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John Stamos Returns to Kokomo

7/13/2007 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Thanks to John Stamos, The Beach Boys have never been hotter ... even if their music has considerably less sizzle.

Uncle Jesse turned "ER" doc Stamos was spotted playing guitar with the aged surf rockers in Miami on Tuesday, bringing some much needed sex appeal to the gerontological beach bums. Stamos is no stranger to the group though, he's often been spotted jamming with the guys on a few of their tours.

While he looked great this time, a Jesse and the Rippers performance would be better than this anyday!


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first comment.............he is still a hottie

2627 days ago


kimberly stewert inane column....Why is TMZ editing OR REMOVING ONLY NEGATIVE comments about this self absorbed nobody? Where did they go?...Is the McDonalds backing the reason?

2627 days ago


Again who cares?

2627 days ago


Hey i live near Kokomo, Indiana that idiot wasn't here LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

2627 days ago

baby girl    

He has a little weanie.

2627 days ago

Karin B.    

In my opinion The Beach Boys will always be great! It's nice to see John Stamos performing with them. The Beach Boys would not have this type of longevity if they weren't great. So someone at TMZ should maybe think twice about saying they have less sizzle.
Thx. KB

2627 days ago


Go listen to pet sounds dumbass.

2627 days ago

montana mike    

long live the beach boys. they've played great music since the 60's, and completely helped the surfing craze. john stamos can stay or go. but the beach boys are forever

2627 days ago


Hey John...Come back when you can't Stamos of the time. Get it??

2627 days ago


Stop your singing John. For the love of God, you can't sing and you can't act. Stop torturing us, please!

2627 days ago

brian scott miller    

The Beach Boys will always be as relavent as Summer, Beaches and Young Love!!!

2627 days ago

Laure H    

You have a lot of nerve talking about the beach boys that way. They are not that b.s. that you called them. Abum is that marilyn manson, that guy or whatever it is is a "FREAK" for anybody to actually like that thing they have to be crazy. At least the beach boys look and sound like human beings.When manson gets older he won't look as good as the beach boys do now(that's if he is still living). So get off your high horse and stop dissing the beach boys.

2626 days ago


This is NOT the Beach Boys. It is Mike Love's "tribute" band. Love is the least talented and most greedy of all the Beach Boys, and has cashed in shamelessly on Brian Wilson's work.

Save your money and go see Brian Wilson on tour.

2626 days ago


This travesty is NOT the Beach Boys. It is Mike Love's band of fakers.

Save your money and go see Brian Wilson on tour. He is the real genius behind the music.

2626 days ago

Eric Fontana    

John Stamos has proven himself to be the most annoying and least talented person on the planet. He starred in Full House, the worst TV series in TV history for God's sake! How he keeps getting roles and hot babes is worth a Discovery Channel special and gives us more reason to hate his guts. As far as the Beach Boys, without the Wilson's they're pretty much beached and seeing Stamos up there shows how far they've sunk. Sure there was Kokomo and that crappy Stamos video some of the Beach Boys worked on in Full House. When will John realize to give up on music?

Come to think of it TMZ, that would be a good article: Actors who have no musical talent who should be banned from recording and/or performing like Bruce WIllis, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, etc., etc.

2619 days ago

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