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Hayden Coy at Koi

7/17/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's hot, she's young (underage) and she's out on the town! Cameras caught teen hottie Hayden Panettiere in La La Land, arriving at Koi with a few gal pals. After her meal, Hayden sneaked out the back entrance. Only 35 more days until Miss Thang turns 18 ... but who's counting?!

As lanky Lukas Haas left Hyde, he revealed that he's working on his first album. The 6'1" toothpick also plays drums and piano for The Rogues.

Amy Smart strolled out of Il Sole with a number of gentlemen, hopped into the passenger seat of a Volvo, which nearly hit a paparazzo who was snapping away in the middle of the street. Honk!

In the 212, Lance Bass and Michelle Rodriquez partied at Butter. Scientolostar Danny Masterson left Butter with an almost unrecognizable blonde Oscar winner -- Miss Anna Paquin.

All of this and more in today's "I'll make that a combo" Star Catcher!


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tmz's writers act like they are going to bed with her on her 18th bday. what a joke!

2621 days ago

BOEING 787    

Hyden is only seventeen and yet she already parties like Lindsay, I am sure she
is going to rehab real soon.

2621 days ago


Stop stalking the child and doing your creepy little count down, pedofiles!

2621 days ago


Pedophiles? LOL, Hayden has been selling herself for years. She seeks all this attention by dressing for it and acting like a slut when she is out. Didn't you see that photo of Hayden allowing some guy to put his hand into her crotch for a little peek at Venice Beach? And Hayden was so loving it. This poor giu probably didn't know she was jail-bait and he is photographed all over Hayden's crotch! Put the blame where it belongs, on Hayden, for acting like she is out looking for action. She's the next Paris/Lindsay casualty of the club crowd and her parents don't seem to be giving her any decent guidance.

2621 days ago


Xander, if you are talking about the pic TMZ posted, put on some glasses, my dear. Look very closely he was touching her fingers. QUE HORROR!!! What a skank to let him touch her fingers! Trust me, I looked twice myself to make sure because that angle the pic was from did make it look like he was touching her crotch. I don't care how she dresses, the count down is still creepy.

2621 days ago


Chubby, plain-faced, short and boring......enough with Hayden already!!

2620 days ago


Again here is another child star heading down the wrong road. This girl is a minor and has no reason to be out at clubs. Why arent her parents stepping in? Because they dont want to lose the money train when she turns 18. In real life if my 17 year old daughter is dating a 20 something man.. Im calling the police. Why are the club owners allowing children into their clubs knowing they are breaking laws and why isnt someone doing anything about it. Its the money plain and simple. In her defense, she is not fat. She actually looks heathy, unlike the other hollywood girls that look like they puke after each meal.

2620 days ago

Geno's World    

Countdown second by second to Hayden's birthday at Hayden's Countdown. Will she become a nice adult or just go to crap like Brit & Paris?????

2620 days ago


Here's to hoping that Danny is rid of Bijou! YAY! We All love you and support you Danny! You DESERVE much better!

2620 days ago


I like her on Heroes but I think if I went to school with her she would be such a bitch. She just looks like a total bitch. and I am short but she looks shorter then me lol

2620 days ago


When men reach a certain age they think anything young is hot. Their standards go way down when they get around 40.

2620 days ago


lol #26 is soo right!!!

2620 days ago


I think she is hot, and I am 18. WTF.

2620 days ago


Hey 21, if we have to look "CLOSELY" to see what was going on with that dudes fingers in Hayden's bathing suit, they should be more careful of how they play show and tell. I looked "closely" at that photo and it still looked like they were getting it on and sure didn't look like they were playing with each other's fingers, LOL, xander was 100% right and you are just lame, 21, trying to make excuses for a 17 year old skank. Looked like a groping session and it looked like Hayden was ready for what comes next. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so no matter how you try to spin that photo, 21, it wall still just look like Hayden and that dude were getting it on on a beach. Go try your PR spin on Lindsay Lohan, isn't going to fly for Hayden. Oh, and they don't need a countdown for Hayden, she is out there clubbing around just like she is already 21. What's creepy are parents who don't care that their teen daughter has been acting like she's 21 for a long time. Countdown, WTF for?

2620 days ago


You beyotchs are just jealous of this girl's success. Quit hating on this girl and go eat another jelly donut to stuff your ugly fat faces. You aren't her parents either. Who left and made you her mouthpieces? FO.

2620 days ago
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