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WWE in Soma Coma?

7/12/2007 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE in SOMA ComaTMZ has uncovered the next possible drug scandal that could lay the smackdown on the wrestling world, known as "Soma Coma" -- the abuse of the powerful muscle relaxer.

In an exclusive interview, former WWE Diva Terri Runnels tells TMZ, "The boys eat Somas like candy." While the Chris Benoit tragedy has everyone (including the Feds) buzzing about steroids, Runnels says wrestlers have been getting high on Soma for years. "I've personally seen a WWE Superstar nearly die right in front of me after taking 13 Somas ... while still behind the wheel of his car!"

Runnels was previously married to bizarro WWE wrestler Golddust, and says that "if the wrestlers' addictions and mental health issues continue to be ignored, I'm afraid that I'll have more friends turning up dead -- all because no one cares."

UPDATE: In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the WWE vigorously defended their drug testing policies, claiming the organization does everything in its power to ensure that their wrestlers are clean:
WWE finds the abuse of drugs and steroids to be unacceptable, and such behavior is actively discouraged. For 20 years the WWE has been doing something to address the issue of steroid and drug use. We instituted our first drug testing program in 1987. In February 2006, we instituted our latest and most comprehensive drug testing program ever as part of our new Talent Wellness Program as a deterrent to steroid and drug abuse . We cannot account for the poor personal decisions a small minority may make outside the workplace to undermine these efforts.

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Hello! Just look at them. You think you can look like that (gross) without drugs and gowth hormones? It's not real anyway and neither are they.

2660 days ago

Mr. Black    

I wouldn't believe anything that comes out of a former WWE talents mouth. They're all bitter and depressed that they're careers are over and will do anything to have another 5 minutes in the spotlight. Terri hasn't worked with WWE in at least 3 years so how does she know what's going on backstage now a-days? Unless someone that is currently working for WWE verifies this rumor, I wouldn't buy into it one bit.

2660 days ago


SOMA is one of the MANY DRUGS that

AL GORE the TURD.....errrrr I mean the THIRD

Got popped with!!!

2660 days ago


Anna Nicole Smith DID NOT DIE FROM A SOMA OD!!
She died from a mixture of drugs.......Soma Not the one!!

2660 days ago


Wonderful.....................thats all thats need in the world..another drug to make more men angry at more women and be filled with rage so that there can be more murders and we can watch more Phil Spectors and Howard Sterns get away with doing as they please because of their wealth..

and placing fear in people..........

amazing how people like them can get away with things but bthe regular guy cant........

why.because they regular guys "know the differnce between being a jerk and being a gentlemen and they are the ones that beconme the great guys of this life that we run into everyday but you dont hear about.

hats off to the "GOOD GUYS!"


2660 days ago

Hop Off    

I'm beyond sick and tired of TMZ and the other representatives of the media flocking to these has been's with ax's to grind. The WWE should not be made a scapegoat for the poor choices that individuals make. They are an oragnization, a business; not a damn babysitting service.

Furthermore, if Terri Runnels, Marc Mero and co. were truly concerned about the state of their friends, they should have spoken up sooner. They didn't and if we're going to explore every avenue to exponge personal accountability, the lynch mob should look in the mirror.

2660 days ago


Soma is extremely dangerous and very easy to get over the internet. The internet drug websites are ruining lives. Prescription pills should not be available through the internet -whether it is Viagra, Steroids, Soma or Vicodin.

The doctors that are filling prescriptions over the internet should be at the very least, stripped of their medical license and prosecuted for drug dealing.

2660 days ago

Jose Nunez    

Why is anyone surprised about an of this? No Human Being, no matter how much they work out, can be that BIG!

2660 days ago


WWE should fire any employee that does something like this. But Terri also has no excuse for not reporting it to the police when she saw it happening. That person needed help and since we've not heard this story anywhere before, my take is that she did not report it to law enforcement. Shame on her!

2660 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

somas r cool small amounts of meprobamate form wen u swallow them a more powerful tranquilizer me:3 cheers 4 valium thats my fav!!!if these things were out in the open without fear of cops people could use more responsibly.

2660 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

soma coma i need 1 2 forget my parents and george w bush(lol)

2660 days ago


If it's not the WWE, its another sport. Whenever something happens to someone famous, whoever they work for or whatever their career is, they will be attacked along with everyone who has been involved or close to these people. We can go around throwing reason and accusations about what killed who, but until we got proof from the toxic reports its all he said she said in my eyes from ex wrestlers who could not cut it when they were in the business.

2660 days ago



If you want to be an activist, I suggest you put down the drugs and get back into school. Your writing in incomprehensible (that means it makes no sense). No one will ever take you seriously as you currently present yourself. Please print this and take it to a literate friend or family member. This is something you need to hear.

2660 days ago


What is SOMA???

2660 days ago


If people want to be stupid and take drugs, they will have to face the music at some point.
It is sad when they hurt other people, but I guess they don't think of that.

2660 days ago
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