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Dourdan's B.S. Statement

7/18/2007 8:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary DourdanStill too pissed off to speak with TMZ, Gary Dourdan's reps released (to another media outlet) a sorry excuse for an official explanation of Dourdan's vicious attack on a TMZ cameraman last night.

Despite video evidence of Dourdan beating and then chasing our photographer, the coward's people blamed TMZ, saying, "Gary has always been respectful of the media and the paparazzi but also values his privacy. It's our belief that this is a minor incident exaggerated by an eager paparazzo in order to create a story."

Sure, our photog was eager to have his head repeatedly slammed into the ground. Watch the video again -- it speaks for itself.


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People are funny. These folks want to be famous, but they want to walk down the street and expect the world will simply ignore the celebritism they craved when they were nobody. So, you have imbiciles that think its ok to get off a motorcycle and attack a guy who is filming. Hate to tell all the Einsteins don't have a right to proactively whack someone, whether they are filming you or not. Don't bother the rich guy....he wants to be famous on his own terms.

If you don't want the attention, avoid being a celeb. And when you're nobody, you'll wish you had photogs following you down the street. Celebs these days are total jerks.

2661 days ago


First of all TMZ is blowing this way out of proportion. It wasn't as bad as this site makes it out to be. Secondly, the photog deserved what he got. For cripes sake, I'm really getting sick and tired of all this "celeb" crap on the internet and it's the damn paps that keep washed up has-been hacks in our faces. Thirdly, if I was a celeb, I'd trash any TMZ puke that got in my face. That would be notice to the rest of those idiots.

2661 days ago

Give cool a break    

Cat fight story and video was sooo much better

2661 days ago

Got A Life    

TMZ you reap what you sow - looks good on your stalkerazzi's.

2661 days ago


Damm, give it a rest TMZ...Your photog got punked...Now what?

2661 days ago


I hope the photog sues that out of control prick for all he's got. There's no excuse for aggravated battery. These "celebrities" crave attention, but only when they feel like it?? Uh no, doesn't work that way.
What a prick.
And for those of you ragging on TMZ, you like the site enough to be on here 24/7 so shut the f*** up already. The "I'm only on here because" excuse? Yeah right, we're buying that. Morons.

2661 days ago

I love this guy    

Oh come on... TMZ amoung other paparazzi stalk celbs day and night, you guys had this coming. Go Gary!

2661 days ago

are you new?    

LMAO tell us how you really feel Kacey

2661 days ago

Danielle Turchiano    

So he attacked you physically, grow up and be men and admit you probably deserved it. You attack celebrities more and less famous than Gary everyday with probing lenses, microphones, and verbal shouts from outside restaurants, shopping centers, gyms, etc, and quite a few times when they're with their kids. That's not cool, and you should be thankful what he did doesn't happen more often. Stick with the people who want you around-- like Jennifer Love Hewitt!

2661 days ago


yeah, sorry. seems like an exaggerated story to me tmz. i'm not feeling sorry for this "attack". the video evidence is crappy. it's quiet and you can hardly understand what gary is saying. i didn't hear an attack on the guy.

2661 days ago


way to go Gary!!! all papparazzi deserve a good ass beating

2661 days ago


there is no evidence of the fight at all. What are you guys talking about

2661 days ago

just me    

I waited to get home from work to see THIS?! There's nothing more to Garygate than him getting pissed that the photog wouldn't turn off the damn camera. So he got smacked around a little ... I didn't see a single thing that made me think someone was getting their head repeatedly slammed into the ground. Did Gary shove 'em? Probably. Beat the living crap out of him? Doubt it. C'mon TMZ ... this is nothing but crap. I don't give a rip about Gary one way or the other, I'm just sayin' ... this was made out to be way more than what it really was, I believe.

2661 days ago

embarassed coon ass    

Well, there's another celebrity that obviously thinks WAAAAAAY too much of himself. Let's see how he feels after a few days in county lock up. Start out with a COMPLETE strip search. He must've been on drugs and could be hiding them ANYWHERE!

2661 days ago


Yo TMZ, Your freakin Video doesn't actually show anything! I doesn't show anyone's head getting smashed into anything. We just hear your photog talking into the camera (which he says is broken, ya right, he just did all that to dramatize the story a bunch) like a little girl. geeeeezzzzzzz, TMZ, I had mad respect for you, but lately, you have become a sleazy site, sleasy photogs. It's sad, I liked you becasue the stars liked you, but now your becoming just like the rest of all the sleazy guys out there. And this just tops it off. I don't even know who this so called 'star' is or even care about his work. But come on, now your defending your little photog that is acting like a little whinny girl. PerezHilton is starting to get more creadibility than you, and that is sad!

2661 days ago
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