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Esai's Ex: You Gave Me Herpes!

7/20/2007 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Esai MoralesFormer "NYPD Blue" star Esai Morales is being sued by his former live-in girlfriend -- who claims he sexually assaulted her -- giving her herpes. Ouch!

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Elizabeth Mazzocchi alleges intentional and negligent transmission of a sexually transmitted disease, plus assault, battery and breach of oral contract (no, not that kind of oral). The papers go on to allege that Morales knew he had herpes and never told Mazzocchi -- leaving her with "an incurable disease that will have associated medical expenses, pain and discomfort for the rest of her life." Quick, get Valtrex on the phone!

Calls to Morales' rep were not immediately returned.


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I wish people would get their facts straight. You don't have to be promiscuous to get herpes. There are two types of herpes - I and II. If your partner has HSV-1 which is the oral version of herpes (meaning cold sores) you can get herpes just from kissing them. Does that make someone promiscuous? 50-80 percent of adult Americans have herpes virus - it's just dormant. So they're walking around with the virus in their system and don't even know it. Based on that average, a fair number of people posting on this topic have herpes.

2620 days ago


I don't believe a word out of this lying bitch's mouth. Would she be suing him if he were not a rich and famous actor? I don't think so. All women care about is getting their hands on a man's money.

2619 days ago

No Nonsense Grandma!    




2619 days ago


Everyone wants to have sex with celebrities. They are exposed to so many people and use so many people for their pleasure and they don't really know what the people they come into contact with have. I don't know that celebrities still wouldn't get as much "play" if people knew they were infected. Pamela Anderson is a good example. She is supposed to be so sexy and she is infected with Hep C. She has no problem getting laid. WTF.

2619 days ago

Mysty Maples    

You have to have a very specific type of test for Herpes to show up in your blood, and even then, it's unreliable. A normal STD screening does not screen for HSV. And the majority of the population will have HSV antibodies in their blood because type 1 is an airborne virus. You don't have to have symptoms for the antibodies to be present. Men often never show symptoms, or it's dismissed as jock itch. In women, it's pretty unmistakable, and recurs much more often because of our hormones. I get an outbreak every month around that time of the month. And I've been on Depo Provera for the last year or so, went off of it and as soon as the shot wore off, massive outbreak.

One other thing to note, you can transmit HSV1 (cold sores) to the genital region by having oral sex. So don't let anyone go down on you when they have a cold sore!

Life is not a Valtrex commercial... I've had it for 12 years almost. Lots of people have successful relationships, but it's not the norm. One in five have type 2...and thats probably a low estimate.

2619 days ago


herpes is waaaay more serious than you all even realize. First off once you get it you have it for life - duh, right? Everybody knows that. BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT HERPES I, yes just that little cold sore bug, can activate in other parts of your body - your eye, any part of your skin (shingles), and how's this one - YOUR BRAIN! a friend of mine who never had a cold sore in his life was in a stressful situation and came down with a 'flu'-type illness, nausea and headache for 3 days. After 3 days he started talking nonsense and ended up almost in the hospital for a month and was basically like an alzheimer's patient (severe time/place confusion, no short term memory, inability to walk, stay awake, or form coherent sentences) for approx. 4 months. he's recovered now (with a nice scarring all over his brain) but he couldn't work for a year and still gets the odd headache and nausea now and again, even though he's on Valtrex 2x/day every day. The whole time...never had any external evidence of herpes, not a single cold sore or shingle. Just an invisible brain-eating f'in virus.

DID I MENTION THIS WAS NOT THE EVIL HERPES II but just the plain, old HERPES I? Anyway, just a little factoid for y'all. Pay close attention to a bad 'flu' folks!

2618 days ago

Mysty Maples    

Judgemental much, Amy? Evil herpes? Herpes is herpes, except H2 is primarily contracted sexually (are you a virgin?) and is not fully preventable by using condoms, as previously mentioned by several other posters. What spreads herpes? Ignorance and dishonesty. Not being a whore, or a bad person. All it takes is one dishonest person and one foolish and trusting person and boom, you have another person with herpes.

I for one, would much rather have herpes below the belt, than on my face. At least my secret is my own to tell, and not out there for the entire world to see.

2618 days ago


Judgemental? WHOA Valtrex girl it was just a joke - i only meant "evil" in the sense of being VERY "bothersome" certainly focused on the wrong part of my post! Think of it as a PSA re: the hidden dangers of herpes...what it really can do to the human body/brain in a worst case situation. Yes, it's rare, but yes, it happens.

If you're actually saying "are you a virgin?" you must be fairly young and possibly recently starting having sex yourself. Being 28, the idea of suggesting someone is a virgin is not really in my vocabulary. Other than that, you had a good post (minus the total reading into my life part) and a good point - but i think you entirely missed the point of mine.

Finally, Valtrex rocks and I am grateful for whoever invented it.

2618 days ago

I knew him when    

Many years ago, Esai worked as an usher at the 8th Street Playhouse in NYC, most famous for the Rocky HOrror Picture Show. He was very promiscuous among the fans, and in fact, at one time, was being paid by a girl named Jennifer W. to have sex with her. JW had a young homeless teen staying with her at the time and once JW got up and went to work in the morning, Esai would sleep with the teen. Not a nice guy!

2617 days ago
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