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The Anti-Martha Battle Cry!

7/18/2007 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comWhile Martha Stewart certainly has her fair share of haters, one of her bitter neighbors has taken it to a new level -- with a song!

Marc Black is a resident of Katonah, named for a 17th-century Indian chief and located about 40 miles north of New York City. Miss Martha is trying to trademark the village name to use on a future line of furniture and home products. Need a new placemat?

In Black's song, he sings, "In the summer of love she became a stockbroker. While I was getting high she was learning poker."

Maybe that's why she's a gazillionaire and he's singing songs about 400-year-old Indians.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Martha there are some things you just cant own no matter how much Gdamn money you have. PIG

2652 days ago


She may be a gazillionaire, but how happy can she truly be? She's a raging, solid gold bitch, and no one can stand her. Suck it Martha.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

What an idiot/loser/singer. lol
Martha doesn’t give a crap what this guy thinks.
She was rolling in the dough even in prison.
This guy needs a voice coach and a life.

2652 days ago


Martha is an icon and inspiration. She's fantastic. For the rest of my life i will respect her for not throwing a full on Paris tantrum when she was sentenced to 5 months in prison. She's a tough woman with a mind for business so i guess that makes her hated... god forbid her brain show a little...

2652 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Martha is Martha. Wealthy and maybe a little bit arrogant. We all have that right I guess. She has every right to be a driven business woman and to find happiness in the ability to make an abundance of money. I only hope she has gratitude towards the people that she works with and goes about her life with kindness and compassion. It's a doggy, dog world though that can make you ruthless and uncaring. I hope she's above that but since I don't know her, I'll never know for sure.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

I respect Martha as well.
She earned every cent by being driven in business and always staying motivated.
I am happy Paris served her time as well.
Nicole Richie is going to pull some sneaky crap to avoid jail.
That is why she is hiding out now from the press – she is planning something outrageous.
This guy is only trying to capitalize off the fact people hate Martha for being successful.

2652 days ago

chillout music girl    

My grandmother was born on an Indian reservation.
I respect any woman that has the ability to conquer success in this male dominated world.
I am not cringing about anything Martha does and neither should any of you.

2652 days ago


I live not far from Katonah, and the issue is that if Martha trademarks the name every small mom-and-pop in the town (Katonah Pharmacy, Realty, etc.) will need to change their names or face infringement penalties.

While this loony singer might make it seem like the anti-trademark movement is a fringe cause, practically the whole town is against her on this.

2652 days ago

Deport All Illegals much for imagination. Can't think of a name, just resort to the porn manual. Pick the name of the street you lived on or the name of your first pet...Way to go Martha. I guess not having friends or people actually LIKE you in life doesn't matter. I personally would retract the request if I saw how upset many of my neighbors were.

2652 days ago

Dave Hale    

I think the reason folks hate Martha is the same reason they hate Paris. Jealousy. If you dont like someone, then dont watch/buy/listen to them. There is a reason Paris, Rosie O and Tom Cruise are celebrities. PEOPLE want to know about them. Period. If you dont-then tune out, but enough of the hate, please.

2652 days ago


Oh please, Mr. Hale. Jealousy? I'd never want the notoriety and wealth that would come from compromising my principles. As for tuning out heir ilk? How many people are into real news and have their time cut off because nobody Paris wants to run a catwalk out of jail?. We're more intelligent than that.

2652 days ago


i live in katonah; if martha trademarks the name katonah, the town will not be able to use it. every time the katonah fire department, the katonah library, katonah pharmacy, katonah elementary school, etc. wants to use the name of their town, the will have to pay a millionaire.

katonah doesnt care if she uses the name, they care if she trademarks it. the only thing that should profit from this town is the town.

2652 days ago


The singer sings "we love you, Martha; you're welcome here" . It's not mean-spirited or the contrary, the fun song takes a friendly, but firm stand about what's right. If Martha wants to be a good neighbor, perhaps she should take this to heart, and be part of her town, not try to own it and its name!

2652 days ago


Um, just between you and me, I don't think this dude cares that much about money, so he's probably not too bothered by the fact that Martha has more than him.

2652 days ago

White Rabbit    

Much as I hate Martha -- and I DO -- those lyrics are pathetic. My neighbor's dog could do better, and he ain't none too bright.

2652 days ago

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