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Suri -- Celebuspawn in Training

7/13/2007 6:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adorably apple-cheeked Suri Cruise was seen toddling through a German park with robomom Katie Holmes.

TomKat and Suri are in Germany while the Scientolodad appears in that Hitler movie. Isn't she adorable? Batteries not included.

Oh, the extraterrestriality!


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And, we are watching.

2625 days ago


robomom you guys are so funny. lol

2625 days ago


I think Suri is the cutest celeb baby out there. She's so sweet and Katie is such a doting mom. Her Dad's a whackjob but her mom obviously dotes on her.

2625 days ago


she has to be the most beautiful celeb baby I have ever seen. She was beautiful when she was born and more beautiful now. I didn't realize she was that big now, though. already walking. little cutie pie! God bless her.

2625 days ago


Got ya...BIG TIME!!!

2625 days ago


She is an absolutely adorable child that is for sure, and more importantly seems to be of a very happy and loving disposition. But no matter for the moment. With that aside since when has it become kosher for the paparazzi to encroach, semi-stalk, and spy on children, infants even. Are there no ethics when it comes to reporting on, and dishing out celebrity gossip? Now I will give TMZ the benefit of the doubt here since it seemed there main topic concerning this photo is that the girl is cute. Of course near the end of piece "aliens" must be brought up. What, for lack of creativity, or for that matter, even a "story?" Figures...

Regardless, if that really isn't enough, then a majority of you people have to come in by the bushel n' droves and feel the need to make trite comments regarding said child and her parents. I really feel for entertainers today. Yes they are extremely lucky enough to have the jobs they have, if that's what they want. But is it worth, or in fact, do they deserve such public scrutiny 24/7? Are you completely satisfied once you've "said your peace" as an anonymous number of the Internet? That question is of course specifically directed at the choice few here who seem to have no dignity nor respect for another person whom you really have no idea about other than through a zoomed camera lens, TV set, or celluloid screen.

Is this what your Warholian 15 minutes has blessed you with?

2625 days ago

tooth fairy    

That little girl can't win, her dad is a douche bag. She is Katie's only joy now. Katie looks absolutely sad all the time.

Tom promised Katie a great movie career Nicole has but it turned out to be a really bad move for Katie. She didn't get great movie roles. She just became a zombie waiting for better days. I am sure she is very confused about what to do. If she divorces Tom before building a great movie career, she is going to end up with nothing. If she hangs on to her marriage, her spirit is dying.

She thought she and Tom were going to be as popular as Nicole and Tom, the golden couple. In turned out everybody is laughing at them. She knows it and she is sad about the fall out.

2625 days ago


what a cutiepie!!

2625 days ago


the only one with the hair is that the whole family have the same hair cut

2625 days ago


Suri is a cute baby, sure, but I agree with those who say she is not the cutest baby in Hollywood right now. I think that definately goes to Danielynn Birkhead. After her, Shiloh, then Kingston (Gwen Stefanis baby), and Sean Preston also has the cutest cheeks. There are some not so cute kids in Hollywood too but if y ou cannot say something nice, do not say anything at I am going to leave it at that.

2625 days ago


Suri is EXTREMLY cute and I find she takes mostly after Katie, I do see some of Tom's feature so I highly doubt there's a conspiracy on the Kline theory....Didn't Katie and Kline break up for like a year b4 hooking up with Tom?

The comments on this site about that beautiful baby is disgusting and outrageous. I would SOOO love for some of you haters to post pictures of your kids so we can have a good laugh at their expense, I highly doubt you would ever want that for your kids so why is it ok to bash on an innocent little baby? Cause your jealous? that is extremely Petty!! Even if this site is for fun and laughs but this is seriously pushing it.

STOP THE BABY BASHING TMZ, STOP REPORTING ON THESE KIDS!! Let them have a chance to a somewhat normal childhood.

2625 days ago


honestly, I don't even think Suri is cute. I've said it before, I think she's downright ugly & weird looking.

Now Dannielynn is cute. Shiloh was adorable when she was born but not so much these days.

2625 days ago


What kind of drugs are you people on? That is a baby. You don't know them.

2625 days ago


Mission ( 168) and other child bashers are A- holes.

TMZ- STOP POSTING PHOTO'S OF INNOCENT CHILDREN! You all are cowards and bullies.

2625 days ago


What an adorable Asian baby!

2625 days ago
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