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Taylor Hicks' Auto-bore-ography

7/18/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought Taylor Hicks' music was boring -- wait 'til you read his autobiography! Snore Patrol!
Taylor HIcks
The 30-year-old Season 5 "American Idol" "winner" has just released his "inspirational memoir" called "Heart Full of Soul." Zzzzzzzzz.

In addition to covering his lackluster post-"Idol" career, the 272-page lullaby mentions how Hicks realized "Eminem has it right: when you only have one shot, you'd better lose yourself in the music." Mission accomplished Taylor -- you lost it alright!


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Rosie the chauvinist    

As Taylor Hicks said on a recent interview, he worked very hard for ten years, before American Idol, trying to make a career in the music business. For anyone who's struggled years and years, and worked very hard, there are plenty of words to say, plenty of life lessons learned along the way, plenty of wisdom gained, unless one is an ignorant fool and incapable of learning anything.

Taylor wrote the book, his words, not a ghost writer. If your "career" consists of running a gossip website, sure, you'd never understand that a real life lived by a real person, with decent, worthy dreams and goals and struggles could be interesting.

People are endlessly fascinating, and to read how Taylor Hicks arrived at his current place in life should be very interesting. I hear that he also tells what he did to win American Idol, and I'm sure a lot of people want to know how to do that. Don't underestimate intelligence.

2620 days ago


Nothing against Taylor Hicks, but I am appalled that anyone associated with "American Idol" would dare to name their book after a classic song by the Yardbirds! Keith Relf is rolling over in his grave!

2620 days ago


I saw Taylor in person a few times and he looks much younger than 30. I purchased the book and couldn't put it down. It is an inspirational book and you get a little inside to AI machine. Taylor has a fabulous voice and is an even better performer. I don't get all the negative remarks. H e won AI fair and square and to me he is the best one ever. He has it all great looks, great voice and great entertainer. He ran circles around everyone on Idol. There was no doubt to me that he was going to win.

2620 days ago


Taylor Hicks is the most unique AI winner. He is great in concert, I love his CD, his concerts have been sold out all over the country.

I have no clue why TMZ would diss this guy. Not only is he talented, he is giving back as well. He supports many charities and when he's called to help out kids in need, he is there.

This book is inspiring. Taylor has overcome a lot in his 30 years. He will be around for a LONG time.

And enough about the gray hair. Geez one of my closest friends was totally gray by the time she was 22. Her son is 23 and still salt and pepper, but mostly gray. It happens people!!!! Get over it!

2620 days ago


Hey, I bought the book and couldnt put it down. Why you putting it down? It was an awesome read. It is truly inspirational and who doesnt want to be inspired? I have a feeling this man's career is about to exploded.

2620 days ago


When I heard that Taylor Hicks had a book coming out, my first thought was "Why?". The guy's been a complete failure in the music industry, and he hasn't done anything that should make him think that people would actually want to read a book about his life. The only people that are going to buy this book are his small "psycho" fanbase that follow him around the country so they can thud over his thighs. What a loser Taylor Hicks is.

2619 days ago


Seriously have never heard Taylor Hicks on the radio, he does have an album out doesn't he? I thought that was part of the Idol deal. Did he decide to do a book instead of an album?

2619 days ago

ann ferguson    

good luck on yor new book. it always amazes me when someone goes out of their way to critisize just because they can, lots of time they haven't read the book or heard the cd. taylor will do just fine because of his strong fan base. hope i can see him in a concert soon.

2619 days ago


To can you say Taylor has been a failure in the music industry? His CD, just like his beautiful hair, is platinum! And just for the record, I met him a couple o f hours ago and he was so nice; very polite, funny; going out of his way to sign things other than his book; posing for pictures with kids. He was awesome and I love him even more!

2619 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

This guy is really horrible and he always hunches over when he sings. He runs around the stage like a hipster monkey doofus.

But I can say he is better that Blake Lewis who is the worst thing to ever come out of Idol

2619 days ago

Know your states?    

To those who aren't Taylor Hicks fans - just don't read the book. It's that simple. I read it, and found it interesting, but the main thing I noticed was his famous southern gentleman style, not saying anything really bad about anyone, just telling his story of the struggle to get where he is today. He has a concert in Branson on July 30, sold out, with people paying $100 for some tickets. Sure, Daughtry can sing into a mic and sell CD's, but according to those who attend his concerts, he just sings for 50 minutes and that's it. Taylor is an all aorund entertainer, and much more enjoyable in concert. That is his strength. I was at the AI 2006 Summer Tour and he was awesome. He entertains, not just sings. Oh, and #108 seems to be a bit jealous that the girls are interested in Taylors thighs. Hmmmm...sounds jealous to me. Wonder how many girls go gaga over #108. I doubt any, the way it sounds. For Soul Patrolers, the book was great. For anyone else, it shouldn't change your day or matter to you one way or the other if he wrote a book or not, you surely don't have to read it. Taylor probably wouldn't care.

2619 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

He is going to Branson??????? Isn't that where people go to retire?

2619 days ago


#110, Taylor hasn't SOLD platinum, but was only certified because of the units shipped, when the stores OBVIOUSLY over ordered, because they weren't expecting an American Idol winner to be such a failure. So far he has only sold 691,000, and since he's only selling about 700 copies of his CD a week now, don't expect that number to increase very much at all.

2619 days ago


#114, I'm not Jealous of that Loser, and I happen to be a girl, so do you think I really care about who's thudding over Taylor's thighs. And btw, I'd much rather have 50 minutes of Daughtry, who are totally awesome, than 90 minutes of a no-talent loser like Taylor Hicks.

2619 days ago


Great article TMZ! That Hicks guy is nothing but a joke, he was supported by a site that voted for the very worst contestant's, that's how he managed to win Idol. He's nothing but a bore who has obsessive fans that put him up on a pedestal. They thought he would be the next Elvis, the only similarity he shares is his career is also dead. Although Elvis makes more dead than Taylor does being alive. I wouldn't pick that garbage fluff book up if my life depended on it. His fans will tell you he's a success and doing what he loves, but the reality is shows are being cancelled due to low ticket sales. No one outside of the Soul Patrol gives a crap about the guy. He's seen as a laughingstock to the world.He was conceited enough to think people want to hear his life story at 30 years old? What a joke. I'd rather hear about someone whose actually led an interesting life and contributed to society in a meaningful way.. Like say Harry Potter.
His 15 minutes are long up, and once his label drops him for low sales, that will be all she wrote.

Daughtry McPhee and Yamin are the real winners from season 5.

2619 days ago
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