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Michael Vick

Busted for Illegal Dogfighting

7/17/2007 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_vick_bn_getty-1It's dog days for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and others, after being indicted today on federal charges related to illegal dogfighting.

Vick was charged with illegal competitive dogfighting, which involves training pit bulls to fight against other dogs. When authorities searched Vick's property this month, they found 54 pit bulls and a host of brutal items including a "rape stand," used to hold dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified for dogs and a bloodied piece of carpeting.

Graves of seven pit bulls were found inside "Bad Newz Kennels," a Virginia property owned by Vick. The dogs were allegedly killed after testing whether they would be good fighters. According to documents, dogfights would end when one dog died or backed down, and dogs were sometimes put to death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gunshot, electrocution or some other method.

The indictment alleges that Vick and his co-defendants began sponsoring dogfights in early 2001, the former Virginia Tech star's rookie year with the Falcons.


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Peg Jones    

We are hugh NFL fans and we truly hope they will remove this animal from their ranks. Color has no bearing. We only hope his punishment includes the same torture he inflicted on those poor creatures. May he and the others involved burn in hell.

2591 days ago



I get what you are saying. TMZ tries to be salacious at all times so THEY mentioned the rape stick as well as saying the property was raided today which is totally untrue. Hopefully people no better than to get real news from TMZ and actually read the story elsewhere. That being said TMZ would have amped up the story no matter who was involved. They don't care about race from what I see.

2591 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Why Vick why? You have so much. You have more money than most can dream of? You are a professional football player. Most can only dream of having what you have. You need serious help. How could you be so cruel and heartless? You just threw away your whole life and you deserve whats coming to you. If you ever set foot in a stadium again you will be booed where ever you go. We will never let you forget what you did.

2591 days ago


I pray that find everyone else that was involved in this heinous crime and stick them in prision for a long long time. People like this dont deserve to be out on the streets and they dont deserve to be alive... They should be put to death and their bodies tossed out to sea

2591 days ago

Lenn K.    

#157, You are right it's about race, well do you feel better. That's what Al and Jessie told you how to react. The new slavery is based on whinning and complaining about everything that involves a black person. Have you ever noticed that Jews had the holocaust, and the funny thing they may talk about it, but they don't complain and get their women pregnant and leave them, sell drugs on the corner, commit crimes, and always blame the Germans for all their problems. Jessie and Al have done a great job of screwing their own people over and voting democrat has also made blacks the biggest suckers, because the liberals have done only one thing for blacks kept them slaves to welfare and despair!!!!!

2591 days ago

she looks like her son    

May you burn in hell Mr. VIck for the tortue and murder of creatures that cannot speak for themselves. There is a very special place for people like you.

How dare someone say this is because he is black. This abuse and murder knows no color of skin.

I hope the NFL cancels his contract and moreso I hope he goes to jail for a long time. You will get yours Vick - karma is a bitch.

2591 days ago


Honey fried chicken is an MD..

Masterbating Dingbat..

2591 days ago


May you rot in hell for being so cruel and inhumane!

2591 days ago


Honkey you're no more an MD than I am a member of the Supreme Court! Please, just go away, no one cares about your opinions on race you little twit. We're trying to have a discussion on the ISSUE. To wit: animal cruelty by an NFL player. Now let the adults talk, go back to nick at night. It's more fitting for one of your limited intellectual abilities.

2591 days ago


They should put him in a room and let one of his tortured pit bulls rip his face off and then shoot him and throw him in a grave half dead and close it.
Shame on all you blacks and whites for mentioning the race card. This is about animal cruelty and ignorance. RIP to all the dogs involved. Kim

2591 days ago


The Atlanta Falcons issued the following statement regarding the U.S. District Court indictment of Falcons QB Michael Vick Tuesday evening:

"This situation has been troubling to many people, including our fans, during the last few months. With today’s news, our club and team will continue to be tested as Michael works through the legal process toward a conclusion.

We are disappointed that one of our players – and therefore the Falcons – is being presented to the public in a negative way, and we apologize to our fans and the community for that.

Obviously, we are disturbed by today’s news from Virginia. However, we are prepared to deal with it, and we will do the right thing for our club as the legal process plays out. We have a season to prepare for and training camp opens next week. Our plan is to continue to do everything we can to support our players and coaches."

2591 days ago

Former Consultant    

HonkeyFriedChicken, you make me sick. The "rape stand" is referred to as a "rape stand" in the dog fighting/breeding world, you sick SOB. Calling it a "rape stand" has nothing to do with Vick's race. I was so sickened by these stories (not read or heard of first on TMZ but on credible news sites and news broadcasts), I could not even listen to the whole story.

If the NFL does not ban Vick from football, I will have no problem never watching NFL games again.

Vick should be tied to his own "rape stand" and mauled to death by his own dogs with his genalties being chewed off first! This guy is one sick mother who deserves everything these poor, innocent dogs experienced and times ten!

HoneyFriedChicken---your brain, soul and heart is what is fried!

2591 days ago


PLEASE: take the time to log on to the NFL's Website and send a message to them. Maybe if enough people complain this pathetic waste of life will lose his job. Regardless of his outcome in court, he'll be jobless. People who abuse animals are the lowest form of life. He needs to be shot; I'd pay good money to see this motherXXXXer and his loser friends tortured in the same fashion as these innocent dogs.

2591 days ago


Vick is obviously a monster and a sociopath with no conscience whatsoever. What makes his case so much worse than the other lowlifes who fight dogs is that he didn't do it for the money, but apparently for the fun of it. Doesn't get much sicker than that. And to think that kids idolized this loser. Hopefully he'll be booted from the Falcons and put in prison where he can be someone's "bitch" for a few years. Now that's what I call justice.

2591 days ago


What a sick bastard! I hope he burns in hell. I wish someone would torture him in the same manner.

2591 days ago
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