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Rev. Tori Blesses More Gays, Then Spins

7/13/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling just can't stop blessing homosexuals! 9021-Mo!

After officiating at a gay commitment ceremony last week, the newly-ordained, non-denominational priestess anointed the audience at the opening of L.A.'s Outfest Film Festival on Thursday. Lord, have mercy! Tori, who was raised Jewish, greeted the crowd with the biblical salutation, "Hey, bitches!" -- then had the predominantly gay festivalgoers hold hands while she delivered a lighthearted sermon. Praise Neimans! Tori's benediction included, "Let's pray that the paparazzi only shoot our good sides" -- unlikely!

After the premiere of "Save Me," Tori hit the after party and started deejaying. Mother. Reverend. DJ. Is there anything Tori can't do ... er, besides act?!


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Tori is like a bad poison ivy RASH..that just won't go away....! Maybe Candy needs to send her a letter via TMZ........Puke

2660 days ago


Who cares?

2660 days ago

gooberbutts united    

All you religious people who hate tori should probably just stay away from this site. Doesn't looking and enjoying this site constitute sinning on your part? Tori, you go girl. It doesn't matter what you are born into, everyone has their struggles. And thank goodness she and her husband found Love! not every first marriage works out. Also who are you people criticizing her parenting skills. I don't see a set of rules published for parents. So she is a social butterfly, who cares. baby has daddy to do mothering. People, families are diverse and roles are reversed, if you don't like it move to Colorado Springs or Utah and start repenting for judging people! What? I thought god was the only one us mere mortals have to answer to anyway.
Leave California to the truley good hearted and open minded!

2660 days ago


This poor girl is a joke. I don't care how much money she has, you can't buy class, and apparently you can't buy looks. She's always reminded me of one of those dogs with their noses pushed in, a Pug maybe, or Pekiningese? Maybe she HAS been chasing parked cars? I'm sure her family is so proud!!!

2660 days ago


From someone who got ordained that way: Mostly I expend around 40 volunteer hours per week visiting senior citizens in Los Angeles nursing homes and hospitals. I have lost count of the many funeral rites that have been performed for the indigent homeless who died in the streets. I will never turn down doing the rite thing because someone doesn't have money to pay me. God knows who I am, and the work I do in God's name. For performing other services, it's on the Honor system. Someone has donated to me $20.00 cash, another has written a check for $1,000.00 for officiating at their marriage. I bless animals. I do not bless homosexuals.

Tori, how can you make a mockery of those of us who are committed to ministering to others for the purpose of humanity? Shame on you!

2660 days ago

Dawn Day    


I know we are estranged because I got all of Aaron's money and you didn't but didn't I raise you better than to be out marrying people who have no right being married in the first place. No, I'm not talking about your marriage this time but the homosexuals. If God had wanted them to be married he would have made it possible for them to reproduce and the last time I checked, two men or two women cannot do that naturally.

Love always,

2660 days ago


#17 This is not about which Minister you can trust more. Sure some ministers are not who they say they are, but trust me, Tori is one of them. Being a Minister is a sacred and holy thing. I think you know that does not describe Tori Spelling (be honest)...............

2660 days ago


Tori DOES realize that what she is doing isn't legal, right? Same sex marriage is illegal in most states.

2660 days ago


I don't think the pope would approve---giggle giggle

2660 days ago


25 BaptistMom - haven't you noticed by now that "celebs" don't have to live by the law? They are above the law--laws do not apply to them. However, payday some day.

2660 days ago


I am being honest. Did Jesus judge other's? NO and thank God tori is kind * you don't know all the good she does* and loves other's without prejudice. I would rather listen to Rev. Tori over all the preachy ones that are judgemental.

2660 days ago


She's just seeking publicity, and this is her way of getting it. She's not fooling anybody.

2660 days ago


...well, it's come to this, after reading the majority of posts on this thread, i'm "team-tori" all the way! wtg jerk-offs! you've actually made tori spelling look brilliant...i honestly think she's become a better person since she lost "her" money...she made lemonade...suck it up!...

2660 days ago


i think the the whole tori thing is stupid who in there right mind would want some rich 90210 skank marry them. she needs to just stay in her inn!!!!

2660 days ago

simon birch    

Tori tori tori....all that money and no face lift....I know it would take alot..but come on...marrying gays...that really hitting the bottom.....

2660 days ago
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