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Britney's New Video Look, Y'all!

7/19/2007 7:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was snapped in this Western stripper '60s widow getup, an unfortunate look for the video of her first song in years, "Get Back."

Brit's up-to-there skirt revealed a pair of black silk panties, which inspired gratitude in paparazzi assigned to photograph the pop mom hot mess.

"Get Back" might be the hoped for comeback tune for Miss B, after two kids, a divorce, various trips to rehab, a head-shaving lark, an unsettling tirade with an umbrella, estrangement from her mother and an unforgettable series of shocking panty pix and crotchographs.


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OMG-CAN'T SOMEONE TELL THIS GIRL HOW TO DRESS???? (or how not to dress). She is a total laughing stock.

2653 days ago

Howard K Stern    

Put that picture next to the definition of trash in the dictionary

2653 days ago


Britney got her body back!! She has GREAT legs! Shake that gorgeous ass of yours, Britney!

2653 days ago


hallelujah !!! Shes back!

2653 days ago


She should go on the Surreal life so America can laugh at her even more...

Her kids must miss her since SHE IS NEVER WITH THEM.

2653 days ago


Breath Heavy with those Marlboros ! Rediculous. So uncool and teenage goth fake wanna be

2653 days ago


She looks terrible.

2653 days ago


She looks like a hooker from back alley on Detroy...

2653 days ago


Skank is too nice for her... shes a nobody and an unfit mother. Hopefully her kids dont end up as mentally unstable as she is...Its only a matter of time before she has another embarrassing break down. Maybe this time she will shave her arm pits.

2653 days ago


She's doing the old whorey stuff she did five years ago, except now she looks like she's been ridden more times than Seabiscuit. Absolutely worthless!

2653 days ago


Click mahh name bitches to vote for Lindsay's Most Shocking Moment!


2653 days ago


everytime I look at her I cant help but laugh. All I see is a crazy bald headed freak throwing a temper tantrum.. LOL

2653 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

I've got to say upfront that I don't like britney spears. I find her arrogance & mental instability to be annoying. I say arrogance, because she can't even get her personal life in order (or any cemblance of order), and now she wants to also be her own manager & publicist? A previous poster said it best; britney's idea of publicity is to be photographed falling down drunk, exposing her crotch or flashing her boobs. Oy vey... Given what an overwhelming media whore she is, and doesn't have anything to back it up with (her previous recordings revealed she can't sing, her dancing (if you want to call it that; ooh yeah, shake that ass again for the 99th time) is laughable, and her songwriting is a joke), I don't think it will be too long before we see her doing porn.

That being said, I heard her single "get back" today, and I was curious whether we'd actually hear her true voice this time. After hearing it, I've got to say that it's absolute crap. It's got a lot of beeps & chirps, but not much musical continuity. The lyrics are attrocious (yes, she wrote them; add songwriting to the list of things that she delusionally thinks she can do but can't). And, then there's her singing. Oh My God, her singing. I've heard 2 cats fighting that sounded better than this. As usual, she's stubbornly fallen back on her little cutesy girl singing, with the usual dose of overwhelming studio effects & overdubbing. Simply put, SHE CAN'T SING.

So, all you britney fans who have been waiting for your girl to step up to the plate, she doesn't. This kind of garbage is a slap in the face of anyone who is a fan. Maybe it's time for y'all to admit the obvious; she's a has-been. You'd be better served to find someone who actually has talent, and is worthy of your adoration...

2653 days ago

Nikki 15    

WOW!!! Britney looks awesome!!!!

2653 days ago


Why is it that TMZ always has to always slam Britney. It gets old. I guess everyone at TMZ is perfect.

2653 days ago
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