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Diddy Gets It on With a Blonde

7/15/2007 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

P. DiddyP. Diddy and longtime girlfriend/baby mama Kim Porter may have split up, but that isn't stopping His Diddiness from having fun! Diddy was spotted cozying up to a leggy blonde Friday night at his "All White Diddy Affair" in Baltimore, Maryland, reports People.

Diddy and the blonde stayed tight all night, jetting from stretch hummer limo to the club's exclusive VIP areas. The pair sipped on bling-bling $500-a-bottle Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Orange champagne and danced together well into the night.

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, Kim!


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As a black woman who has no problem with dating outside of your race and one who chooses not to date outside of her race regarding Mr. P Diddy we have a few men as black women are are willing to give/throw away and he is one of them. He has made it apoint of in my opinion of disrespecting black women. Kim has supported and stood by and watched this man act a fool. He has not set a decent example for his children on how to treat women especially women who look like their mom. Get over yourself Puffy because you are truly feeling yourself a bit much. Black women need to have more respect for ourselves than to allow you to continue the disrespect toward us like Wesley Snipes and his comment about black women Puffy you are dismissed.

2662 days ago


Diddy needs to grow up like most men out here.I hope kim just move on and get herself a real man not a little boy.Just because she have his kids dont mean nothing she can still walk away with her head held high."Take him straight to the bank sista".

2662 days ago


diddy is a joke how u gonna end a ten year relationship with a girl who has three kids by you he needs to grow up and be a man just because u have money dont mean your matured in a relationship. dont worry kim get that money

2662 days ago


everyone say what they want about diddy but at the end of the day he is paid and his kids are taken care far as giving back to the community when was the last time you did so community service and you probably never heard of diddys house look it up...The man is enjoying his life as long as he dont go brok partying then i dont see the your life diddy...and any female that hates on you on here they would go out on a date with you and when they see how lavish you are they would be that blonde or would try to take kims spot

2662 days ago


Lord have mercy on this poor mis-guided rich black man. They speak of equal rights but equal rights is when you keep the money in the community. He is a show-off like most of THEM. so what is the diff

2662 days ago

I Can't Go 4 That    

Diddy and Kim are the prime example of what should not be accepted. Kim is good enough to lay up in the bed with Diddy and have children but not good enough to marry and if she expects us to believe that she is all 'we both aren't looking to get married' idea, she's a dumbass. i guess its ok that he's being seen doing this girl and that girl. She needs to set up some morals and stop blaming other woman (like she did in essence to jennifer l) and realize that this is not what you would want for your daughters so don't settle for bs.

2662 days ago


What the hell do we care! Kim Porter is a grown woman and if she rather be a babies mama than Mrs. Anybody doesn't exactly have to be Diddy just anybody.. than thats her business. You have to deal with the choices you make in life and having babies and not married was hers, just because the babies daddy has money doesn't make it right. Now she probably doesn't work and just sitting at home raking in the checks from diddy, how sad. Make your money girl, but not like that. She also has an older child by Al B. Sure. Now how does that look every child has diffenent daddy's. (My daddy bought me this what's your daddy gonna buy you). Its suppose to be what will OUR daddy buy us. Diddy is wrong but Kim is no better spittin all these babies out with different daddy's. Its just sad what we've come to... what ever happened to Morals and ethics----ladies have some pride in what you got. Don't just throw it out there for a dollar, no matter how much it is. Diddy needs to be a man and stop making all these kids. Remember the Essence article and what he said in it........DAMN he just talking out the side of his neck for real.

2662 days ago

Fact Finder    

Money, Power, Resp...? Don't expect a man with money to respect you! Women come a dime a dozen with rich men. Ladies, have respect for yourselves. Don't hate the Playa, Hate the Game. The object of the game is whoever breaks up first win. Stop looking at every sexual encounter as "The One." Kim should have never forgave him. He doesn't have to have respect for himself, he saves that task for the little people around him.

2662 days ago


In response to the Hollywood "royalty" blond woman comment. Let's try another approach to about Hollywood HO.....that's sounds more like it. Being Blond does not make you royalty...especially if it involves a black man. He is an idiot for letting such a precious woman that had three of his children. It speaks to his true character as a "man" HO. Kim Porter....get your own life and leave the TRASH behind. The Blond and the PUNK. I have no respect for Diddy or his money.

2662 days ago

Laura Mahalale-El    

He is a total disappointment. I think J-Lo burned his brain. He is out of his mind. The slinking devil has him now. His baby mama should be glad he is gone. She will heal in time, if she does not take him back. She was wrong to have a relationship/babies with a man that did not want marriage . Lesson learned.

2662 days ago



2662 days ago


Money and Fame almost always changes a person personality. The bible speaks of money as the root of all evil. I have experience what it does to a person. I understand Kim, you hope and wish that they change, however they get worst and worst. The truth is he will miss you and despite what he will tell you, he loves you, it will all be a lie.

2662 days ago


oh oh.. i see another OJ trail coming up.... brothas runnnnnnnnnn!

2662 days ago


Wise One, please do not use Magic, as one of your men that married a black woman. Eventhough, Magic married a black woman (Cookie) look what she had to go through and except for his hand in marriage!! Marriage is a blessing; not a curse!!

2662 days ago


why dont black stars use their powers more to help the black people grow strong, instead of living a black stereotype?

2662 days ago
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