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Michael Vick

Busted for Illegal Dogfighting

7/17/2007 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_vick_bn_getty-1It's dog days for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and others, after being indicted today on federal charges related to illegal dogfighting.

Vick was charged with illegal competitive dogfighting, which involves training pit bulls to fight against other dogs. When authorities searched Vick's property this month, they found 54 pit bulls and a host of brutal items including a "rape stand," used to hold dogs in place for mating; an electric treadmill modified for dogs and a bloodied piece of carpeting.

Graves of seven pit bulls were found inside "Bad Newz Kennels," a Virginia property owned by Vick. The dogs were allegedly killed after testing whether they would be good fighters. According to documents, dogfights would end when one dog died or backed down, and dogs were sometimes put to death by drowning, strangulation, hanging, gunshot, electrocution or some other method.

The indictment alleges that Vick and his co-defendants began sponsoring dogfights in early 2001, the former Virginia Tech star's rookie year with the Falcons.


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It is in everybody's interest to seek those [actions] that lead to happiness and avoid those which lead to suffering. And because our interests are inextricably linked, we are compelled to accept ethics as the indispensable interface between my desire to be happy and yours.

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

2593 days ago


"21. Who do we call, write and email to demand he be kicked out of the NFL?"
The NFL:

2593 days ago


If Michael Vick needs money let's all bet on how many can throw a football up his nose holes....What a rotton guy.........I say lets put him in a cage with all of his dogs and watch him cry like the baby he is.....So a sorry excuse for a REAL MAN.

2593 days ago

James Opiko    

So, what about Oriental Asians who butcher dogs for meat?

2593 days ago


James Opiko

I do NOT approve of slaughtering dogs for meat. (shudder) But at the very least in Asia it's for food, not torturing them for sadistic pleasure.

2593 days ago


2593 days ago


History has shown us that those who torture and kill animals are also abusive with people. I hope someone is taking a good look at his relationships with his family. I certainly wouldn't have anyone I hold dear come within 100 miles of him.
Dog Fighting is torture and torture is "Evil".
These are God's creatures --- and God don't like ugly.

2593 days ago


Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels are two players from the Washington Redskins. Apparently, these two are defending Michael Vick and believe dog fighting is not a crime:

"I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not,” Portis said. “But it’s his property; it’s his dogs. If that’s what he wants to do, do it."

Portis said dog fighting is a “prevalent” part of life."

Portis: “I know a lot of back roads that got a dog fight if you want to go see it. But they’re not bothering those people because those people are not big names. I’m sure there’s some police got some dogs that are fighting them, some judges got dogs and everything else.”‘

2593 days ago


Lets just focus on our goal........... Anyone, who tortures animals, needs to be put away till they realise they need to get help.
This millionaire, icon and cash crop for NIKE needs to be dealt with.
This guy should be so happy that he is in a position to do so much good in the world. He should not deal in dog killing. Something is not right and that should be dealt with

2593 days ago


Sign the Petition Against Dogfighting

It took less time signing the petition than to post on this blog. This site is great to express opinions, but will not stop animal cruelty. Take action-please click on the url above.

2593 days ago

fan no more    

At some folks out there get it .. taken from Peter King's SI story:

"In light of the seriousness of the charges, I believe that Mr. Vick should be suspended from the league, effective immediately.''
-- Former Democratic presidential nominee and current Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, in a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

"My 7-year-old [Danielle] loves animals. We were out shopping for a dog. We were in the car, and I can't listen to sports radio anymore because she heard how they drowned and electrocuted some animals. I looked back there at a red light and she had tears in her eyes. She said, 'I don't understand why somebody would drown a dog.' Now I had to explain it as a parent. I said that sometimes people do stuff that is so terrible that you've got to offset that guy by doing something good. She just kept wiping her tears. She was really bothered by it. It's a stupid thing to do, obviously. But these guys get so arrogant, they don't think about it. You got $30 million, $40 million in the bank, they're on top of the world, no remorse and no one can stop them.''
-- Former Green Bay safety LeRoy Butler, in an interview with Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

2592 days ago


Thank God for LeRoy Butler. He isn't trying to use race as a distraction.
His child's tears tell the real story.

It's a horrific blood lust that drives people to do this.

2592 days ago


I'm not going to go the the defense of Pit Bulls, even though I keep hearing how sweet they are. They are too unpredictible as a result of people like Sick Vick. One of the worse things to come out of this, besides the brutal torture of these innocent creatures, is the race divide once again. Everybody suffers.

2592 days ago


TMZ should ask every entertainer that they interview - what that entertainer thinks should happen to Vick.
Example " should Vick be banned from the NFL for life?
would like to see their reactions since they speak out on so many causes.
Like ask Oprah??

2592 days ago


Declare open season on Michael Vick and hunt him down...find out where he lives and picket the house....if he shows his sorry ass...put a bullet between his he did with the innocent dogs he slaughtered...then feed him to the pigs. Include all his 'gangsta' buddies to, the hangeron's...herd them all up...where is Oprah and Bill Cosby......

2592 days ago
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