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Protestors: Vick's Sick

7/21/2007 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Animal rights protesters are angry over Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's alleged involvement with an illegal dogfighting ring. Vick was indicted on Tuesday for federal dogfighting charges.

Around 75 animal-loving members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demonstrated in front of the NFL's New York offices on Friday calling for Vick's suspension, reported the Daily News. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to rule on Vick's status.

The Humane Society of the United States held a similar protest at Nike's Portland, Oregon, headquarters. Nike recently decided not to release its newest Vick shoe, though it has seven other Vick-related items in production.


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pull up your pants and stop grabing at your crotch,all you home boyzs need a lesson in life now mikes long time friends are ratting on him , nice, what comes around go's around.

2546 days ago


He absolutely disgusts me. Anyone who could do that is disgusting. I would like to see a trained german shephard show him how it feels. He needs to be punished.

2565 days ago


.........I LIKED YOU AND YOUR BROTHER,,,,,,,,,,true foolios,,,,,,,,,,,,,just like a woman, you don't appreciate what you have, till it's gone!!!!!!!!!///////////>>>>>>>>IDIOT

2565 days ago


Just goes to show that once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag. $130 million doesn't change a thing.

2565 days ago


This is horrible!! Its people like him that give Pit Bulls a bad reputation!! The only justice would be to have him suffer as all those dogs have..... what kind of person can even bring themselves to do such horrible things??

2565 days ago


At least he is helping control the pet population.

2565 days ago

know it all    

GO PETA !!!!

2565 days ago


It's a shame that someone who is said to be maiking $130 Million for a 10 year contract with the NFL has to resort to something this inhumane. Dog fighting is sick and cruel. Not just dog fighting, anything that involes animals. Animals are innocent victims. He does not deserve anything that he's got and I truly hope he rots in hell.

2565 days ago

know it all    

#4 smilesarefree:
You are a disgusting pig. Go kill yourself, you are not funny.

2565 days ago


He knew what was going on. It breaks my heart to think of the suffering these animals have endured. I hope no expense is spared in finding everyone involved and prosecuting them for whatever will keep them in prison for life.

2565 days ago

know it all    

Don't these athletes have ANYTHING ELSE TO DO with their spare time !?! How about some charity work, you masogonistic PIG !?!

2565 days ago


its not just animal rights activists that are boycotting products of Micheal Vick.
Any one who believes in life should demand Vicks be suspended. It could have easily been anybodys dog he would use for dog fights.
Its just pathetic that no entertainers like sherl crow, al gore, and any of the others cant speak up on a real issue like dog fighting.

2565 days ago


Your local pound kills hundreds of dogs and cats every month.,.so what if this guy
wacks on a few on his own. Its a stupid animal, not a human.

2565 days ago

know it all    


2565 days ago


The only thing worse than an animal hater is a hater of humankind. Shame on anyone who posts crap like that....what a shame.

2565 days ago
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