? You know it's amazing that the children of famous people get all this hype for doing absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!! And actually have no plans on doing anything beneficial to anyone but themselves. And then we wonder why we have the Paris', and now the Rumors, of this world. HAHAH HEY HOW BOUT THIS, I HAVE THIS SUPER AMAZING 14 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WHO RECEIVED AN ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP, IS A RED BELT IN MARTIAL ARTS, PLAYS VOLLYBALL, BASKETBALL AND SOFTBALL, IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND WAS ACCEPTED TO AN ALL GIRLS PRIVATE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL WITH HONORS. HOW BOUT THAT, THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD BE FOCUSING ON, THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF GREAT KIDS! OH I forgot, good kids are boring. Yea right!!!!!!!! People get a clue!

2663 days ago


Is there anyone that actually cares about seeing Rumer Willis? She is a nobody!

2663 days ago


All this to protect an ugly girl with a misshapen face famous only for being squeezed from Dummi Moore's nether regions? Unbelievable.

2663 days ago

Gossip Girl    

Jay Leno's love Child spawned from Doritos sperm!

2663 days ago


There is a line that paps should not cross to get the shot. But if Rumer was just walking from some place to her car, where is the harm in that? I am not a celebrity, but is it that annoying to have pictures taken of you? It's like me having to drive in traffic everyday to get to work, the traffic is annoying but it's something I have to do to get to work. Is it so hard to give Rumer to give us a shot and then be on her way. Didn't Gweneth Paltrow schedule a pap shot session with her baby and then asked for privacy afterwards in return?

2663 days ago


much of a**holes! i hope that photog guy press charges. I'm glad his friend stood up for him. If he's reading these comments. PRESS CHARGE on them jerks.

2663 days ago


first of all, she is NOT a star. she has done nothing excpet be born to the "right" parents. when she starts working and earning her own money then maybe we'll talk. also, the guy was just doing his JOB and although i know some of them can get out of line, stars know it comes with the territory. i hope they arrest all of those idiots and she pays for his hospital bills. after all, b/c of this she now has some exposure. how ironic and sad. and yes, she's damn fugly

2663 days ago


Photographers are annoying, but slamming their head into the cement is pretty brutal. That can kill you easily... He could easily sue for millions.

2663 days ago


First off, that looked like a bunch of *ussies that never got into a real fight, second, my partner is an epileptic and that was NOT a seizure, third, Rumor is not a star and she is quite hideous and finally, can all the celebs and paps just off each other. I'm starting to think no one has any talent anymore. Pathetic!

2663 days ago


Rumor has it ----------- she's NOT a star

2663 days ago


Haha, I for one am glad those annoying insects known as the paparaazzi got their asses kicked. I hope it happens more often. Wanna see a complete total loser? Look no further than some ugly moron who stalks people's trash cans for a living.

I hope someday that some photographer/stalkers will get beaten until they can't wake up anymore. That will send a message once and for all.

Just because someone is a movie or TV personality, does that mean the slobbering idiots in middle Amurica need to know where they shop and who they have lunch with? What is remotely appealing about that?

2663 days ago


The photographer looks like a woman (with the ponytail). If that is the case, the morons who beat her up should be imprisoned and treated the same way.

2663 days ago

Bandita Chavez    

Hi No Excuse For Violence,

Good post, but I disagree with your assertion that people who read gossip
blogs are complcit in dangerous behavior of predatory paparazzi. I read TMZ
and occasionally post comments, but I've never chased a celebrity through
traffic with depraved indifference for the well-being of other motorists. I've
never trespassed on private property to get the fabled money shot. Paparazzis
have engaged in this dangerous and illegal behavior in the past and will
continue to do so in the future.

I'm responsible for my behavior and no one else's.

The one thing we do agree on is that paparazzi are out of control. Paparazzi's
outlaw behavior frequently puts their "targets" in danger, members of
the general public in dangerous and potentially deadly situations, and risks
their own lives.

Someone is going to get hurt.

And so I reiterate my original sentiment: it's much better that a paparazzi
got hurt rather than an innocent bystander. The only truly sad aspect of
the paparazzi beating is that the slacker attackers didn't finish the job.


2663 days ago

TMZ is getting lame    

First of all, to number 15...Paris Hilton.

Second of all, the paparazzi killed Princess Diana and has caused harm in so many ways trying to get thier stupid pictures, I'm on the fake bodyguards side in this one. Idiot paparazzi.

2663 days ago

TMZ is getting lame    

Also, for those who say that we, the readers and viewers are somewhat responsible, tink again. If there were no paaparazzi then we would not look or read thse sites. If i'm bored and want to see wht ridiculous things are going on in hollywood, why not, but my life doesn't revolve around it and i don't harass innocent people to get their pictures, and i'm not responisble for the death of a major person in history. Thats the paparazzi who do that idiotic thing, i work for promoting positive things in the world, and paparazzi are anything but positive, they are coniving spying idiots who deserve to have the crap beat out of them at least once or twice in their lifetime. I agree with others, they should get a real job if they don't want to get their butts kicked. FOr all those that are saying Rumer is not a star, she's not but because of paparazzi they have made her one, she didn't ask to be born to 2 stars, but the paps never leave her alone, like other children. THe childre of stars are who i worry about.

2663 days ago
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