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Sharpton Parties with the Young'uns!

7/19/2007 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rev. Al SharptonJustin Timberlake celebrated the opening of his new Manhattan restaurant with young Hollywood pals like Lance Bass, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Seth Green and ... Rev. Al Sharpton?! Robo say what?!

With no entertainment websites to falsely accuse of racism, the good Reverend got his BBQ on at JT's Southern Hospitality on the Upper East Side. Saucy!

Nice to see Al enjoying the Memphis-style hoedown!


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If Rev Al spoke out like for all women, as he so loudly does for the black ladies. We might take her seriously. Al Choosing to speak up for only the black race. He is devoted to his own opinions and prejudices. Bigot!

2621 days ago


Hahahahaha...."hoedown". You guys are on a roll today :-)

2621 days ago


As a black person, I am oh so sick of al sharpton and his selfish views, comments, and actions. I could care less where he parties or hangs out. I'd much like to understand his mind. I believe he is a narcissistic person. He seems to be a man of opportunity when it comes to his (SO CALLED ISSUES) I don't understand how a person of his (YEAH RIGHT) prestige could not just support a scam, but to flat out advertise on national TV stations a Cash to Payday Loan offer. We all know that commercial and product is directed at minorities, poor ppl, and ppl just above the poverty level. Not to mention that it is a guaranteed way to debt better know as poor judgement. Not only is his outfit a joke, but so is his VERBAL RELEASE. **COME BACK IMUS**

2621 days ago


Get a stylist, and a publicist to keep your foot out of your mouth. Can you tell we don't
respect your opinion, or your overzealous attempts to share it with us.

2621 days ago


All he needs is a robe and a Ho and he's all set to go nitey nite.

2621 days ago


What did he have to say about the 3 guys that shot the 2 cops a week or so ago? ..........Probably nothing!!!!!

2621 days ago

She looks like hell    

Why people pay attention to this piece of crap is beyond me.

2621 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Ugh, Justin Timberlake is such a fraud!

2621 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Ignorance is alive and well in 2007.

2621 days ago


Al Sharpton has done so much harm to his race it's just pathetic. Jesse Jackon as well. Had the Blacks chosen better representatives over the last 30 years they would been better off. Sharpton is a national embarrassment and always has been.

2621 days ago


Why does this man act like he has popularity? His smile is like he thinks he's on the red carpet.

Anyway to Jimmie 101 - Thank you for running to the defense of the black race. Please don't offended by one of the posters uses of the word "schvatsa. " That's just a Jewish word for 'black' - in a name it would be Schwartz. Now you know before you place a call to the biggie wannbee-famous-for-anything Rev. Sharpton. I'd like to clue you into a few things - sorry it's after the fact and you are most likely at work now after starting your day with this hammy site - jeesh - can't you get the Wall Street Journal or the NY Times - or any Times? This crap is how you start your day? Sad! Well, I digress.

Waaaaay back in the sixties 'your' peeps threw many, MANY tantrums (otherwise known as riots) in an effort to get your rights right. They reeked havoc on most major cities across this country. If they weren't getting what they wanted they destroyed the place by setting fires, tossing bricks through store windows, rolling cars, etc. Destroying anything they presumed to be of white ownership. Yup! What a legacy. I remember having to go to Newark NJ on a job assignment - post Newark riots 1969 - and as I looked around I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Total destruction. (again) Nice legacy. But then I suppose there is justification - or call the rev - I'm sure he'll find some.

There is a certain sadness to our society these days and it's really sad that 'your people' are substantially responsible for a great deal of it. Our English language has been bastardized and morphed into ghetto-speak or ebonics. The music scene has it's own set of rules that allows 'your people' to use certain terminology - but certainly NOT Imus. G*d forbid - the mighty Rev Sharpton might call foul and get you fired. Very sad indeed. Oh, but now he (the rev) says he wouldn't mind if Imus got his job back. Wouldn't mind. Hmm! Funny.

What a testamony to your whole generation (and your race in particular) that you would have to 'start' your days with this opinionated garbage scow of a website. As an educator (off for the summer) I use this site to get a feel for how the youth of this country reacts to specified situations. Rev Sharptongue is a very poor representative for 'your people' - if you care to read - most of these comments, totally imply America's distaste for the man.

I'm not really sure what exactly you were trying to defend in your post - but the fact is that there's a whole lot more to the evolution of 'your people' than you understand and what exactly it has done to this society. Please start your day with something a little more substantial than this rag of a site. Or at least recognize it for what it is - entertainment at best.

2621 days ago


To Padme Skywalker - YUP!

2621 days ago


I just listened to the "Rev." and would like to point out, "if" he is actually a Reverend, why doesn't he instruct his "young ladies" to dress according to the scripture, which would totally
alleviate these comments that Sharpton finds so offensive! If you wear the uniform, don't
be upset when you're mistaken for actually holding the office.

2621 days ago


To Missthanginva - I totally agree with you. Thanks.

2621 days ago


why do you give this racist any air time? he's such an ass.

2620 days ago
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