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Sanjaya Blows on the Road

7/13/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The talent-free hairball that is Sanjaya is on the "American Idol" summer tour, and wouldn't you know it, he still can't sing a lick!

TMZ caught up with the vocally challenged Idol in Greenville, South Carolina where he successfully turned a cover of the classic "Life is a Highway" into road kill -- singing only a couple of the right words,running out of breath mid-performance, and resorting to the same head-shaking antics that previously made you want to throw your television out the nearest window. A little pitchy!

Chris Sligh joined Sanjy on stage, but looked like he didn't want anything to do with the singing part of the "performance" -- quietly playing his guitar on the opposite side of the stage while the lyric butchering commenced. While my guitar gently weeps!


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Your'e Fired!    

...................Yawn, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................

2660 days ago

hello, it    

3. someone please string him up and set him on fire

Posted at 2:23PM on Jul 13th 2007 by joey migs

There is no need for a comment like this. You are sick.

2660 days ago


I predict SanGAYa will be either on a cruise ship "entertaining" or touring with his boyfriend Tobey in a Cabaret-style revue...either way, he's a has-been who never had a chance

2660 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Leave the kid alone. He is better than the beatboxing duchebag.

2660 days ago

Candy Spelling    

He would make a wonderful houseboy for some aging old gay man.

2660 days ago


Lol @ Candy Spelling (#36). Funny but true! I rest my case... Peace!

2660 days ago


Sanjaya is the comic relief for the tour. He has to be because you can't possibly believe
he can sing.

2660 days ago


Went to the Tampa, Fla show.....Sanjaya was the least pitchy of all the idols. I believe that was because he wore ear plugs so he could hear himself. The musicians overplayed most of the singers. The Proud Mary number he did with Melinda was a shock. She brought out his macho side and he accentuated her sexy side..and both perfectly pitched. Lakisha blew the roof off the stadium. Wow! Chris was sooo flat and never again found his part until the end. I paid nearly $300 for my tickets. In spite of allthe technical dificulties and sour notes we had a good time....Thank you idols! Ps. Blake couldn't get the box to work right and Jordan was so hoarse she could hardly speak. Melinda, of course, was the true professional.

2660 days ago


#3 . . that was so funny to me . . . he almost sounds like a pig calling for his/her mother . . . . mannnnn . . is he ever going away? Permanently

2660 days ago


He's a Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

2660 days ago


Hey Candy (#35) you're right-he can go work for Taylor Hicks(we ain't buying his beard) and they both can sing off keytogether.

2660 days ago

are you new?    

Come on people..she looks like she's having fun!

2660 days ago


Sanjaya is incredible! He's the greatest Idol of all!!!!!! He's totally sexy, and his voice is just dreammmmieeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the new head of the greater Dodge City Sanjaya Fanboree -- join us for great Sanjaya times!!!!! Sanjaya rules the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2660 days ago


Wow.....what mean spirited people out there! Sanjaya is a nice kid, yes, I knew him when he lived in Hawaii. He is only 17 and so far he has gotten farther with his gig than most people writing this angry dribble probabaly have in their lives! Give the kid credit, at least he is trying and who knows where he will end up. And not that it matters, but for all of you homophobics out there, he is NOT Gay!

2660 days ago


Wow - unbelievable!! I'm sooo glad to hear about your Sanjaya Fanboree in Dodge City!! I'm the Rocky Mtn Sanjaya fan club president, and we're doing a Sanjaya Mountain Fanboree this summer too!!!! Totally awesome!!!!!!!! Sanjaya totally rules!!!!!!!!! I want him to totally take off his shirt!!!!!!!!

2660 days ago
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