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Britney Hosts LAX Happening

7/17/2007 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From trainwreck to party hostess! Britney Spears, mother of two, has been tapped to host the opening party of the Las Vegas branch of LAX nightclub, say club sources. Party on, lil' mama!

Set to open at the pyramid-shaped Luxor at the end of August, LAX is owned, in part, by Nicole Richie's ex DJ AM, and mom-to-be Christina Aguilera. Get ready for a hoedown, y'all!


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More like Big Mamma.

2634 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Looks like a man with boobs.

2634 days ago


Im so sick of this no talent, skank

2634 days ago

solid snake    

just looking at that THING makes my eyes NEEDS TO DIE!!!!!!

2634 days ago

chillout music girl    

She must be really wanting some attention
Go home and get some rest Brit...

2634 days ago


El Skanko-
Does she own a mirror?

2634 days ago

in the know    

Why must you people show your lack of intelligence by repeating the same four words to describe Britney. Expand your vocabulary .... Any one who is using the word skank to describe a total stranger apparently is no better than the person they are describing. If you are so tired of her, stop posting comments and they will stop posting stories about her. Every time you comment they post another story. See how that works?

2634 days ago

J Doe    

christina aguilera and dj am are co-owner of lax...she is raking in BIG BUCKS -KA CHING-

It will be verrrrrrrrrrry interesting to watch christina's belly grow, i thinks will no doubt take after gwen stefani's style in her pregnancy and gwen looked AMAZING !


i think christina will end up far richer in family, wealth,stability and career than britney.
shelly must be over the moon at the news.

christina has a good head on her shoulders

2634 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

The only person I saw do a hoe down was Ashley Simpson, who tried to do some "hoe down" dance step when she was caught lip synching on Saturday Night Live.

Britney hasn't done any hoe downs, square dancing, clogging, or two-stepping that I've seen. And TMZ, stop with the y'alls. You sound dumb. Southerners use "y'all" in place of "you all," just as you yankees use "youse guys." At least ours is a grammatically correct contraction while that northern version is simply a mispronunciation. And we don't just tack on "y'all's" willy nilly but use them as part of a sentence. Smarten up. You are supposed to be writers, after all, not idiots.

Real life moves on despite TMZ and idiotic comments on these blogs. Britney Spears will have her life and it will be of her own creation. Go suck an egg, y'all.

2634 days ago

J Doe    

britney will be there..but it will be interesting to see if christina aguilera will show up.

britney and christina under same roof for one night....

2634 days ago

Live from Ottawa    

Well, well, well! Would you look at THAT. There's actually an intellectual comment made, not about this story, but about the comments posted. May I publicly congratulate the poster known as "in the know" for his (her) previous posting. By making condescending, rude, offensive and aggressive comments, you people are creating a continuing market for TMZ and other similar "online fan magazines". Here's the reverse equation; No Comments=No Interest=No Market=No Business. Just something to think about. And another I ever glad I'm not a celebrity. They couldn't pay me enough to put up with all the fanatics, paparazzi and hurtful attacks.

2634 days ago


Skank skank skank skank skank skank

2634 days ago

ru kiddin me    

thanks for the laughs solid snake and fridgee......can you hear that train comin' around the bend...... : )

2634 days ago


Must be nice to be able to afford Nannys to raise your kids for you. If she can't be bothered to stay home and look after them, then she should have swallowed.

2634 days ago


Look! Mama can chew gum and mouth-breathe at the same time!!!

Like when she lip-synched and chewed gum

2634 days ago
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