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Osama's Son Pissed at Wedding Reax

7/16/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When your dad is the internationally loathed terrorist Osama bin Laden, most anything you do is going to make news. But for some reason, Omar bin Laden was shocked at the media coverage of his marriage to a woman nearly twice his age. Death to the infidel media!

Little O told Saudi newspaper al-Watan that he was "stunned and outraged" by publicity surrounding his wedding to a 51-year-old grandmother. Jane Felix-Browne, who herself has been married and divorced five times, is actually bin Laden's second wife -- in addition to his first wife!

Polygamy isn't just for HBO anymore.


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Jane, Honey, Muslim men do not marry non-Muslim women who have been married 5 times. And he already has a wife? Oh, Hell to the No, No, and No. I'm sure he didn't marry you for nothing. Are you working on getting his British passport yet? You are supposed to make us older women look smart, and that ain't happenin' here. Dump him. Then go find yourself a nice young British man who treats you like a lady, and set a good example of how it's done.

2622 days ago


That picture does not look like it's looks enhanced. Did someone verify this was true???

2622 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

This was a picture of a woman and someone placed BL jrs. picture on top of it.

2622 days ago


This picture is a fake. There not sitting there together.

2622 days ago


Good looking couple. She does not look a day older than, say, 47.
Maybe this man is a good Binladin? What do we know? Most family members loath Osama.

2622 days ago


Married five times? What about that virgin thing?

2622 days ago

Cindy K    

The whole thing is very weird. The picture does look like it's been tampered with. I checked out the site where TMZ obtained the picture and read a few articles on the newest member to the bin Laden family. She stated she fell in love with him the first time they met but yet they haven't seen each other in a long time, she has been trying to get him to come visit her in Britian but as of yet hasn't been able to get him a Visa don't know why they wouldn't want him in that country. Plus he already has a wife and child but they all are ok with this marriage. Now the new bride is suppose to have MS which according to her has been made it hard for her to perform her wifely duties but then again they don't see each other so they don't even have to have sex. At one time she was in Egypt and was wanting to sell her story to the highest bidder because she needed to leave Egypt because they didn't want her there plus she was ill, she said that her husband was broke. In one of the articles it also showed the extensive amount of plastic surgery she has done so to the person who said she was a MILF well everyone could look like that if they have enough $$.

2622 days ago


Yeah, fake picture.
Look at her left knee, the way it disappears?
Fotoshopped and a bad attempt at that.

2622 days ago

chillout music girl    

The prime minister should call for an emergency meeting to discuss this.
This is dangerous to british citizens security.
Also, they need to revoke her citizenship for attempting to marry an enemy of the state.
Osama bin laden is a terrorist and this woman obviously likes terrorist & their offspring.
I guess all those millions of baby osama have lured her into that family.
I feel sorry for the victims of trains that were bombed, world trade center and other victims of terrorist.

Women like this are what enables terrorist to immigrate into western countries to carry out terrorist attacks...

May god look over us all...

2622 days ago


Muslim men cannot marry "can marry as many women as they can". They can marry only 4 women as long as they can provide for them equally. It's only the Christian polygamists that can " marry as many women as they can." Nor do they have to be virgins...if they've previously had a husband. (Oh the ignorance!)

And that pic is so photoshopped. He's on top of the woman. AND she appears to be holding a beer!!!

Is this story even real?!?! Both the photo and copy editors need to be fired.

2622 days ago

chillout music girl    

PS. Many terrorist look handsome..
That has nothing to do with public security.

The world should bann all members of the bin laden family.. creepies

2622 days ago

maybe their afraid    

Wow she didnt even get a ring out of the deal apparently.

2622 days ago

joel cymrot    

Of course he's "outraged"! All muslims are outraged. All the time. Its my fondest hope that this natural - they're -born -with -it "outrage"- will give them all heart attacks - causing thjem all to lie down and die - there- by saving all the rest of the world from having to kill the stupid "outraged" bastards one at a time! Hope I din't offend anyone...
Joel (easy-to-find) cymrot,
bend, or

2622 days ago


I'm not sure if anyone cares, but I read about this last week and the article I read off Yahoo! news said that bid Laden's son (in the picture) had not seen his father since 2000 (before the attacks) because he did not want serve in his army.
Not that I don't think this is creepy - because I definitely do. Just thought it was an interesting piece of information.

2622 days ago

Wabda H. Nicholas    

That surely looks like bottles of beer in their hands. I would like to comment that this is not news worthy. Why is this son of Bin Laden allowed freedom? Something sounds very fishy about this report and in my opinion a total waste of time.

2622 days ago
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