Kim K. Keeps Backside to Herself

7/16/2007 2:35 PM PDT
Kim Kardashian has never been accused of being camera shy, but on Miami Beach this weekend, the Queen of All Booty was hesitant to show off her most precious ASSet. What gives, Tush?

She took time to adjust her bikini while facing cameras -- no backside shots here! Then, when it came time to leave the water, she had a friend bring her a towel so she could wrap herself up -- while still in the water. (Note: it was a huuuuuuge towel.) Finally, as Kim sat herself back down on her beach chair, photogs caught a brief glimpse of the Ass Seen 'Round the World. Mission accomplished!

TMZ spoke with Kim this morning and she gave us a simple explanation: "You'd cover your big ass too if everyone was taking pictures." Assk a stupid question ...