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Gone Wild!

7/18/2007 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comSomeone call Joe Francis and tell him we're ready for that "Girls Gone Gravid" spin-off.

Right-winging princess of perk Elisabeth Hasselbeck decided to get all flashy on "The View" when she responded to den mama Baba Wawa's lament about not being able to show pregnancy during her days on the "Today" show -- and exposed her burgeoning belly (she's due in November) to the world. Walters just about plotzed when E did her thing, and Joy didn't think we'd want to see her or Sherri lift up their shirts. Correct.

And for that they have our eternal thanks.


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I don't want to see that b*tch's preggo belly! Barbara needs to fire her a**, she's sooooo annoying, I can't even listen to her voice.

2591 days ago


Please keep your belly to your self.......who wants to see that.......not us!!!!!BRING BACK ROSIE......tell Elizabeth to stay HOME.......she's the reason I don't watch the View anymore....

2591 days ago


Goodness! I cannot believe how many haters there are when it comes to children and their mothers. Being a mother of three grown children and a grandmother of 2, I feel that a woman is even more beautiful while she is pregnant. It is an incredible experience to be with child. Elisabeth did nothing gross, she just showed her tummy. It was beautiful.

2591 days ago


I am so sick of these women on TV and in Hollywood thinking we want to see their bare bodies, Lindsey,Britney, Paris and now Elizabeth. A pregnant woman is beautiful but I think it is disgusting to see it exposed, what is this world coming to, go live on a nude beach These women are so excited to expose their bodies in one way or another, I think
they have major issues.

2591 days ago


Oh yea, all the "lefties" are aborting their babies, ur a PIG, such a typical righty comment though. I happen to be a leftie & have FIVE CHILDREN, SO SHUT UP U RIGHT WING LOSER!!!!

2591 days ago


PLEASE, Elizabeth has to go. Her conservative views are so irritating that I usually have to turn her off when she starts talking. If she ever had an independent thought in her head it would get lost. Who wants to see her stomach? I sure don't. I would like to see someone with some sense replace her.

2591 days ago


Rosie's belly is bigger!

2591 days ago


Great, just what the world needs.....another bloody Neo-Con Bushie. Too bad abortion isn't retroactive!

2591 days ago


Yeah a pregnant belly is natural. But so is going to the bathroom. Should that be shown on national TV too?

2591 days ago


I didn't think it was gross at all, JUST GROSS SEEING HER BELLY, HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

2591 days ago


I love Elisabeth! She is smart (I don't care what Bush haters and Trump say) she is tough, and has the right to speak her mind. Pregger bellies are wonderful....more power to ya Elisabeth!!!! Babwa is just jealous she was never preggers...if Grosie Odorkel didn't embarass Babwa then showing Elisabeths belly shouldn't.....come on people.

2591 days ago


BIG WHOOPDY-FREAKIN' DO! As if we don't know what a pregnant stomach looks like....and some ain't so pretty....

2591 days ago


Why does it matter if she shows her belly or not...who cares? if this is what you're getting pissed off about, you obviously have nothing better to do in your day. if you don't like the view, don't turn it on. if you don't like elisabeth, then don't like her...who cares about what you think about her?

by the way, this wasn't directed towards anyone specific.

2591 days ago


i dont like her.....but i also dont think there is anything wrong is showing your "baby belly"...she's the reason i dont watch the view

2591 days ago

James Theron    

Get a life....grow up. The belly is optionally shown at the beach/pool by both sexes. A swollen pregnant abdomen is not is the beginning of a new life. Elizabeth's action was to share her happiness with the view and viewers and was a grand and unselfish act. Kudos to her.

2591 days ago
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