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Tattoo Torture: When Love Gets Erased

7/15/2007 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love hurts so so bad! Celebs who make the tragic mistake of having their beloved's name permanently affixed their celebrated bodies ... are finding it's no party when the love is gone -- and the name is not!

Angelina Jolie, Billy-Bob's blood-wearer turned Mother Theresa, had Billy's name tattooed on her upper left arm. When that freak show ended, she had his name removed -- and replaced with the birthplace names of her children. Adapt a tat!

Paris Hilton and boy band boyfriend Nick Carter went the tattoo route too. Hilty's tat of her flavor-of-the-week was affixed to her flat rump. Nick wasn't as discreet -- inking "Paris" on his left wrist. Shockingly, it didn't last. Paris had her ass wiped, and Nick fixed his with a cross and the words "Old Habits Die Hard."

Uber crackers Roseanne and Tom Arnold made an a very public display of their love -- and unfortunately, a private one too. Tom had Roseanne's portrait affixed to his chest and "Rosey" put on his large behind. Roseanne had "Property of Tom Arnold" affixed to her full and ample thigh. When their trailer park romance was struck by a divorce tornado, Tom had to endure the pain -- of having her face plucked from his chest. Roseanne reportedly had hers removed as well.

Blond bombshell Pam Anderson had rocker hubby Tommy's Lee's name tattooed on her ring finger. Brilliant. When that relationship went, er, bust, Pammy changed "Tommy" to "Mommy." See, she's brilliant!

Johnny Depp's heart was stolen by Winona Rider. He had "Winona Forever" inked on his arm. It wasn't. After Johnny told her to walk the plank, he had it changed to "Wino Forever," and then morphed into "Betty Sue" his mom's name. Weird!?

Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, whose wedding was featured on the MTV celebreality show, "Till Death Do Us Part," didn't die before parting, but their wedding date was embedded on his chest and her wrist. Dave has said he won't have his removed because it's part of who he is.


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Guys cheat with girls like Angelina, BUT, they marry girls like Jen!

2625 days ago


To #54-sassy pants.

In response to your note...No, Angelina did nothing to me, I met her once when I was staying at The Rossevelt Hotel in Hollywood Blv, when she was having dinner with a friend of mine regarding a future TV project . My friend even told me she was nice. ....

But should I remind you, that this is a forum to express our opinion, and I also ahve the right to express mine, even if you don't like it.

Angelina is a master in manipulation and I just want to her know, in case she read this forum, that must of us can see thru her lies and we know her "new persona" it's just smokes and mirrors. It's all fake.

Behind Angelina facade their a very sick controlling women. But, then again, that's only my opinion....Happy now?

2624 days ago


Angie is a man stealer. It's her MO She will dump Brad and move on to another... wait and see. Very sad if she really didn't spend her mother's last Christmas with her. I always thought it was wrong that she didn't spend the last few weeks of her mother's life with her. Instead she was with Brad while he was filming in another state.

Johnny Depp looks awful in that picture! The little man has too many tattoos. He looks like trailer trash. At least he got smart and didn't put the french whore's name on his body.

2624 days ago


Poor Coco green is such an ugly color on you...................jealuosly is a bitch huh!

2623 days ago


why did Jennifer Aniston get thrown into this? It was about tats. Everytime someone comments about angie, we have to hear about Jen? Brad was married to one, shacking up with the other. But they shouldn't be compared.

2617 days ago

teresa inman    

Angie,you are a betiful woman but you are destorying your body with all of these tats. why would you want to mark your body up like this? don't understand? teresa

2612 days ago


Blah Blah Blah. Get a life people or at least learn how to spell.

2611 days ago



2548 days ago
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