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Protestors: Vick's Sick

7/21/2007 5:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Animal rights protesters are angry over Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's alleged involvement with an illegal dogfighting ring. Vick was indicted on Tuesday for federal dogfighting charges.

Around 75 animal-loving members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals demonstrated in front of the NFL's New York offices on Friday calling for Vick's suspension, reported the Daily News. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to rule on Vick's status.

The Humane Society of the United States held a similar protest at Nike's Portland, Oregon, headquarters. Nike recently decided not to release its newest Vick shoe, though it has seven other Vick-related items in production.


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Michael Vick is a piece of crap. Lets have him and some of his "entourage" fight to the death since he seems to think thats appropriate behavior.
Of course we would have to wait for the illiterate fool to say "ya know what I'm saying" a few dozen times first.
He's always been overrated. Can't lead his team to any type of success. Stupid enough to flip off his home crowd. Even stupider to try to get thru an airport with a bottle that has a hidden compartment. But only Michael Vick is stupid enough to not even have anything in the bottle. Ya know what I'm saying?
I hope this piece of crap gets cut by the Falcons and gang raped in prison.

2653 days ago


my dogs are booing the falcons

2653 days ago

Me in the Valley    

All I can say is the NFL should be boycotted if they dont take proper action against this "man". Many young boys look up to NFL stars and the example this is setting is beyond disturbing to me. will also boycott Nike if it releases ANYTHING from him. He should face a penalty befitting his crime - I say tie him up, cover him in steaks and let some of the dogs he tourtured into fighting for him eat him to pieces. But dont let him die. No thats too good for him. He needs a round of electocution (just the like animals he tourtured) then after a few days of laying in his own rot then "put him out of his misery" with a bullet to the brain. It goes back to the oldest saying in the book - Do unto others as you would have done to you.

2653 days ago


What really irritates me is that those PETA morons are involved. It makes me sick that dog fighting rings are still going on in this country. I hope they throw his ass in jail for a long time and he gets the other people slammed in jail for years as well. Animals are your companions, not to be used like that. It makes me ill.

2653 days ago

nyc girl    

He electrecuted, drowned, and strangled the loser dogs. This info was found through many sources. Cruel. Boycott this man and the Falcons.

2653 days ago

Me in the Valley    

One last thing to add - It is a proven FACT that violence twards animals is a precurser to violence twards humans. If you dont care about animals, you should care about your own safety. Manson, Domer, Im sure all the lovely folks at Al Quida have all abused animals before moving onto humans. Lucky for Vick he gets to take his agression out on the humans on the football field, but the kids who look up to him may not have that option - and then its your kid who pays the price. Think about that America.

One last thing - next time your pet goes missing it could end up in an "opertaion" such as this. Many pets are kidnapped and used to train thiese dogs, often in unfair ways such as taping up thier mouths so they cannot fight back fair, or chainging them up so they have no way to defend themselves. Just imagine your 4-legged loved one ending up here. If we don't take a stand for them, who will?

2653 days ago


unappreciative, spoiled, overpaid.............bling, bling!!!!!!!!...something wrong with there minds.......dogs are the bomb, are one dumb guy, but you looked cool, image is everything right???.......bling bling!!!!!!................AMERICA LOVES THERE PETS...the kind of people that are against you now are "the homeowners" who watch football on the weekend & have pets.........YOU AND YOUR BROTHER ARE MORONS, i hope you do a little time...haha.......S-I-C-K-E-R-,,,,than Don Imus!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,ALL EYES ON YOU, NOW...pull the race card!!!

2653 days ago


Michael Vick should have to pay the highest penalty for this, whatever that might be. But. . . .time will tell IF this will be just another case of "celebrity justice" because of who is he (and probably because of what HE thinks he is!!). He will probably get a high priced attorney who will make all kinds of excuses for him and try to get him off with a slap on the wrist!
In my opinion, IF he did all the things that they say he's done (and/or had his "boys" do it) then he is one pathetic, sick and disgusting person whom I wouldn't go across the street to see if it were free! Anyone who would be so cruel to animals is a pig!
Let's all watch and see what happens with this case: Will he step up to the plate and be a real man, or a loser with high priced/powered excuses to stay out of jail and keep earning his ridiculous salary and endorsements??? My money is on the loser!!

2653 days ago

J. Conner    



2653 days ago


Just a thought, what if he's innocent?

2653 days ago

oh ok but !    

You are absolutely correct for standing up for animal rights , and against the barbaric senseless cruelty that dog fighting imposes....But lets do a little litmus test of sorts to see if the ones that are the most outraged are not shall we say ,"HIPOCRATES". How many out there in cyberspace are against animal cruelty and at the same time chowing down on there favorite animal products? Have you seen those PETA videos on slaughter houses lately, ewe !? How many of you all have family members or boyfriends that hunt for the pure sport of it just so they can sever the head off a carcous and mount it on a wall? So how many of you out there are naturally against animal cruelty and at the same time approving of and or participating in the thousands of disgusting early and late term abortions of those beautiful and innocent little babies every year? What gets me is that the marjority of these procedures are what I call " recreational" meaning rape,incest or any other violent crime wasn't involved. Are you outraged about someone elses issues and not equally outraged about your own? HIPOCRATES!!!!!! First remove the rafter out your own eye, then you will see clearly how to remove the toothpick out someone elses eye! Me included ; - )

2653 days ago


YES i agree hediit an EYE FOR AN EYE! if we had more of that there would be alot less violence to animals or humans!! and really think of this to wll who says NO BIG DEAL like what me in the valley said! they steal peoples dogs to be bait to these pitbulls! and just imagine if one of those 54 got loose and attacked you or your loved ones and even children! BUT ITS NO BIG DEAl until it affects you right! may god strike you dead for being as cruel as he is and excusing his actions like it was nothing!

2653 days ago


It is interesting to me that Michael Vick's ancestors were treated no better than his dogs: They were hung, electrocuted, shot, raped (vick has a rape machine to force female dogs to submit), drowned....need I go on?

Apparently Michael Vick didn't learn anything from history.....

2653 days ago

Peta Supporter    

innocent of what? you wish! would the Feds come down on you if you were so innocent? where there is smoke there is fire, Vick is a sicko

2653 days ago


god what i would do with all that damn, money!!!!!!!..........i hope the Peta people & feds SCREW YOU!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,they sound pretty pissed on here, & on Jim Rome, i personally think it is sad 4 the animals, dogs are cool, dude,,,,,,,,,,,try betting on how many STDs' you & your buddys have!!!!!!,,,,haha

2653 days ago
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