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Tattoo Torture: When Love Gets Erased

7/15/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love hurts so so bad! Celebs who make the tragic mistake of having their beloved's name permanently affixed their celebrated bodies ... are finding it's no party when the love is gone -- and the name is not!

Angelina Jolie, Billy-Bob's blood-wearer turned Mother Theresa, had Billy's name tattooed on her upper left arm. When that freak show ended, she had his name removed -- and replaced with the birthplace names of her children. Adapt a tat!

Paris Hilton and boy band boyfriend Nick Carter went the tattoo route too. Hilty's tat of her flavor-of-the-week was affixed to her flat rump. Nick wasn't as discreet -- inking "Paris" on his left wrist. Shockingly, it didn't last. Paris had her ass wiped, and Nick fixed his with a cross and the words "Old Habits Die Hard."

Uber crackers Roseanne and Tom Arnold made an a very public display of their love -- and unfortunately, a private one too. Tom had Roseanne's portrait affixed to his chest and "Rosey" put on his large behind. Roseanne had "Property of Tom Arnold" affixed to her full and ample thigh. When their trailer park romance was struck by a divorce tornado, Tom had to endure the pain -- of having her face plucked from his chest. Roseanne reportedly had hers removed as well.

Blond bombshell Pam Anderson had rocker hubby Tommy's Lee's name tattooed on her ring finger. Brilliant. When that relationship went, er, bust, Pammy changed "Tommy" to "Mommy." See, she's brilliant!

Johnny Depp's heart was stolen by Winona Rider. He had "Winona Forever" inked on his arm. It wasn't. After Johnny told her to walk the plank, he had it changed to "Wino Forever," and then morphed into "Betty Sue" his mom's name. Weird!?

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, whose wedding was featured on the MTV celebreality show, "Till Death Do Us Part," didn't die before parting, but their wedding date was embedded on his chest and her wrist. Dave has said he won't have his removed because it's part of who he is.


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How can you build happiness by stealing somebody elses Husband ?
Angelina will not have it.

2659 days ago



FYI, Mother Teresa DID NOT spell her name with an "H".

2659 days ago


#1, you're right. Most actresses/actors need a really good director to keep them in line, otherwise they becomes lost, mentally and sometimes physically. They do foolish, childish things quite often.

Not all actresses/actors are like this, but it comes with the territory.

2659 days ago


Angelina is a fake humanitarian. She sleeps with whoever can get her more pub. stupid is as stupid does re ugly tattoos she has on her body. The so-called work is also just for getting her face out there The money she gives is for the same thing. She should just take Braddie and go live in the third world countries she so much wants to help and quit sending pictures of every "good deed" she does and causes she takes on. Ever watch her being interviewed, she will not give a straight answer, either she doesn't know or talks about something else unrelated to what was asked...Won't see them again until they have another movie or TV show to promote...good rid.....

2659 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

You are a liar. Angelina has never said that she didn't like America or Americans. NEVER. She has said how proud she is to be an American but she does not agree with all the current foreign policy, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS SAY. SO STOP LYING. SHOW ME THE LINK WHERE HER WORDS ARE THAT SHE DID NOT LIKE AMERICA, NOT SOME LYING TAB BUT HER WORDS. YOU CAN'T BECAUSE SHE DID NEVER SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT. They went to Namibia to have the baby in peace, something they could not get much of in LA or even in France.
Shiloh is American as she was born to American parents which is what happens with all children born abroad of American parents. Even in Namibia a tab person got in the hospital dressed as a nurse but was discovered before she could get pixs of them in the hospital where Brad stayed with Angelina and the baby for the three days before they were discharged. Many many people have tatoos, so what is your problem with that. AMH has made back over half its cost, and has not even opened overseas yet. It will show a profit. It is a heartbreaking R rated film, few want to see reality when there are so many fantasy films to see. Angelina just completed one film and has a film this fall with Clint Eastwood. She is in great demand for films but plans to take a year off after the film this fall and be mostly a mom. Angelina broke up with BBT because he did not want to be a father to Maddox. She choose her child over a damm fool of a man, who has said she was just too smart for him. He's right about that. Angelina is part Native American and funds prgrams for Native Americans, the only true Americans if the truth be told. All Angelina wanted was for the press to talk about AMH, not her private life, which is just what Posh just had the same type agreement, talk about her tv program, not her private life. Angelina and Brad are also paying for some kids to go to school, here in the US and overseas. Stupid people open their mouths the loudest.

2659 days ago

chillout music girl    

Angelina is truly a wack job...
She loves her adopted son more than her biological daughter..
I am sure brad is thinking about his choices now...
Angelina was a heroin addict... that is true

2659 days ago


once a home wrecker always a home wrecker
once a sleeze always a sleeze

Mother Teresa that bumbo could never be

2659 days ago


to 6:55, shut up. Jolie's nothing but a fake, wanna be Mother Theresa. She's so beyond full of herself its not even funny. She's also box office poisoin as other people have said. Her last movie tanked, worse than ever and there's no way her stupid fans can rationalize it, even though they stupidly try. The public is obviously sick of her, particularly the American public. And by the way, she clearly despises America as shown by her actions.

2659 days ago


Angelina is the best! She lives by her rules and convictions, and her attitide is, I dont need youand if you dont like it, move on. She doesnt need a damn thing from anyone, and makes her own life.

Brad left on his own free-will. You cant steal another person, thats stupid. As an adult, you either love someone or you dont. Brad always stated he wanted a large family, and Jennifer was too busy with her career (Friends) to care about his wishes. Thats her parogitive. but Brad has a right to be happy too. Thats why he left, and is probably very happy with his new family.

Angelina, has always been beautiful on the outside, but with age, she has become beautiful on the inside. She does tons of humanitarian work, and donates money. She has taken 3-kids who no one wanted, and given them a nice life. You people are sickening ! When is the last time any of you did anything good for another person other then your own family or friends? How much of your pay-check have you sent to impovershid areas? I bet zilch.

Stop hating, and give the woman a break.

2659 days ago


The other day on TV I saw a clip of Jon Voight, Angelina and her brother at some kind of a premiere or something. She was around 14 or 15 and a bit on the heavy side. That chick in her natural state is one FUGLY BITCH. I was shocked. The nose matched the lips – big. She looked like Billy Joel in drag. Her plastic surgeon is a miracle worker because he definitely performed one on her. I know most girls go through an ugly duckling phase, but this definitely was NOT a flower ready to bloom. Hope Shiloh keeps on looking like her father as she gets older.

2659 days ago


To Amy,
Did you know that when you take the average middle-class person who donates to charity and compare that amount with their income, the ratio/money is much larger than what a celebrity gives to charity when matched to their income. So really your facts are wrong, we give more of our time and money to charities and volunteering than she does or any other hollywood millionaire.

2659 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Neither a husband nor a wife can be "stolen". If a marriage is strong it can survive anything. If it is not what it should be then a marriage breaks from within. Anybody with any common sense knows that. Jen herself said in her 2006 Harper's Bazaar interview that her marriage was over in the summer of 2004. That's about the time they went to Cannes for the premiere of Troy, and Brad walked out of the screening right after it began saying he had a headache. That is not the norm and Europe was a buzz as to the glum faces those two had once they were out of camera range the whole time they were in Cannes. Why they didn't announce their split until 4-5 months later, why they waited, well both had been in counseling most of the marriage, so maybe that's why. The marriage was rocky from the beginning. Jen's Dad even made the statement that Brad sure wasn't in a hurry to marry her.

Some of you bought the whole PR contrived "lovie dovie golden couple" and were just fooled. People in love do not say that their marriage was a merger and that they agreed that they would see where it would take them(Brad); or that he was a love in her life, but she did not know if he was the love in her life(Jen). They were friends who should have remained friends but not married. Jen even referred to Brad as her "buddy". They voluntarily were separated for 5-6 months in 2003, neither making the effort to see the other , and for months in 2004. What kind of marraige was that? None. The marriage was broken by the two people married to each other and no one else. I also do not know why Jen said she was shocked in VF in 2005 by the Kenya pixs, she knew the marriage was over the year before, her own words.

I do know what its like to be divorced, 50% of the fault was mine and 50% was my ex's fault. My ex remarried 3 days after our divorce was final. Was I happy about that, no, but we had two kids who we both made our priority. I dealth with it and moved on without all this pity crap that some keep expressing for Jen. Hell, I do not see anything to pity her for and I am so tired of people whining on her behalf. Life happens. Divorce happens. No one is a homewrecker, but if some of you must use that term, the homewreckers are the people married to each other. I speak from experience. Been there, done that.

2659 days ago


To #28-by Coco the ignorant:
Well I guess you must be on Angelina's payroll because it seems that you know a lot of details. But her propaganda machine it's not working very well, so I hope you are a nanny or something of a smaller scale.

Action speak lauder that words. Angelina do not have to said that she hate America, her actions said it for her. I mean, you are a USA citizen and live here, but at the time of your birth you go to NAMBIDIA...Why? She obviously think Nambidia it's a better country. The funny thing is that she paid a doctor from USA to delivered Shilow....Total hipocresy!

Did you go to see a Mighty Heart? The movie is a propaganda machine blaming USA for the death of Pearl. Not the terrorists, but USA.

And how about when she tried to manipulate and terrorized the free press of this country? She tried to control their freedom. You may do that in Nambidia, but not in USA. She is delussional.

And please spare me how much money Angelina it's giving, we all know that believe me. We are tired of seeeing her picture taken around poor children in third world countries. I wonder why their is always a photographer at hand....What a miracle. Yes, she give money, usually the money that she makes when she sells the pictures of her children, her "acquisitions". She is selling their privacy and soul, she she can cultivate her "new image"

A lot of celebrities give money. Ask St Jude Hospital who is their biggest contributor for many years. Ask The Gay Comunity who is giving a fortune for the Aids foundation...Do you want me to tell you who? It's Jennifer Aniston. But you will never know will you? She never take a picture of herself in the hospital or with an Aids patiente. Isn't she stupid?

But Aniston it's not the only one. Al Pacino, Meryll Streep, Liz Taylor, Paul Newman, and so many others.....None of them want to be Mother Teresa, so I guess we are left with Angie.

2659 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

BBT is what 25 years older than Angelina. She always seemed to me to be trying her best to please him. He did not seem to reciprocate. She was his 5th wife. He left his 4th wife and two little boys and moved in with Laura Dern. His divorce came through and he then married Angelina. He was not engaged to Laura Dern. I always thought that Angelina was looking for a father figure in BBT. Once Angelina began growing up and working with the UN (for almost 7 years now so it is not for PR as some will insist), BBT was out the door. She became a single mom and a good mom. She loves her children. What on earth is wrong with that? And she loves Brad Pitt and he reciprocates her love as BBT never did. I just don't understand the antipathy some have for her. Everybody has a past with some things they may wish they had not done. But you can't change the past, you can learn from it and Angelina seems to me to have done just that. She is no saint nor is she a sinner, she is a real person livng a real life doing the best she can.

Now as to Laura Dern, she moved in with Ben Harper who is married with a very small child and has a baby with him. Then she has another baby a few years later. He finally gets divorced and they married what like 2 years ago. She is no angel or saint or sinner. She is a person just like all of us.

2659 days ago


To #36 - Paris: good post..I tried to post some of the same earlier, but it didn't work. I agree with what you say..

2659 days ago
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