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Crotch-Block It Like Beckham

7/18/2007 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that they've settled in L.A., there's one aspect of American celebrity that Posh & Becks just won't tolerate -- the ubiquitous pantyless crotch shot! Sideways smile for the camera!

With his wife sporting one of her typical too-tight-to-sit-down dresses, David came to Posh's aid by using his hand to cover up her spicy lady parts from the prying eyes of paps. Hey, it's Victoria's secret!

If only Paris, Britney and Lindsay had a hunky blonde soccer stud to guard their goal posts! Score!


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I can't help it!    

Posh and Becks thank you for showing consideration for each other. How nice David is to take care his wife is not inadvertently exposed.

So far, no drunken escapades, nightly club jaunts, car crashes, etc. That's refreshing.

LOVED the NBC show. She looks great, has a wonderful self-deprecating manner, (it's work being that fabulous!) and seems to love her family.

Hey you two, give us American's time. Give back some of what you've been given. Make being "celeb" something good!

2653 days ago

Never inked up!    

Hey Happy to be me-

Don't apolgize for me! What is so classy about these two? Give me a break! They are no different than any of the Hollywood goof balls they will soon be hangin' out with!

She has already insulted us with her comment on how we dress. I'm sure she is pissed they have thoughts of getting rid of her show for lack of viewers. I'm glad no one cares.

He is a big fat cheater and she is the moron who stays with him inspite of this MAJOR flaw. Next we will see pictures of him doin' some other bimbo on the internet and it will be poor Posh the dippy spice.

Just because you are English by no means does it mean you are respectable.

2653 days ago

who cares    

Class? class is dressing like a lady, not a two bit slut that shows her WHO WHO when gettin out of a car.Dress like a lady not a slut, oh I forgot you are a slut

2653 days ago


thats funny........i thought her show did great on ratings, at least thats what i read.......

anyways, maybe all of the haters on here should get a life. Just because they got money and are beyond happy together, that doesn't give anyone the right to say such disrespectful things. that makes you even worse then the people you were talking about in the first place. Idiots.

2653 days ago


Love it! Shows her & her mans CLASS!! I wish he was my handsome hero!! now thats "MAJOR" love VB she rocks!

2653 days ago


That scratch and sniff sounds like a good idea, but your forgot taste. Yum!!!

2653 days ago

Hot Carl    

Camilla - you are a f-in moron....

"he came to America to play soccer? There isn't even a national league!"

Actually there is... and the Galaxy is paying him something like $250 million...

THAT is why they moved... idiot...

Leave em be... You don't get a $250 million offer to play soccer if you havn't busted your a$$... And so what if Posh does nothing... thats what a wife is supposed to do when her husband makes 1/4 a BILLION dollars...

bunch a haters!

2653 days ago


Classy-this cou[le is far from that. Attention! Attention!! that is, what they want.
She is ugly, anorexic bitch. Who cares about het????

2653 days ago


So cute David. Way to go!

2653 days ago


Hey #35 I always put my hand between my wife's legs when she gets out of the car :) Some times my finger slips. oops

2653 days ago

Michelle LL    

I'm beginning to like them more and more. On her show the other night, I noticed that she made sure that she was always covered. Once when wearing her bathing suit and another time while she was kneeling on the floor looking for something. I don't think we'll be seeing nasty nasty stuff from Victoria B. I think the usual nasties could take a lesson from them. Yes, I call that class.

2653 days ago


LOLOLOL, welcome to America Posh, show us your goods baby!

2653 days ago

Dawn Day    

Nobody wants to see her 'wings' anyway!

She looks like she's perpetually on the rag!!

2653 days ago


I actually think that's really sweet! Although it looks like softcore porn.

2653 days ago


you sorry ass phodogs have no shame!

2653 days ago
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