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Britney's 'Stalker'

Calls Children's Services

7/13/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyTMZ has learned someone called Children's Services on Britney Spears multiple times last week -- but it turns out he's a nut.

Sources say Britney has a "stalker" who has become irritated with her. The man began calling the L.A. County Department of Child and Family Services and lodging "bizarre" complaints against Spears.

We're told someone from the Department made contact with one of Britney's reps, but it became obvious during the call that the complaints were bogus -- and the matter was dropped.

Contrary to several news reports, the Department did not dispatch anyone to Spears' home.


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LOL i have to give you credit for that one. I really do think she is smarter than we think, if she was that dumb, she would be defending herself a mile a minute. I'm sure she has a few tricks up her but who knows, guess time will tell - but I do appreciate your humor, esp. with all the mud slinging that goes on in these boards lol

2628 days ago


Some one needs to check on those kids everday.
Judt to make sure their alright.

2627 days ago


If I were Britney I would be a wreak just from reading all the crap the REAL NUTS post!! And I'm not even posting under an alias. I would love to see some of these nasty people use their real names and act like real people. What in the world has society come to? That young lady has worked hard since she was just a child and has done nothing wrong except give her heart to the wrong guy. I've never met her but if I did I would just want to tell her that she is an inspiration to all people on how to handle a horrible horrible situation.

2627 days ago


oh my lord number 52 Anonymous...Britney take on responsibility?? She has more responsibility than you will ever have in a lifetime. She had more responsibility when she was a child than most of us could ever even handle.

I don't know the girl but i own a media company and you have no idea what it takes to handle that kind of life.

2627 days ago


Wow, does Brit own a mirror, or does she just not care what she looks like? What a mess for such a young woman.

2627 days ago

L. Wood    

I think you need the love of a mother.a real mother,...I'm a mom, and sometimes the things I read about you break my heart...I have a five year old and I think you know the importance of being a mom....that's all....honestly, god bless...

2627 days ago


Poor Britt A stalker, OMG whats next........................

Hi Shelly

2627 days ago

oh really    

hey Larry,

I'm sure they'll think of something next - like she didn't wash her car this week ....

2627 days ago


Wouldn't it be funny if he went postal on her?

2627 days ago


stalked my ass who would stalk an ugly bald zit faced fat washed up slut ,child Services went there on thier own and she is making up some lamo excuse or maybe k-fed did it ,u know what who ever did it is smart they should take those kids away from this crazy loony bimbo

2627 days ago


After seeing all the raunchy wardrobe photos of her, I can only say, --will someone please get his poor woman some psychological help?

2627 days ago

We have seen enough......    

I can't believe Children's Services haven't been camped outside Britney's house for months now.......................Oh! Yeah! That's not necessary because the paparazzi already have that covered !!!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess that saves the taxpayers some money................

2626 days ago


i think child services should go to her house and take away her kids. i'm sure if those people saw the pictures of her they could see that she is unstable to be a right mother for her kids.she is never with them so i'm sure she wouldn't miss them. thanks to the child services many kids have died.

2625 days ago
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