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Britney Incognito -- in a Pink Wig

7/16/2007 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do you do when your weave is wrecked and you've got to get out? You hide your ratty mess under a hot pink bobbed wig, y'all!

The mirror-challenged mother of two was seen outside a rehearsal hall performing a masterful left-handed five-finger grab -- big cup, cigs, and crapsational purse on pinky! Britney carried her new pal, a tiny dog, in her right hand. Get along little dogie!

The day before, the Malibu hillbilly slapped-on her "Valley of the Dolls" headband/weaveholder and popped into a tennis pro shop wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, halter top and Willy Wonka sunglasses. Will the homeless women styling Britney please identify yourselves?


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Too bad.    

why is she carrying around a pet? She should be carrying her children around, this is insane. If she was functioning as a full-time mom of two boys under 3 there is no way she would have time to chase a tea-cup pooch around! This is ridiculous, where is her family? What went wrong with this poor girl? I hope to goodness the children are getting attention and care from the nanny!

This is such a shame!

2635 days ago

run away!    

Could this trashy bitch make herself look any worse? She needs to take a glance in the mirror once in a while! Her facial expression makes her look like she escaped from an asylum! *shudders*

2635 days ago


She's kind of got that gape-mouth low IQ look going on there.

2635 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

I just don't understand her........... Does she not see what she looks like or does she not care or is she dressing like this for attention?

I feel sorry for her, as she obviously has problems.

2635 days ago



2635 days ago


She is mentally ill and needs to be hopsitalized.

2635 days ago

Kelli_Location Scout_Beachwood Canyon    

Why do you think Stylists make so much money? ANSWER: Most people do not know how to dress themselves. She's at a cross roads in her life right now, and has no privacy during this process like most of US non celebrities do. When we are depressed, we can hole-up in our homes and eat ice cream and pizza and not shower for days and nobody cares. Brittney, sweetie - go on a vision quest. Get out of LA for a few months. Lose the pink wig. Your career will be here when you get back. I found Santa Fe, NM to do the trick. Wanna go on a road trip? I'm ready!

2635 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Rebel without a cause. She's acting out now cuz she didn't have time to misbehave in her teens. She'll get through that learning curve soon enough, back to civilization. Lost soul.
Lost souls need their moms. Eventually.

2635 days ago

jennifer ramirez    

britney has some serious issues that need to be addressed through counseling. she is a train wreck she use to have a great shoulder on her head now it's like she don't know if she is coming or going half the time. unless she is really trying to make an ass out of herself.
jennifer ramirez ventura

2635 days ago


Nobody. NOBODY, feel sorry for this "woman." She`s filthy rich and she`s spending her time eating cheetos and lays. She`s seriously messed up and I actually thought she could make a comeback, y`all. Obviously she can`t and there`s nothing much we can do about it. I have advice for Ms. Britney and that is to shape up and move to South America, or something, because America might just need a break from her. I don`t know if Britney is a bad person but you rarely see her with her babies she "loves so much she gotta steal em from her mama", and when you do, they`re either upside down or driving a car (okay, I had to). This girl seems to have a problem and honestly the best thing for Ms. Spears is to take a break, move somewhere, work on her "album" and take a break. It`s messing up her head, hence the freaky pink wig. (and she needs to try eylet dresses. MUCH more figure flattering ;])

2635 days ago

dog rescuer    

God No! I just saw a picture today of Parisite with a tiny Yorkie (what happened to the tinkerbell?). When are these idiots going to learn that a dog is NOT a fashion accessory, but an animal that can live up to twenty years. It's this type of mentality that causes 3-4 million pets to be euthanized each year...
I'm sure it gets more attention then those babies, for now.......................

2635 days ago

I love u Travis    

Britney must think she still has her same body and can wear half shirts and short shorts, but she is a mother now and she should dress like one. I was rooting for britney but not anymore!

2635 days ago


I feel so sorry for the dog!! Pets and babies are NOT accessories people!

2635 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Costa - is it a threesome? R U bringing your wife?

2635 days ago


TMZ is a bunch of haters! She looks cute...X17 is the bomb

2635 days ago
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