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Benoit Had Steroids in His System

7/17/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says steroids were found in the body of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and young son last month before hanging himself.

Benoit's wife Nancy had "therapeutic levels" of Xanax and hydrocodone -- a generic Vicodin -- in her system when she died.

Investigators said they did find extremely elevated levels of testosterone in his bloodstream -- enough to say that Benoit was using the hormone when he died. They claim this is evidence that the wrestler was injecting himself with the steroid.


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The Theorist    

Was it murder -suicide or triple homicide? Decide for yourself at:


2599 days ago


Tragedy, what the wife and child went through all those years and what he went through trying to make a buck, all about all that money and what we will do to get it.
The scientists and so-called professionals have no idea what is past their little brains, they have no idea what drugs, steroids, etc. will do coupling that with a violent lifestyle and this is what you get in the extreme cases.
The brain, metabolism, the body are all complicated circuitry that when short circuited with drugs will malfunction and lead to severe depression, suicide, rage and killing-violent acts.
Time to wake up America, the world, stop believeing the so called professionals when they have no idea what they are talking about. Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Counselors and the like all should and must be held accountable for pushing drugs on an unwary public then; when something like this happens thay all run and hide behind their hypocratic oath and their professional opinions which do not add up too a hill of beans. They are hypocrrits! When we start taking the real culprits to task in all these senseless deaths then and only then will we be making a stab at the root causes of mental illness and putting a stop to the so called legal pushers that are killing and destroying people around the world.
We should be outraged wh t Doctors, the WWE or whatever you call it, violence, illegal drug use, prosecute them all to the fullest extent of the law, place the blame where it truly belongs.
Case after case after case, Anna Nicole Smith along with Howard Stern and Dr. E.just look at that case, two deaths, drugs and money. The lady that drowned her five children in the tub suffering from post-partum depression, supposedly being treated with psychotic drugs prescribed by so called professionals. Are their any Doctors serving time for these crimes along with the people they drugged up? Not one!
WAKE UP!!!!!

Posted at 7:57AM on Jul 18th 2007 by GordonR

2599 days ago

death on a cracker    

this is what you call a straight up LIE. im ashamed that people actually believe this garbage. its the buzz of the day people... no "steroids" were found in Benoits body... i would love to see a national apology from all news stations that jumped on the buzz word bandwagon... sadly that wont happen as they have moved onto another buzz. you people should be ashamed of yourself for believing everything you hear and read without research...

2599 days ago

Mr. Bate    

You have got to be kidding! Why do these golfers never learn?

1460 days ago
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