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Gone Wild!

7/18/2007 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comSomeone call Joe Francis and tell him we're ready for that "Girls Gone Gravid" spin-off.

Right-winging princess of perk Elisabeth Hasselbeck decided to get all flashy on "The View" when she responded to den mama Baba Wawa's lament about not being able to show pregnancy during her days on the "Today" show -- and exposed her burgeoning belly (she's due in November) to the world. Walters just about plotzed when E did her thing, and Joy didn't think we'd want to see her or Sherri lift up their shirts. Correct.

And for that they have our eternal thanks.


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something about fake is this foolish girl -woman .she will never ever see the true picture-wanting so badly to be a star -go home to your receeding hairline lucky fake
you have no real talent .even rosie had talent.fake ass

2616 days ago


you are the dummest fool on tv ,nothing but a wanna be star
we the public will never embrase you .you are a fake and a jesebel

2616 days ago


she is like a disgusting worm -irritating my mind

2616 days ago


fake and phony.

2616 days ago

Allred Tree    

Hasselbitch had the NERVE to say that she thinks she is giving fellow passengers a TREAT WHEN SHE BOARDS AN AIRPLANE WITH HER TWO YEAR OLD WHO IS STILL NOT TOILET TRAINED!!! She went on and on about how she thinks the others are thinking to themselves how cute her daughter is and how lucky they are to be on the plane "with a cute little baby."

The discussion was about how most people try TO AVOID SITTING NEAR PEOPLE WITH YOUNG CHILDREN when they are flying and one of them said something about it would be a good idea to have a seperate seating area for people with kids, like smoking and non-smoking sections.

She made some pointed remarks about breast feeding today and a point of feeling her boobs! OMG I DETEST Elisabeth Hasselbeck and will continue to e-mail Barbara Walters at The View website asking them to get rid of her.

2616 days ago


elisabeth is an ebarrasment to the establishment. she needs to stay home and never speak again. she's stupid and showing off your belly like that is just a crappy cry for attention. i bet after that, when she went out in public and ppl tried to touch her belly, she'd be pissed. shouldn't have shown it off you stupid bitch! that goes for ALL pregant women! don't flash your belly or your boobs or make a big deal about having a damn baby and then maybe, JUST MAYBE, ppl won't make a big deal about trying to touch your belly or seeing you breast feed in public.

2616 days ago

karma gyrl    

As far as The View, everybody on that show is cool except for that Elisabitch chick! Iiiiiilk! I'm suprised she showed her belly...that's TACKY!! And as for someone who has probably never seen a hard day in her life...(yet always has an opinion).... is she still wearing heels?? Heels and pregnant women don't mix...Hmmm, that's my opinion!!

2616 days ago


Really haed to belive anyone cares, what a loser, even on HER show, she sad we even have this online as a blog.

2616 days ago

Allred Tree    

I think I read something here about Elisabeth's MySpace pages. OMG, she has about 3 or 4 and one of them is listed as a fansite. When you go down the Friend's list, she has a picture of Rosie there that I am sure has been photoshopped. In it Rosie is wearing a man's tee shirt and has HAIR GROWING on her chest and shoulders and face.

Childish Elisabeth probably did this to get back at Rosie for drawing the devil horns and tail and pitchfork on her picture! At first, I thought Rosie had gone a little far but now I can understand why she did it. Elisabeth really does have a fiendish look at times in her eyes! And, as they say, the eyes are the window to the soul.

2616 days ago


I believe she is envious of all the attention that Lindsay and Britney are getting. Since she wasn't "invited" to their party, she is taking advantage of the "Viewers" and just acts out as she will, and Barbara doesn't do a damn thing! What does this little snot have on Barbara, anyway? I don't want to see ANYONE's naked stuff...belly, boobs or whatever. If you are in love with your OWN, then GREAT...that's what MIRRORS were made for!

2616 days ago


Hasselbeck contributes nothing to "The View" excepy static.
Hasselbeck adds nothing to "The View" except static. Her annoying immature voice and goody-goody self-righteous manner conflict with a mature discussion on any topic. She sounds like a grade school "princess" who has absorbed a set of ultra- conservative platitudes, and can dutifully recite them with no thought or imagination. Her presence is an insult to both the cast and the audience. I feel sorry for any children she brings into the worlld.

her annoying

2562 days ago
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