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Mo' Mo'Nique -- A Whole Lot Mo!

7/14/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mo'Nique is baring it all, or most of it anyway, in a racy photo shoot with the spraypainted, plus-sized contestants from her new show, "Mo'Nique's F.A.T Chance" -- that's "Fabulous And Thick," if you please! Big fun!

In a photo obtained by TMZ, Mo'Nique is sitting around the house (and we do mean around the house) with 5 other big gurls wearing nothing but body paint. Daaaaaaayum! Holy Earl Scheib! Everyone loves the painted-on tuxedo, but these jumbo beauties are done up in everything from tiger stripes to painted-on collared shirts. What? Go big gurls! Please!

The 3XL ladies will endure a boot camp (not booty camp!) leading to a runway show attended by the haute monde of Paris -- including designers, models and the press -- with the winner crowned "Miss F.A.T."

"Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance" debuts on Oxygen, July 21 at 10:30 PM. Check your local listings.


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Don't hate. Look, Mo is doing her thing, so why hate on her? Big girls, especially African Americans, are always dogged in our society. So why shouldn't she celebrate her body? And for the record, she's not morbidly obese. She's gone on the record to say she works out and eats healthy -- if you follow her career, you'll see that she has toned up -- so why shouldn't she celebrate it? Do you! Why walk around wishing that you're ultra thin like most other Hollywood actresses? Everyone is not meant to be a size 0. Hell, most of them that are a size 0 are starving themselves to get there anyway. Monique is giving big girls something to be proud of, not something to feel ashamed of. The average size in America is a size 12, not a 2. We've got it so twisted. As long as your healthy, who cares? Love you, all of you. Some posters made such negative comments about the bodypainting - the women are beautiful -- that 's it's easy to see why big girls feel horrible about their bodies. But the sad thing about it is, the girls who are a size 2 feel bad about their bodies, too, or they would't be dieting themselves to death. Love yourself, and I don't care if you are a size 12 or a 22. I'm a size 6, but I've got love for all sizes. Life is too short to hate!

2629 days ago

Johnny SoCal    



2629 days ago


go mo!!! everyone is allowed their own opinions but there is no need to make fun of someone because they are not 10lbs.I loved watching mo's charm school she looked gorgeous she shows that you don have to be under 100lbs to be beautiful.I have 3 little daughters and I pray by the time they grow up hollywood will have changed I dont want my girls making themselves throw up because there over 100lbs and healthy this crap with the rude uncalled for comments reminds me of highschool and Im betting no one is even in highschool.dont cast judgement because when you get older you will change and you dont want people treating you like that its a proven fact that men like a woman with curves ladies appreciate your curves work out be healthy but you dont need to starve yourself every week when i open my magazines i want to take those girls to mcdonalds for a big mac its gross how can men find that sexy..??grow up guys you may not realize how you can really mess with a person because of what you say.rock on mo !!!!

2629 days ago


monique is fabulous. she is an attractive big and beautifull woman who happens to be very rich as well. shes doing a great job representing us plus size women of america and im very proud of her. to all those ignorant people who make nasty comments, DONT HATE, we all know u guys have low self esteem and very litte confidence as weel as a lack of manhood. If you cant handle a thicky too bad for you. We want real men who are packing anyway!

2629 days ago


Well, at least it wasn't another story about Britney's latest meldown, how Paris Hilton has changed or Nicole Richie's pregnancy. How did that anorexic pill head conceive anyway?

2629 days ago

Johnny SoCal    


EAT ME!!!!

2629 days ago

Johnny SoCal    


EAT ME!!!!

2629 days ago

grow up    

all you people who have a problem with these girls because you perceive them to be unhealthy - take a lesson: this is not about preaching the virtues of being morbidly obese. this is about not allowing yourself to be marginalized by society because of your weight. as someone who once would've fit into this photograph i can tell you that people treat you like absolute dirt when you are very heavy. the constant judgment, criticism, etc. make life unbearable at times. i applaud these ladies for taking a stand and saying they are not going to allow their weight to limit them.

the point is, no, these ladies may not be healthy, but that doesn't mean they need to be live in shame of their bodies. just because maybe someone SHOULDN'T be this overweight doesn't mean they should hate themselves. i challenge someone to find some way to criticize this picture and this expression of confidence that

1) does not change the subject and argue they shouldn't be so overweight and
2) is not based on a media-fed cultural understanding the women cannot be attractive if they are overweight.

2629 days ago


Just what America's obesity epidemic needs: another glamorization of diabetes riak, potential heart disease, high blood pressure, and increased health-care costs.

While I do believe that everyone is beautiful in some way, I do not believe that I should be forced to think that this beauty is always on the outside. These women are physically un-well and will eventually pay the price for their weight problem.

Unless this show is helping these women attain more muscular, athletic, and healthy builds, it will not be advantageous to the population at large. And seeing how Mo'Nique has done so much to keep in shape, (round is a shape...) I suspect there will be more Crunch bars than crunches on the show.

2629 days ago


You go ladies, do your thing.
Fat is in and Skinny is out.

2629 days ago


dont worry, the ones who dissed mo probl dis nicole richie too so they are not happy either way.

2629 days ago


This is as much exploitation of an unhealthy lifestyle as it would be if the girls were anorexic.
Talk about one extreme to another!
Monique is such a big phoney. She claims to empower women especially "big" women (no these girls are morbidly obese,not big) and she claims to be some kind of ladylike role model (Charm School) but she made it big in her sitcom playing a fat woman chasing an uninterested man (so much for the big woman role model) and her standup act is raunchy (so much for the ladylike role model). She just needs to choose one thing or another and stick with it. She wants to have her cake and eat it too (literally and figuratively).
These women DO NOT represent the average woman, they are fat and unhealthy looking.
Sexy? Hello, tell me how you can be clean "down there" when you are that big?

2629 days ago


That's disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of promoting healthy eating, healthy living and exercise we are promoting laziness, the morbid obese, and clearing having Mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!! GO ON A DIET!!! YOUR NASTY!!!! Seriously, you ruined me by making me look at that horrendous photo.

2629 days ago


Oh that's just GROSS!!!

Can't you move this down a few stories TMZ?

It's one thing to be a plus size model, and I agree with anothers comment - plus size is better looking than skelitons. But these women do not represent the plus size of today.

They represent the MULTIPLY SIZE!!!!

2629 days ago


I bet most of you people calling Mo'Nique and the rest of those girls "fat cows" or whatever are probably lard asses yourselves. I think it's a nice pic.

2629 days ago
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