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Tammy Faye

Dies at 65

7/21/2007 11:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tammy Faye MessnerTammy Faye Messner, who as Tammy Faye Bakker helped her husband, Jim, build a multimillion-dollar evangelism empire and then saw it collapse in disgrace, has died. She was 65.

Messner, who had battled colon cancer since 1996 that more recently spread to her lungs, died peacefully at her home Friday, said her booking agent, Joe Spotts, in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

A family service was held Saturday in a private cemetery, where her ashes were interred, he said.

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Tammy Faye was a genuinely kind and caring person who went out with more dignity than those criticizing her could ever have. Why say something bad about the dead? What could possibly motivate someone to do that? Pathetic.

RIP Tammy, you deserve it.

2617 days ago


Tammy and her hubbie ripped off hundreds of thousands of mostly elderly during their "Christian Career."

I have never heard her say she was sorry.

She doesn't deserve heaven.

2617 days ago


RIP Tammy

2617 days ago


Tammy Faye showed enormous dignity and, although she made mistakes, has left behind a wonderful legacy. She was an example to me. She reminded me that God loves us and is a forgiving God. The fact that she used her last hours on Earth talking about the love of Christ shows that the change in her was real. I don't doubt that she is now in heaven, pain free and rejoicing. She fought the good fight, and now it is time to rest.

2617 days ago


I wish all the blessings to Tammy's family. I KNOW SHE IS IN HEAVEN...she has suffered enough..for those that saw her in recent t.v. she was 65 pounds and a POWER OF COURAGE....she always encouraged people to not fear anything...she always had a smile on her face through all the pain she endured. Yes she suffered for many.....and was so brave...shame on YOU people for saying ugly things...what is wrong with this world...TAMMY went through a living hell since 1996 when it all started...I wish her husband many blessing for taking such good care of her...getting up three time during the night time to give her meds...BE HAPPY NOW SWEET ANGEL...AND SING.... I will see you one day....

2617 days ago

James S    

Wow some of you are pieces of well you comments reflect on your character more than on Tammy..if you ain't got noting nice to say SHUT THE F UP! Have just an ounce of respect....

2617 days ago

chillout music girl    

Why do people keep connecting her to Jim baker??
They have been divorced for 14 years.
He cheated on her and commited a crime.
Tammy never went to prison.. Her only mistake was being a trusting person.

I am not going to keep defending her- I know she is in heaven and her suffering is over.
She was a ray of light... never judgmental towards anyone.

2617 days ago

shannon2's a totally American phenomenon to make saints of celebrity.

I saw the same messages for Anna Nicole Smith.

What saints.

This lady ACTED kind. Like any cheap shill. She was the one who stole from MILLIONS of little old ladies...MANY OF WHOM ALSO DIED FROM CANCER....but THEY died alone and penniless....not cared for by the finest opulence and best care in the that thier stolen money helped pay for.

Honestly....who is stupid enough to see a con woman ACT on tv for a show and a few interviews and fall for thier carny line?

It's a greater respect for the dead to remember them honestly.

2617 days ago




2617 days ago

White Power    

You idiots who think she was so wonderful seem to forget that her and her husband Jim were convicted of bilking millions out of suckers just like you.

2617 days ago


#82 You don't get to decide who "deserves" heaven. In fact, none of us deserve it. That is why it is not something that you can earn, it is only be grace. Too bad for you that you would even write something like that. I do know that Tammy Faye wouldn't have bad mouthed you the way that you are talking about her, so if I had to guess who had the greater chance of "deserving" heaven.... I'll let you fill in the blank.

2617 days ago


She was a kind woman. She openly accepted gays, unlike any of the other TV preachers and right wing evangelists, so they ostracized her. She was way ahead of them. RIP Tammy.

2617 days ago


#83, pardon me, but I feel sick to my stomach reading your B.S.!

I doubt you were old enough to watch the PTL Club and others over the years when this woman and her husband, both professing to be Christians, stole from those who had the least to lose. It went on and on and on! Many of them gave all they had! And died that way! There is no forgiveness for those who don't confess to their wrongdoings.

I did NOT start bashing Tammy Faye on this forum, I have been doing it for years, including to her buddy Larry King. He just likes cheap blondes, and Tammy Faye was one.

2617 days ago


Tammy Faye >

You were always an amazing example of poise and grace.

I grew up watching you , all the problems you went through and you gave me so much inspiration to carry on during my own difficult times .

You have also given us inspiration in Death, to face dying and death with a sense of Peace and better things to come .

Thank You Tammy for Sharing Your Life and Your Faith with Us, We will never forget you and will miss you deeply

An Angel has been called back to Heaven to watch over us. May You Finally Rest In Peace . Bless You and Your Family.


2617 days ago


Rest in peace Tammy Faye. Her last interview on Larry King was amazing.
Without question the best front person for the christians. I was impressed with her
strength and unshakable faith!
Tammy Faye you will be missed!

2617 days ago
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