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Dourdan's B.S. Statement

7/18/2007 8:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary DourdanStill too pissed off to speak with TMZ, Gary Dourdan's reps released (to another media outlet) a sorry excuse for an official explanation of Dourdan's vicious attack on a TMZ cameraman last night.

Despite video evidence of Dourdan beating and then chasing our photographer, the coward's people blamed TMZ, saying, "Gary has always been respectful of the media and the paparazzi but also values his privacy. It's our belief that this is a minor incident exaggerated by an eager paparazzo in order to create a story."

Sure, our photog was eager to have his head repeatedly slammed into the ground. Watch the video again -- it speaks for itself.


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Oh now that P.O.S. wants damage control?? Too late!!!

2621 days ago


TMZ is being absolutely ridiculous and juvenile. Gary Dourdan strikes me as a decent fellow. In one of TMZ's own video clips, Gary asks numerous times for the photographer to turn off the video camera, and the pap says 'it's off' when clearly we can see - and presumably Gary could too - that it's still on. Keep going with this stupid character assassination non-story and I will certainly go elsewhere for my little hit of what's supposed to be 'fun' entertainment news. I don't want to be part of a system wherein people are constantly stalked - at a club or wherever - and badgered. This guy flies under the radar most of the time, seems a decent guy, and I don't blame him for getting tired of the B.S. As with any person, sometimes you just want to be left alone, go about your life and not have it be filled with shouts, flashbulbs and crazy crowds. Just because you are an actor, doesn't mean you give up your right to be treated with common courtesy and respect. And Mr. Dourdan doesn't seem to court attention like the many shallow little bimbos in H-wood. Keep your head up, Gary!

2621 days ago


A sneak preview reveals that Harry Potter has had a sex change operation and will now be known as Harriet Porter. The boy wizard was seen sporting quite a rack when he/she met Paris Hilton at an undisclosed Starbucks. J.K. Rowling, the latest Billionaire, said she will help the poor with all her money OR write more books about Harriet and Old Age Pensions.

2621 days ago


I saw Harvey Levin making out with Perez Hilton last night. I have a blurry video and then it goes black, but you can hear me saying that I am seeing Harvey with Perez.

2621 days ago

Mad as Hell    

So, Lady_Moxie, you say that Gary Dourdan strikes you "as a decent fellow" ...?

Hello!!!! He was convicted of assaulting his former real-life girlfriend (2005).

Is that what constitutes a real -- and decent -- man to you?

2621 days ago

Howard K Stern    

Who is this again? O well, I never did like Lenny Kravitz anyway

2621 days ago


Sorry, TMZ, but I watched the entire thing, and it looks (and sounds) to me like the camera man got exactly what he deserved. Jeez, how many times does a person have to say, "Turn it off" before he is taken seriously.
TMZ: You asked for it, you got it. Stop whining.
Gary: Bravo to you for not letting it go.

2621 days ago


good one investigative reporter. yeah as a woman I would have to agree that women beaters are some of the most "decent" people I know.
What the hell is with these freaks who think assaulting people is O.K.? I'll bet if it were their face getting smacked into the pavement they might sing a somewhat different tune.
Wonder how many other people this "decent" fellow has assaulted/battered?
I hope this photographer ends up with everything this loser owns.

2621 days ago

just me    

Folks, contrary to the opinion of so many here, you can be sure that Gary Dourdan is not special as he and some here suppose him to be. He has no special right to privacy when he is in public or in public view. It is every citizen's right to photograph anyone who is in public view on public streets, public sidewalks, public parks, public beaches and such places where a person does not have a "reasonable expectation of privacy," such as a public restroom or a public beach bathhouse. So says the United States Supreme Court in court opinions and orders in interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. Neither Dourdan nor any other persons who suppose themselves to be special is an exception. The photog did not provoke this attack. Imagining himself to be special and to have special rights, Gary Dourdan and no other is the provoker. In his own vain and conceited thinking, imagining himself to have a special rank on a roster of social distinctions, he fomented and inflamed himself to attack this unfortunate person who did nothing more than cross the path of a violent person who has an ugly temper. I think Dourdan has mental issues that could have caused him to do much worse than he did in this incident. The next person who may become the target of his vain imaginations, ugly temper and violent rage may not fare as well as this victim did.

2620 days ago


Justing Timberlake said he wa bringing "Sexy" back.. Well, I'm glad to see Dourdan bring "Beat a jackass Pap" back. America's black Sean Penn...that's what I'm talkin bout!!!
Watch out "TM-Sleezy", you better send yo girls t the gym so we don't have to listen to them scream on tape like little sissy's. Ha!

2620 days ago

Jeremie Miller    

It seems the majority agrees that no sympathy is deserved. In my opinion it's a shame that the famous have to tip toe around these stalkers who terrorize their targets, for what? I wonder if it's possible to restrict these terrorists with cameras from coming within a certain distance of their victims? With todays technology why is it necessary to impose themselves by getting too close for comfort?

It also seems to me that there is a totalitarian interpretation of our Constitutional rights to certain freedoms by these terrorists. Here is an amusing thought... Would Mr. Dourdan have been accused of assault if he had a camera in his hand while following the terrorist? hmmmm.....Think about it.

2620 days ago


#160 - Bodo
Good post, I agree 100.
It was a public sidwalk and you can't pick and choose because of vanity who gets the photo and who does not out in the public. Gary was acting paranoid and could have just left, We wouldnt know who he was, we do now and not in a good way so he caused his own bad PR.
That was his reason for not liking TMZ . Brillant move, The so very important nobody needs to leave acting and get all the private he wants.

2620 days ago


What are you people who are ok with Mr Important's behavior doing on TMZ? he made it clear he hated TMZ didn't like the site which mean it's bloggers who number in the thousands.
Gary has his damage control on here, Neanderthals threatening and scraping knuckles excited over violence. Wont do nothing for his future but reinforce his low level of importance. He still is no one special. Just some jerk in a helmet needing to get some aggression out. He dose not like TMZ because they put captions on the photos he didn't like, well I have never seen one of him until day before yesterday!. What was he afraid of? He seems overly paranoid for some reason

2620 days ago


it is about time you photographers finally got what is coming to you. especially tmz photographers. harvey he got what he deserved. next time he will learn. stay away means stay away. to bad it wasn't beyonce bodyguards beating his ass. who is the ho now. your photographer.

2620 days ago
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