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Angry Spice

7/17/2007 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like he was just given a red card in an all-important soccer match, David Beckham was in a foul mood when he faced the American paparazzi last night.

TMZ cameras caught new US residents, Mr. and Mrs. Beckham, leaving The Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday evening, neither of them cracking a smile as they tried to get to their waiting SUV. His brow was furrowed, but Dave still looked pretty hot with his bright red cardigan and tie, and Posh looked, well, like Posh.

The couple met for dinner with Posh's co-Spice Girl, Mel B aka Scary Spice, who actually showed her pearly whites to the snapping paps.


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I love Posh! I watched her show last night and she is so cute and funny! And no matter what anyone says this couple is freakin amazingly hot!


2623 days ago


OMG i'M FIRST YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2623 days ago


Notice how Posh made sure she took extra care so as NOT to expose herself as she was getting in the car?? Brit Brit, Paris and Lindsay could take a lesson in etiquette from her. And how did Becks get an American drivers license so quickly? ;)

2623 days ago


If not for money and fame, this marriage would have dissolved eons ago. The fugly Victoria would have left all the cheating but all that money is quite an incentive to stick around, especially since Victoria is such an attention-wh#re. If not for her husband, Victoria would have no attention at all. David knows how much a divorce will cost him. I suppose they actually believe their own PR machine, that they are now American "royalty." Sorry, Beckhams, you are just a freak show. I am still aghast over those cheesy, tacky photos of Vicotia and David in their underwear. Victoria apparently wears big ugly cotton undies and David looked like a gay porn model. And Victoria claims they are "private," yet she swings her legs wide to show us her God-awful panty crotch in Paris Hilton style. At least Victoria's big cotton panties covered evberything up to her neck, LOL. Who wears underwear like that anymore, LOL.

2623 days ago


Yuk. I thought we just celebrated Independence Day as a testament to no longer having to care about English people. Surprise TMZ! Other than people wanting to sleep with them, they offer ZERO to America. Posh can't sing and looks like Olive Oyl with implants. And NO ONE in the US will ever care that much about Soccer. PLUS Beckham has maybe a little over 5 years left to be dominant, maybe less? Wait is he even dominant now? Thanks TMZZZ for making my morning go by SLOWLY.

2623 days ago


If I wz a celebrity & all those paps waiting for me,
I wouldn't be smiling either!

There should B an ordinance that paps stand
at least 20' away, so celebs can at least get in
their damn car-

2623 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

They are the most BEAUTIFUL couple i have EVER seen!!!!!!!!! The 3 little boys r beautiful too.

2623 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

He looks real happy to be in the USA. They are both arrogant and ignorant. Should be deported.

2623 days ago


Hey Susan, KMart is having a sale on lives. Get one fast.

2623 days ago


Welcome to america!!!!!!!!

By the way, Haven't they been here for a few months now?
I guess thier welcome is wearing off

2623 days ago


I have to admit, I watched the Victoria Beckham special on NBC last night and I actually liked it. She is not what I expected. She is actually funny and seems like a down to earth person. The show was hilarious and I do agree with a previous post (M), Brit, Paris, Lindsey, etc. could learn quite a lot from Victoria.

2623 days ago



2623 days ago


thanks, ab.
I missed the show, and was wondering
if anybody else had seen it. She surprised me on
Jay Leno the other night --seemed surprisingly
pleasant. She's got a beautiful smile, & needs
to show it more!

2623 days ago


I did watch the show last night and actually liked it. She appeared normal [despite the fake boobs, nails, hair, etc.]. I kinda wish it would become a reality show and not just this one time tv appearance. I don't think she is all that beautiful but she was funny and didn't mind poking fun at herself. Her boys are beautiful and her husband's tattoos are gross. What is that tattoo she herself has running down her spine? She is majorly money hungry and materialistic so she will fit right into this LA lifestyle. ME

2623 days ago


the show was freakin amazinngg! LOVE IT! :D

2623 days ago
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