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Taylor Hicks' Auto-bore-ography

7/18/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought Taylor Hicks' music was boring -- wait 'til you read his autobiography! Snore Patrol!
Taylor HIcks
The 30-year-old Season 5 "American Idol" "winner" has just released his "inspirational memoir" called "Heart Full of Soul." Zzzzzzzzz.

In addition to covering his lackluster post-"Idol" career, the 272-page lullaby mentions how Hicks realized "Eminem has it right: when you only have one shot, you'd better lose yourself in the music." Mission accomplished Taylor -- you lost it alright!


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This is a fast paced read which concentrates on Taylor's pre-Idol days. He overcame a rough childhood, and found music to carry him through those very tough days. It's an inspirational story about passion, perseverance, and persistance. Don't we all need to believe in our dreams, and stay focused in the face of adversity?

"Singing from your soul isn't about how many notes you can hit or how long you can hold them. It's all about intimacy and honesty. It's about sharing your story in a song...." It really is a very good book.

Don't be intimidated by the snark----look through the book at a bookstore or library, and decide for yourself. Have the courage to make up your own mind.

2652 days ago


Every yokel fancies themselves and author and thinks the public actually wants to read about their boring ass lives. writing a memoir at 30 give me a break, live to a ripe old age and then if you think you have something really interesting to say then write a memoir. at 30 just how much living has that idiot done living in America. I could understand if you came from a background like say Danfur and write about the trials of surviving mass genocide, hunger, rape and being displaced while been killed off by pale skinned arabs.

2652 days ago


Yep, Cate, Really....he was born in him. Ever heard of premature gray? He's a nice looking man.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

Taylor is a world class nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2652 days ago

Lenn K.    

Simon said, that he was not that good. And now the proof is in the puddin.....

2652 days ago


Taylor is fat and ugly!!!!!!! and no one likes him. Go Katharine !! :)

2652 days ago


I read the book and I found it to be quite interesting. Taylor had a dream and he never gave up on it. He overcame a lot of grief and family issues to get where he is today. I admire him for having such strength.

I saw Taylor live in concert 2 times this summer and he was better than good. He was FANTASTIC. Our group of concert goers raged in age of 10 to 49 yrs old. I'm 23. We all loved his show. I saw him on the View today and he looked and sounded wonderful. His music is the kind that never goes out of style. I'll buy whatever he releases and listen to whatever radio station plays his music, as will the rest of the Soul Patrol. Long Live the Soul King!!!

2652 days ago


I like Mr Hicks and think he's cute(no way he's that age though). But I am fast losing interest in American Idol. It really is getting lame.

2652 days ago


Even I've heard of premature gray hair before. The book talks about how his lifestyle on the road took a toll on his looks. Hard partying and smoking can make a person have more wrinkles that the ones who don't. Do you really think Simon would have allowed Taylor to stay on the show if he was over the age limit. It was obvious from day one Simon didn't like Taylor.

2652 days ago


We know this whole post by TMZ is total crap. You can't tell me anyone on this retarded staff would read a book even if they could sound out the words.

2652 days ago

Theresa R.    

Boring?? Not!!!!

Heart Full of Soul is a candid story about Taylor's struggle to have his voice heard. He doesn't sugar coat the past or mislead the reader into thinking that life on the road is the most glamorous job you can have.

I do not agree with your insulting review of the book. If a person picks up something bound and determined not to like it they will find nothing redeeming. The story of Taylor's struggle is actually pretty interesting and there are some poignant thoughts that give a little glimpse into the enigma that is Taylor Hicks.

Maybe the problem with your review is that you already know the outcome. Taylor won American Idol and since he is not kissing media butt - he is being dissed. Taylor is winning fans - one soul at a time.

Love the book. Interesting read.

2652 days ago


TMZ is, I can't believe that a "so-called" news website runs this type of trash. Right up there with the National Enquirer. I can't believe that AOL has their brand associated with this crap. Very unprofessional.

2652 days ago


I actually found the book a great read and couldn't put it down. I have seen Mr. Hicks 3 times in concert and he was awesome. I also met him twice. He is a very nice Person with a big heart. In person he is very young looking.

2652 days ago


I really enjoy Taylor Hicks and his music. He is a good role model and his influences in music are much to be admired. He stands by his convictions....that takes guts in the music biz. I like TMZ, but why don't you pick on someone who is worthy of being picked on. Taylor is classy.

2652 days ago


Like him or not, he's about to appear on Hannity and Colmes any minute now. For those who are interested, Fox News Channel......He'll be discussing his book.

2652 days ago
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