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Mel Gibson: Costa Rica Loco!

7/16/2007 6:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Actor/director/hater Mel Gibson, 51, was photographed in a bar in Nicoya, Costa Rica -- looking like he was having a swell time with the local chicas. Salud!

Mel has purchased a multi-million dollar mansion in C.R., and he was welcomed by President Oscar Arias. Mr. Gibson is said to be planning charitable contributions to the natives.

Gibson was arrested last July on suspicion of drunk driving and went on an anti-semitic tirade.


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Good for Mel! He's purported to enjoy himself and be most friendly with those who approach him. I think the man is simply a human being and that he likes to be in the company of happy people. So what if he was in a bar!! That whole ridiculous situation last year was just that - RIDICULOUS - and was totally blown out of proportion. Mel Gibson is a very talented actor and film maker and I, for one, admire his talent. As for all the "naysayers" all I can say is, " leave my Mel alone!" He will forever be my "Braveheart" and I wish him and his family much happiness in his new Costa Rican home!!!

2633 days ago


It’s always a good idea to drink water after boozing it up all night.
Him and the gals around him look like they've been "rode hard and put away wet". eww

2633 days ago

chillout music girl    

I don't think mel is a racist..
He was out of line with his anger.
I wish him happiness in life and career, beware of those hooker mel..
All kind of STDS are likely to jump on you down there.

2633 days ago


Mel's a drunk. the only difference between him and the guy sleeping on the city bench is he's rich and drunk. Oh, and he's a hypocrite, the guy on the bench..maybe not.

2633 days ago

surf dog    

Yea , Mell is hittin the local Ticas , but I bet he cant surf worth a damn ! LOL

2633 days ago

surf dog    

party on Mell !

2633 days ago



2633 days ago


So, how come Mel Gibson's anti-semitism is mentioned in every article about him, but your constant coverage of the racist Paris Hilton never mentions that?

2633 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Dearest Mel, I guess this photo means it's over.

- Ms. Feinstein, A.K.A......

2633 days ago


surf dog,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,i think the pic is a fake,, but i do love the local Ticas,,,PAVONNES, is even better.........DANNY MACK... what's up,,,he founded that spot in 74' ...longest left in the world.

2633 days ago


Ah yes - back to Mel bashing I see. What's that? Eeeeewwwww! I think I smell Harvey. Yup - That's it. Jeesh! Give it up. Mel is what he is - A GENIUS. And you MSN guys - Harvey in particular - just can't stand it. No matter how much you try to make him look bad, his talent overcomes your efforts. Here's a tip for all you Mel haters - move on. There are so many more to bash for anti-semitism - google Paris Hilton's New Years Eve party and watch and listen. If it weren't for the fact that she feeds your frenzied open purses you would be doing just that. And the fact that Mel won't even admit to your existence is what really eats away at your egos. Tsk! Tsk!

Harvey and those like you (Robs Schneider and Reiner) - moooooove on. You remind me Jackson/Sharpton crew - only your fight is with the jew haters, You know it's starting be as funny as those guys (S & J) too. Get over it - you are not talented like Mel and never will be. You might make a few bucks here and there - but what about the legacy? I'd mention a few pieces of your work except I can't think of any. I bet if you asked anyone to name at least three Gibson movies, they'd have no trouble rattling them off.

2633 days ago

Guilty of watching    

he looks old and tired.....

2633 days ago

chillout music girl    

Many people in this world are anti semitic.
People high in goverment positions as well.
I don't hold a grudge against mel.. He made a mistake and opened his mouth the wrong time. He isn't a racist.
Those hookers look HIV infected... yuck

2633 days ago


Hey Sues:

Wouldn't it be fun to trace your genealogy?!?!? I bet you would FREAK OUT!!!!

2633 days ago


Before he completely reneges on his contract he should be giving back, he still owes God either another movie or a whole lot of money,

2633 days ago
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